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Rumor – Two Possible Spoilers For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Teaser TrailerWe recently gathered a couple of interesting tidbits from two of our readers, both of which are non-US residents that claim to know someone involved in foreign audio dubbing for the upcoming film.


Rumor #1:

I have a friend who’s an actor. He was approached by his agency and took part in a casting for dubbing of The Force Awakens. Obviously, he had to sign an NDA. The scene was blacked out and he could only see the dubbed character’s head. He was trying to get a dark character’s part.

He only saw a brief scene (again, it was a casting) but from what he saw, he told me that the dark character might, for the first time ever, switch sides to join the light side. He said that it might happen, but the intent wasn’t entirely clear. I’m sure they do those castings in the most confusing ways.


Rumor #2:

I know someone who works in the ****** media (dubbing) who assured me that there was indeed a scene with Yoda in The Force Awakens.


As always, take this along with your daily dose of salt, but if these rumors turn out to be true, it could mean big things for the sequel trilogy.

The Evil Three

Could one of the villains change allegiances in The Force Awakens? If so, who would it be? Captain Phasma? Kylo Ren? General Hux? Thematically, it seems more likely that of the three, Kylo Ren would be the most likely to turn, as he is definitely a Force user and the film’s most prominent villain.


We already have one trilogy devoted to a character’s descent into darkness and another devoted to his redemption. What we haven’t seen is an evil character turn to the light and then go on to be a true hero of the saga. This idea would also call back to the Legends story of Darth Revan (below), a Jedi who took a brief turn to the dark side before his eventual redemption back to the light. The fact that Kylo Ren’s costume is very similar to Revan’s has also long been noted by fans.


It should also be noted, however, that the marketing has focused on Kylo Ren as the main villain in the film. On top of that, he is still an antagonist in what is most likely the film’s climax on Starkiller Base. This doesn’t seem to lend much time for him to have a sudden change of heart. Still, it’s possible, but it seems more likely that if he switches his allegiance that it will happen in a later film.



As for the Yoda rumor, we have long heard rumors of his return to the saga, and his inclusion in the story would make a lot of sense in my opinion. One of our staff members was also told by a connection at one time to expect a Force ghost Yoda in the film. We know that Frank Oz recently returned briefly to the Star Wars universe to voice Yoda in a season 1 episode of Star Wars: Rebels.  He also stated that he would love to voice Yoda again in future Star Wars projects.


I think a return of Yoda would be fantastic. His appearance in the film could be so much more than fan service. The implications of Yoda having communicated with Luke for the past 30 years is staggering. Many speculate that Luke will be a Jedi of amazing power in TFA. In our recent reader poll, 44% said he will be wise and powerful like Yoda (the most popular answer), and 29% said he will basically be a Force god (second most popular answer).


How is this possible with only a short time of hands on Jedi training with Obi-Wan and Yoda? Well, holocrons aside, this ongoing one-on-one interaction between Luke and Yoda would enable us to see a Luke in TFA whose power is on par with and perhaps even exceeds the Jedi of old.


What do you think about these rumors? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • Padre de Perritos

    Well, that should mean more screen time for Luke, unless Yoda appears in a flashback or something.

    • Steven Irizarry

      remember the old rumors that YODA was CGI scanned from the original movies along with vaders helmet returning…the latter of that was confirmed what about the former

  • Kicker2

    How about Finn? Being a Stormtrooper joins the good guys. Shocking.

    • Sid Vicious

      Read Allegiance by Timothy Zahn.

  • Rhinosaur

    With Yoda, Ben, (Qui Gon?) and Anakin force ghosts, I’ve been wondering how…or if…they would be incorporated in the new trilogy. Honestly, I just wanted more Yoda.

  • Thretosix

    I just don’t see Kylo changing in The Force Awakens, he was very emotional talking to Darth Vader’s helmet, almost sounded as if he was crying. But he will eventually learn the truth of Anakin’s fate in Return of the Jedi. I wouldn’t expect this until later though if it were him. Captain Phasma as odd as it sounds may be a good candidate. Seeing more of her in future episodes with her helmet off should help ratings not that Star Wars will need it. I just doubt a character as with such a strong role, very disciplined, would change. But there’s always hope.

    • Harley Alderson

      i think shes going to be the sequel trilogys mara jade

      • Sid Vicious

        Kind of looks like it, in a different way. Jade was very covert, an assassin politically and physically who could hear the Emperor anywhere in the galaxy. Phasma is more over the top and blasterproof.

