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Star Wars Tarkin Has an Opening Crawl, Author James Luceno Talks About New Canon.

Tarkin Cover

James Luceno, author of the forthcoming novel Star Wars Tarkin, revealed that he is following the franchise’s tradition to kick the story off with an opening crawl and posted the text for it online. In addition, he also talked about the state of Star Wars going forward. Click “read more” to hear what he had to say.


The text of the opening crawl is as follows (courtesy of Star Wars Underworld):

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . .
Five standard years have passed since Darth Sidious proclaimed himself galactic Emperor. The brutal Clone Wars are a memory, and the Emperor’s apprentice, Darth Vader, has succeeded in hunting down most of the Jedi who survived dreaded Order 66. On Coruscant a servile Senate applauds the Emperor’s every decree, and the populations of the Core Worlds bask in a sense of renewed prosperity.
In the Outer Rim, meanwhile, the myriad species of former Separatist worlds find themselves no better off than they were before the civil war. Stripped of weaponry and resources, they have been left to fend for themselves in an Empire that has largely turned its back on them.
Where resentment has boiled over into acts of sedition, the Empire has been quick to mete out punishment. But as confident as he is in his own and Vader’s dark side powers, the Emperor understands that only a supreme military, overseen by a commander with the will to be as merciless as he is, can secure an Empire that will endure for a thousand generations . . .




The novel spans many years, going into great detail regarding Wilhuff Tarkin’s mindset and how he became the unfettered Grand Moff that carried out sinister operations on the Death Star. When promoting his book to British magazine SciFiNow, author James Luceno discussed a few details regarding the book, as well as the state of affairs going forward with the Star Wars universe. He started off with a couple things we already knew – namely, that the new canon contradicts works of the old EU, and that while the Lucasfilm Story Group is being extremely quiet about Star Wars Episode VII details, but they are still giving writers tips on what they should avoid for better continuity – but he also mentioned that Star Wars Rebels has a multi-season plan, and that the novel ties in a little with the show (beyond name-dropping Tarkin himself in Spark Of Rebellion, of course). Some highlights from the interview include the following:


Star Wars: Tarkin is inspired by Hammer-era Peter Cushing.


“I grew up watching those great old horror movies that I remember him in. Everything from Revenge Of Frankenstein and Hound Of The Baskervilles – he was even in [an Amicus] Doctor Who film, at one point! I did try and make use of that in terms of helping flesh out his personality, his mannerisms, his general style.”


The Star Wars Expanded Universe still exists… for now. 


“I chose not to really reference too much EU material only because of the setting of the story, but it was still there. It was still there to pick and choose from. I think going forward what may happen is you may see writers writing around some of that older material that’s now classified as Legends – writing around it rather than trying to overwrite it.”

The Star Wars canon reboot could do more harm than good.


“I suppose there’s some logic to that from a marketing point of view, but I worry about alienating the fans and the readers who have been with this franchise for however long it’s been, because it’s a large group and they’re very loyal.”


Tarkin hits the shelves on November 4. Keep your eyes peeled for an advance review of the novel from yours truly in a few weeks.