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UPDATE! Robert Bailey on his Sketches from Star Wars: The Force Awakens!


A long time ago George Lucas came across Robert’s aviation art website and asked him to work on Star Wars. Now Robert Bailey is a licensed Star Wars and Disney artist, who is also licensed for Marvel characters. Hit the jump to check out some really cool sketches from The Force Awakens…



(January 21, 2015)


Bailey has 2 sketches on his Facebook page with the new X-Wings from The Force Awakens. Both Sketches bear the stamps of Lucasfilm and are named “Attacking Force” and “Low Level Attack.”



X-Wings 02


Back in 2013 Rober Bailey was asked if he will be doing any sketches for the new set of Star Wars trilogies to be directed by J.J. Abrams or for the stand alone Star Wars films that would feature Boba Fett and a young Han Solo.


He replied (via theworldgoespop):

“Maybe Kathleen Kennedy (the new head of LucasFilm) will surprise me,” he adds. “If she phones me to do storyboarding, which I have done for other movies, I would be glad to storyboard for the next Star Wars movie.”


Well it appears they did surprise him. At least I don’t remember any official announcement about his involvement.



X-Wings 03


Thanks to Cantina member Sandis for the heads-up.







(January 22, 2015)


It appears that many sites quoted our story wrong and misled many people. This is not concept art from the movie and we never said that. These are Robert Bailey’s sketches based on The Force Awakens and they are official art because he is an officially licensed Star Wars and Disney artist.





Yesterday Mr. Bailey agreed to answer some of our questions regarding his sketches. Here’s what he told us:

Q: Can you confirm if you’re involved with the new Star Wars movies? There are some reports that you removed those sketches from your Facebook account.


A: I am overwhelmed with emails from everywhere about these sketches. I did not remove any from Facebook and they were still there the last time I looked. These are not ‘concept’ sketches for the new movie, although I have been doing Star Wars panels for some years. Initially, I was doing them directly for George Lucas, who wanted to review them for large oil canvases which I later did for his private art collection. All the sketches I am doing are, well, not exactly for fun, as this is my full time job, ….but for sale, mostly at Comic Conventions to avid Star Wars fans, who wish to own an original piece of SW artwork. No prints are allowed. Originals only.


Q:  We wanted to ask you if you made those sketches based on something showed to you, or you did them only based on The Force Awakens trailer?


A: I have been shown much about what I have seen and heard at Skywalker Ranch when I was there, which I cannot put on the net. So none of the sketches I do contain ‘classified’ information. Those which I have posted and will post are based upon the trailer alone. All I can confirm is what everyone has already seen in the trailer. Sorry I cannot add more information.


I hope this clears up the situation around those sketches. Special thanks to Mr. Bailey for his time.