  • Wampa Clown

    We already know about a “dark character” turning to the light side…he’s a stormtrooper.

  • Michelle Lehto

    I’m clearly not the first to say it, but yeah, Finn is probably that character. Not much of a rumor there.

    As for Yoda, though… I’d honestly be surprised if he was 100% absent in the film. I imagine him being a guide like Obi-Wan in Empire. “You are reckless!” “So was I, if you remember.”

    • Hard Case

      I doubt Finn, despite being a stormtrooper, will ever come off as an evil character in the film. I think he’ll be a good character throughout, regardless of what side he’s on. There were noble and good characters who were even on the side of the Empire before (see Lost Stars). When I read “dark character” my mind goes to villain…which I doubt Finn will resemble anything of the sort.

      • Wampa Clown

        Pretty sure they just meant the theme of “guy working for the bad guys switches sides to the good guys” …and not that an evil characters becomes good.

  • Harley Alderson

    i say phasma is force awakens version of mara jade

  • Loreaux

    As long as Hayden isn’t anywhere to be seen, yeah Yoda would be awesome!

  • Rick Leonardi

    More fanservice? This whole trilogy is going to be a bad fanfic.

  • Xtraflo Xsane

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Luke has gone over to the Dark Side and Kylo Ren is his apprentice.
    Especially since Lawrence Kasdan’s original RToTJ ending was supposed to have Luke say “I’m the Vader now.” Makes sense to anyway.

    • Matt Grimes

      Yes, but isnt Kylo saying that now. I will finish what you started:
      1. Convert your son
      2. Take over the galaxy and restore peace and justice to his empire

      I think Kylo wants Luke bad and is luring him out of hiding to complete Kylo’s training. Dark or light.

      • Jamie Wire

        wipe out the Jedi

        • Matt Grimes

          that too, but where are the jedi? We are not 100% sure that they even exist in this time period. Maybe Luke realized he can’t train anyone, and became a hermit.

          • DailyPlunge

            the voice over in the trailer is a woman talking about the force and it’s not Leia. One would assume it’s someone who likely has been trained by Luke?

            • Matt Grimes

              Or a believer in the force? Someone who is aware of it and what it does? Like a palm reader.. or the oracle in the Matrix.

            • Xtraflo Xsane

              I’m thinking that female voice is talking to Boyega. The light side of the force called out to him which made him see the errors of his ways. He abandons the New Order and goes to Jakku. And evidently someone is training him to use the Force. I haven’t been anything that would suggest Luke is training him tho?

          • Jamie Wire

            wiped out!

      • Tonebot

        Well also Vader was allegedly the Chose One. I have a feeling that the phrase “I will finish what you started” is a little more cryptic than we think it is. What if it’s Kylo’s mission to find balance in the force, possibly within himself? That would make sense if he turns to the light. I also think Luke inherited balancing the force from Vader and by the time we see him in EP 7 he will have already mastered the balance, making him able to use dark and light sides equally, making him training Rey even cooler than any force training we’ve seen in the past. That would be a treat for those who think Luke went dark, which he probably did in order to master balance.

        • Matt Grimes

          Very nice! Palpatine also expressed this sentiment, you have to know both sides, not the dogmatic ways of the jedi. We all know what his powers did, change the galaxy. So maybe they are setting Luke up to be the ying and the yang? Or is the force in balance now (TFA time) and that Kylo unlocked a secret to awaken it.. for good or bad?

          • Steve Renner

            I think Luke is in a self-imposed exile after ROTJ. He realized his role as a pawn, essentially, only being used to turn his father back to the good side doe that he could fulfill his destiny as the chosen one. I think Luke fears that, now that the force in supposedly in balance, his “goodness” will imply that there must be an equal “darkness.” I think he believes (mistakenly) If he abandons the use of the force on the light side, then there will be no dark. However, there is a darkness that grows despite Luke’s absence, resulting in the force calling out for a new light side to respond or to “awaken.”

            • Tonebot

              Good speculation, however I don’t believe Luke was nearly a pawn. I think we will see that Luke is the Legacy of the Chosen One and inherited the ability the balance the force within himself from his father. Remember Yoda stated that perhaps the prophecy of the Chosen One might have been misinterpreted. The Jedi thought the Chosen One was to balance the Force by wiping out the Dark Side completely on big cosmic scale, but perhaps the Chosen One was actually only meant to balance the Force within himself and was meant to pass the ability to his descendants and share the knowledge with other force users. Think about it… not one person can change the world on their own, but one person can slowly start a movement that changes the minds of others which over time will change the world.

