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UPDATE 2! Descriptions of Unseen The Force Awakens Concept Art! Max von Sydow’s Character, the Tri-Wing and More.

Teaser Trailer

There comes a time when your sources have something physical to show you in addition to telling you what to expect from an upcoming movie, and with us, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is no different. We now have three brand new pieces of concept art that we’re willing to discuss thanks to a friendly e-mail we received recently!


Viral Hide’s Note: Since I received these concept art images, I was trying to find out if they are legit. I sent them to our most credible source, who neither confirmed nor denied them. Actually he and the people around him couldn’t remember seeing any of these and presumably if real, they are very, very old. So keep that in mind while reading the descriptions. As my source said – concept art for the movie started way before the script was even finished.


As you know we have a policy not to post any content that is stolen and/or copyrighted. So we’re not going to post the actual art but only a description of it. 


I think it’s unnecessary to say that there are potential SPOILERS ahead. If you still want to continue reading, then read Pomojema’s description below.


I’ll start off with the less spoilerific of the three: A new rebel starship known as the “TRi-wing” (note: I’m not sure if the capitalization there was a typo, so it’s not clear to me if it’s meant to be written as TRI-wing, TRi-wing, or Tri-wing), drawn from four different angles. It has a red and grey color scheme, similar to Obi-Wan’s ship at the beginning of Revenge Of The Sith, only much brighter with both of its colors. It sort of looks like what would happen if you had some kind of mashup between an A-wing, a B-wing, and the Droid Tri-fighter. Of these ships, it most greatly resembles the B-wing, and ironically least resembles the Tri-fighter from Revenge Of The Sith. It has three large engines and three guns that are slightly larger than those of a B-wing. If the ship were flying directly at you, it would look exactly like the front side of a B-wing, but with heavy artillery and more massive engines on the sides perpendicular to the cockpit. To put it more accurately, one of the engines is where the B-wing cockpit would be stationed, while the actual cockpit is just to the side of the wings with the other two engines. Here’s a picture of a B-wing for reference:



The actual cockpit of the ship is much like that of an X-wing; however, instead of having a straight-edged nose, a wedge stuck to the front of the ship pointing downward (relative to the picture above). While we’re on the subject of X-wings, I should note that the engines seem to split into semicircular exhaust ports, much like the new generation of starfighters that we saw in the trailer. One of the three guns is fairly close to the cockpit, while the other two are closer to the center. Behind these guns is something that resembles a sail, and is the part of the ship that resembles an A-wing – it’s relatively flat. I’m presuming that this sail is used to explain how this thing lands, because it doesn’t seem to have any technical purpose to the ship otherwise, and I’m having a hard time visualizing how this ship gets on and off the ground. That being said, it’s a really cool design, and I really would love to see it hit the big screen.





We received many requests from fans and we asked our friend and Cantina member @Eli Hyder (make sure to check out his Instagram page for more on his work HERE) to make a sketch based on our description. Here it is:


Tri-Wing Small

Obviously very early in the production a huge amount of concept art with all kinds of star fighters was made. They look cool but some of them are not very practical. But who cares, it’s Star Wars. As I said my guess is that this is a very early art that won’t make the final cut.




Next comes the appearance of the character played by Max von Sydow. He does not have any cybernetic implants upon his face, nor is there makeup of any sort; he wears a dark robe with a grayish tunic running across half his torso. The art is largely dark so it’s hard to determine much detail. He’s seated, leaning slightly forward with his hands folded, with a faint smile on his face. “Menacing” is not at all the vibe I would say I get from his character in the slightest – he looks more like a grandfather, ready to listen to a story his grandchildren have to tell him. In fact, our source describes him as having “an ‘Obi Wan’ vibe” to his character. In many ways, the picture reminds me of John Hurt’s portrayal of Mr. Ollivander from the Harry Potter series. The most important aspect of this artwork is that it is most definitely Von Sydow’s likeness — unmistakable — which suggests that either the artists always knew who was going to play this character OR it was produced after Max von Sydow was confirmed for the role.



He appears to be seated in a dark room with several dark-orange and bright-yellow lights illuminating the place. While I’d say it looks kind of like the Carbonite Chamber from Bespin, I think it would be more accurate to say that it would probably look more like an “employees only” area of a Cantina – in most ways, the one on Tatooine from A New Hope, and in a few others, the ones on Coruscant in Attack Of The Clones. Behind him appears to be a monitor of some kind – it’s giving off steam in the top-right corner. I’d imagine that it’s for work purposes and not for leisure, but it’s impossible to tell what it’s used for considering that I can’t see anything on the monitor. This description actually fits with what we’ve heard from some time now – no major character in the movie will be a cyborg.


The last piece we saw also looked very familiar. We remembered that it was actually already described by Jason Ward from MakingStarWars. He did a great job with the description so I’m going to directly quote him:

In the final frame, the villain is depicted as Darth Vader (he’s a placeholder). We see him from the back and several Stormtroopers stand at his side. In the distance you can see the entire village is now in flames as the Incendiary Troopers have done their work well.

There’s one difference though. According to the guy who sent these, they are burning down a rebel base. It’s really hard to tell from that piece alone and I’m not sure if he was assuming this or he knows it for a fact. Jason’s speculation that it’s a village makes more sense and he made these conclusions based on much more stuff he saw. So I’m with him on this one.


Finally, we also received a piece of art that was already leaked, so we’re not going to discuss it. It’s the one with the three characters battling on a snowy field. It was labelled as “battle on a mountain between what could be the Solo twins, and an unnamed character wearing Vader’s charred mask”. Not sure if this is only an assumption.


While this all looks very interesting I remind you that this art is most likely very, very old and won’t necessarily make it on the big screen.


We also received some more stuff that we don’t have permission to share. When we do, you will be the first to know. 🙂


For more information about The Force Awakens as it hits, stay tuned to Star Wars 7 News!






It looks like someone else also has the art we described above and they leaked it. You can check them out HERE.