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Rumor: Possible Star Wars: Episode 7 Action Sequences.

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If you’re still not sick of Episode VII rumors, here’s another one. The source of the rumor has posted some interesting details about several Episode VII action sequences presumably seen on a few pre-vis materials…

The source claims that he/she has insider contacts with the production. First I was hesitant if to post this because I personally doubt that anyone who has access to pre-vis materials will ever talk about it. Especially knowing about the NDAs and the rules on a J.J. Abrams production. But then the post with this rumor (on a certain movie site) has been deleted. I’m not saying that the post’s removal means that the rumor is legit but certainly it gives some credibility to it.

Thankfully one of our readers sent us a rough transcript of the post.

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– the sequence was set on a planet like ‘a cross between Hoth and Endor’ – tall trees capped with snow and snow covered ground.

– the Millennium Falcon was parked on a cliff above the wooded area, with a Jedi and Sith (both male) battling uphill towards the Falcon. The scene was oddly lit, possibly suggestive of the Falcon being on fire.

– a further scene, set in a clearing on this same planet, showed an older male Jedi and male Sith – his head bare and lower face covered by a half mask ‘reminiscent of CA’s Winter Soldier’ – squaring off before a duel. The poster said the scene had a ‘Samurai movie feel’, and was under the impression that the male Jedi was Luke.

– the poster seemed to think that SW7 will be massively scaled down, with limited Jedi and Sith (two or three) and little to no sign of the massed battles of the PT.

– finally, the poster described a female Jedi exiting a crashed X-wing like craft, lightsaber drawn and ready to fight. Not sure if this was on the same planet.

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Now I believe that the poster mentioned the Sith because of the lightsaber. But we all know that not only the Sith could wield them. A perfect example is the Inquisitor from Rebels and Grievous from Clone Wars. Also some bits from this report match with things we’ve heard before – the scaled down story and the crashed ship. 

And speaking of the crashed ship you probably remember this report from the Abu Dhabi set. And here’s a 100% legit quote from an extra who was part of the Abu Dhabi filming (via MagnarTheGreat):

“It’s a wrap” was one of the most amazing phrases I have ever heard in my life, and today when the director of the movie announced it, I was sky high–proud and happy. Now that it has ended, I am going to miss every minute of it. The people I was with in the stunt team were escaping explosions and avoiding spaceship attacks. All of them did an amazing job, hats off, to the best project I have ever seen. Thank you all. I cannot wait til it is at the cinemas.

As usual take these rumors with the usual dosage of Sodium Chloride. Everything is doubtful unless it’s released by Disney and/or Lucasfilm.