          • Tonebot

            Yes!!! Thank you!!! I always left Luke as be Yin and Yang to the Force, even during the golden age of the EU! Balance and Knowldge of the Force complete in one person would something amazing to see. Maybe it will be revealed that Luke created the Knights of Ren as group who takes teachings of the Jedi and Sith to become the next evolutionary step of force users. Reminds me a lot of the Dawn of the Jedi comic line where the Jedi of ancient times were trained to balance the force rather than gravitate to either side. Hmmm… We will know soon enough!

    • DailyPlunge

      Luke is training Rey at the beginning of VIII so his turn isn’t likely.

    • Wampa Clown

      Your suspicion is a 6-ton elephant wearing cow bells. Luke has not turned to the Dark Side. lol

      • Xtraflo Xsane

        Well what if you’re wrong and that’s exactly what has happened? How do we know that Kylo Ren isn’t Luke’s son or something? And he’s become Luke’s apprentice? And the shot of Ren talking over Vader’s helmet is only a hint??

    • Tuareg Mahoma

      Thank´s God some ideas didn´t make it to the final product. :-)

  • Kenny Ritchie

    Really can’t see the dark character turning to the light in TFA as Kylo Ren or Phasma. Maybe over the forthcoming trilogy, but not during episode VII. The actor in Rumour #1 doesn’t sound too confident it will actually happen. Whatever the case, he’s obviously not referring to Finn, as it’s a given that Finn switches sides.

  • The MacGuffin Guy

    Rumor #1: I’m confused…didn’t Darth Vader change sides? Granted not for long but he was still a Villian who turned to the light side, so it wouldn’t be the “first time ever”. But it would be cool to actually have Kylo or someone make something out of their redemption (though I kinda feel we already have that element with Finn deserting the empire and joining the Resistance). Not surprising but it would be a welcome twist. We have too many villains as it is.

    Rumor #2: …duh. No, seriously I know that we haven’t heard anything about it, but I would be ASTONISHED if Yoda’s ghost dosn’t appear in TFA at least in one scene. It would be a huge plot hole if force ghosts appeared to luke once and never again. We still have Frank Oz with us and Yoda is an iconic character who you can put in litterally ANY SCENE. He can just suddenly appear out of nowhere as a ghost, say a line and be on his merry way. Is it fanservice? Yes, but not outrageously so. It could easily fit in the story, which is why i’d be more surprised if it doesn’t happen than if it does- particularly with rumors of Hayden returning for 8.

    • JuanSolo

      No way in hell Hayden Christensen is anywhere near the prequel trilogy.

      • The MacGuffin Guy

        Regardless of Hayden’s acting skills, I would hate to think that they are refusing to show the ghost of Anakin JUST because some people dislike the prequels. Anakin is the most important character in the Star Wars universe, to have him appear as a ghost would make sense if these movies are supposedly ALL about his legacy. It would be better-written, better-directed and only for one or two scenes. Personally I’d love to see it happen. Not saying to make him the star of the movie, but don’t write him out on an actor’s account.

    • Tuareg Mahoma

      But Revenge of the Sith stated that only a trained force user can communicate with those who are one with the force….so I don´t know if anyone but Luke could do that…

      • The MacGuffin Guy

        Only a trained force user can communicate at will with them or become a force ghost upon death, but Obi-Wan spoke to luke after only a day or two of training and manifested himself after luke was still in his early self-training. I’m sure Yoda could appear to Rey or Kylo if they are “open” to the force. The only way I see that as not possible is if you perhaps need a personal connection to speak to a force ghost, in which case yes, it would be limited to Luke, but still not out of the question

  • Paul Rymer

    Isn’t it obvious that the first rumour is just about Finn? To someone who isn’t that knowledgeable about SW to have a stormtrooper join the other side is exactly what’s being referred to. He must share some tactical knowledge with the Resistence to be accepted by them.

    My only caveat to that is that one of the leaks involved Phasma being none too pleased at her and her troops and pilots being affected by The First Order’s super-weapon after Hux in a desperate move fires it during the final battle. That might motivate her to switch sides.

    • 80sRobot

      Yep — we already know Finn is the one who switches from the bad guys to the good guys. So this rumor sounds like him. The more important question is why does Finn change sides (could it be because the Force awakens within him?).

    • John Suh

      And as for no precedent, Vader turned back to become a hero.

  • DailyPlunge

    Yoda is the easiest Force Ghost to have in the film. Ewan McGregor is too young to replace Alec Guinness. Hayden Christensen would work. He gets a bad rap. His acting wasn’t the issue.

