UPDATE 3! Star Wars: Episode VII not Officially Wrapped. Final Day of Filming is Today. - Star Wars News Net
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UPDATE 3! Star Wars: Episode VII not Officially Wrapped. Final Day of Filming is Today.


I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence with the title announcement, but we’ve learnt that the Episode VII filming is not officially finished. Actually today is the last day of filming. Read more after the jump…


A very credible source that wanted to remain anonymous revealed that today is actually the final day of the Episode VII filming. Although there was a wrap party already, not all actors have finished their scenes. We know for sure that one of the actors who filmed in the days after the party is Mark Hamill.


As you remember the star shaved his beard just before the party. Many people assumed that this meant the end of filming. Well, they were wrong. Mark Hamill had 3 days to shoot scenes without the beard, so we’re definitely going to see him at least in several scenes this way.


mark hamill

So no matter if Luke is imprisoned or in self-exile in Episode VII, we will surely see him in all his glory probably in the end of the movie. Of course there are other possibilities as well, like flashbacks, force ghost scenes, etc. I personally prefer the first one. Go ahead and tell us which possibility is most likely to happen.






Also John Boyega has just posted this on Instagram:


A definite proof that they wrapped the movie today. You can definitely feel that this movie is SPECIAL. Now we wait for the teaser. 😉





DISCLAIMER: This article was written before the title was announced. That’s why first it stated the wrap of filming as rumor. It’s official now.





An interesting fact. The title “The Force Awakens” was registered today. You can be sure that there were at least several other options. (thanks to DanDino for the heads up)