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The StarWars.com 10: Best Villains.

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The Official Youtube Channel for Star Wars just uploaded another video in the new “Top Ten” Series they started a few months ago. Hit the Jump to find out who are the best villians in Star Wars…





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  • Fuiapraia

    1- wheres bane? ( hes canon)
    2-whos 10 iv never heard of him
    3- vader should be first, even though palpis behaind the scenes evil, vader conveys it much more strongly

    • Pomojema

      I think Darth Bane is not on the list because he only has one canonical appearance so far, and it’s simply a short posthumous cameo in The Clone Wars. Speaking of which, Pong Krell appeared in that series, and he was probably the best one-shot villain that the show had.

      • Fuiapraia

        I bet they left out Quinlan Vos on purpose because of the huge debate there would of been as to if he should be there. Speaking of good/bad guys they HAVE to canonize Revan somehow!!

        • Pomojema

          Quinlan Vos’s only appearance on the show (outside of one or two cameos) portrays him unambiguously as a good guy. The Assajj Ventress novel might change that.

    • Burt Reynolds

      I remember when Bane broke Batmans back, he should totally be on the list

  • DanDino8100

    If you listen carefully.. Disney Specifically calls Anakin the chosen one.
    ;) it was a nice theory whoever is the anonymous that’s been saying for months Anakin wasn’t the chosen one.

    • Jeff

      You know it’s not going to matter to some people. They have their minds made up.

  • JJ


    Darth Vader is the ultimate Star Wars villian. how stupid is that list.

    Darth Vader
    Darth Maul
    Boba Fett
    Jabba the hutt
    The Emporer
    Grand moff tarkin
    Cad Bane
    General Veers
    Count Dooku

    • Mark

      General Veers, seriously? I even had to google that guy.

      • Anonymous

        Not a true Star Wars fan, I see…

        • Cole

          Piet over Veers all day.

          • Anonymous

            Piett is a great Imperial, but hardly a villain. He’s a military man doing his job.

        • No such thing as a “true Star Wars fan”.

        • Anon Oct 02 19:58 PM, Why don’t you take your “true star wars fan” comments and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

          • Hi Rebel Scum.

            • Hey Duke, been a while since I have posted. Mostly because of the mountain of work on my desk!

              Keep it real!

      • Anonymous

        Veers had the Rebels running away in their little snow boots. He was crushing them like cockroaches. He took out the Hoth shield generator and shot down a rebel Snow speeder at close range. He may not look menacing but nothing stood in the way of his AT-AT. Id rather face a Sith than him. geesh!!

  • Anonymous

    Where’s Salacious Crumb?

  • Jean Lou

    It’s really nice

  • RedHarvest

    Vader should be 1st. Ridiculous that he isn’t.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.

    Darth Sidious is the best of all SW villians.
    True evil.

    Darth Vader is cool. But Darth Sidious is the true evil.

  • Anonymous

    No Jar Jar?

  • buddha

    A toplist like this is just a ridiculous thing. The internet is probably full with such lists already, you just browse until you find one to appreciate. But being Disney, rating your own stuff is not very professional and not clever. This is justs the cheapest way to get attention. You cant even take it seriously because usually you just get flamewars. Everyones opinion is different.
    But the you get Darth Vader on top obviously, no matter whaz the circumszances he is the most iconic villain of all time. Whatever… Shame on you, Disney!