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Lucasfilm: The Rumors About Harrison Ford’s Injury and the 6 Months Break Are Erroneous!

Harrison FordOne of our readers has sent a honest letter to Lucasfilm asking about Harrison Ford’s condition and if the latest rumors about Ford being out for 6 months are true. Hit the jump for thier response…



When is Lucasfilm going to let us know what is going on with Harrison Ford’s injury? Now the media is reporting that Harrison is going to the USA to recuperate and wont be able to film for six months. Is this true?

If not then this is getting out of hand and it is time to let us loyal fans know what is really going on.




Thank you for being a fan, and for your concern towards Mr. Ford. What you heard is an erroneous report. Actor Harrison Ford underwent successful surgery for a broken leg, and will begin rehab shortly. He’s doing well and looks forward to returning to work.


Lucasfilm Publicity


This is not the first time I hear from people close to Lucasfilm that the rumors about Ford’s injury and the possibility for him to be away for 6 months are greatly exaggerated. Still I think people do deserve an official statement about Ford’s condition and its impact on the production.