    • patriot8813

      The writing at times was bad and so was the directing, but Christensen was also bad in his performance. I like the Prequels, but I can’t defend his acting ability. Its not like he went on from Star Wars to win an Oscar or give any great performances. He is a bad actor.

      Though with a decent director, they could probably get a little better performance out of him(it can’t get much worse than what he gave Lucas) and I wouldn’t be against his return as a Force Ghost.

      • Sid Vicious

        Agreed, I just watched a movie with Hayden and Andrien Brody…America Heist…it was HORRENDOUS.

        • OpinionGiver

          I saw that movie the other day; while I agree that it’s not exactly great, I thought Hayden did fine on that movie. You sure we were watching the same movie? Maybe you came at it with some bias thus were already thinking negatively about him (already coming into something with some preconceived notions; a fallacy that many fall prey to).

          You know, Hayden does have many Hollywood connections; outside of SW, he’s worked with many well-known actors over the years (Paul Walker (RIP), SLJ, his gf Rachel Bilson, Jordana Brewster, Cage, etc). He can essentially be vouched for in many acting circles.

          Maybe you should watch another movie with him. I heard Shattered Glass is good; go watch that one. Another one I can recommend is Takers (however, if you’re not into crime/action movies, you’re probably not going to like it).

          • Sid Vicious

            Yes, I presented the name of the movie, I know what I watched. The acting was bad all around, Brody included, and in general I really like him. I did not know who was in the movie when I started it, it was on Nf and I hit play, in point of fact I didn’t even recognize Hayden until around 30% of the movie. I’m up for watching anything, maybe I’ll check out his other one.

            • OpinionGiver

              Another one that just came out with him in it, a recent one, is called “90 Minutes in Heaven” with Kate Boswell. That one is based on a real-life event; however, it is religious-based so if you’re not into that type of movie, you probably won’t like it (I feel that it’s meant for a specific target audience, particularly those that are Christians and are into seeing Christian-based movies). Not that I’m trying to discourage you from watching that movie, I’m just letting you now that it may to be your cup of tea if that’s the kind of subject matter that doesn’t interest you.

              • leopoldo

                SPOILER: OpinionGiver is Hayden Christiansen!

      • OpinionGiver

        You know, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill (to name a few) never won Oscars either for their performances in the OT (much less any other movie after SW) and they’re not exactly Hollywood A-listers (they also have not won many other awards either, both SW-related and outside of SW). Are you going to say that they’re bad actors as well?

        And for the record, even though they’re not Oscars, Hayden has won some good awards as well (including some from related to the PT; see his Wikipedia page for an entire listing of awards, both in and out of SW).

        What it really comes down to is the script and directing, something that essentially is out of Hayden’s control (or any other actor for that matter).

        • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

          The huge difference is that Hamill and Ford still have careers, Even Carrie’s been successful outside of acting. Hayden’s dropped off the face of the Earth since III.

          • OpinionGiver

            First off, let’s leave Ford out of this discussion because he’s the exception.

            Now, back to the matter at hand. Again, check Wikipedia as you’ll see the movie projects he’s been involved in after III. Yeah, a couple of them may not be big blockbuster films but that’s still acting work he’s had. (I read that he took a break from filming for a few years after 2010 hence why you won’t seen much between 2010 and 2014 though you’ll find that he’s had a few projects as of late (and another coming up according to IMDB); his gf gave birth to their daughter recently as well).

            You know, there’s a reason why the phrase the “Star Wars curse” came about after all three OT movies had been released, and it has a lot to do with Fisher and Hamill unable to find a lot of meaningful acting work after the OT (this was also referenced in the Family Guy Star Wars spoof episode “Blue Harvest”). Some of his has to do with the unfortunate fate of being typecasted (and Fisher had been vocal about this in the past; Alec Guiness too for some time hated to be known just for his work in SW and not for everything else he did); typecasting could also had affected Hayden as well but he’s been able to find some work after III (he also started a production company with his brother doing indie films I believe).

            Just because an actor has done film projects that are on a smaller scale after a blockbuster, and just because they aren’t exactly considered A-listers, doesn’t automatically deem them as bad actors. Fisher and Hamill fit this bill as well and yet we aren’t talking about how bad of actors actors (and FYI, their careers after SW has primarily been outside of live-action film acting, like writing and voice acting).

            Lastly, it’s a little unfair to compare both Fisher and Hamill’s career lives with Hayden’s career life post-respective SW filming. Fisher and Hamill are older and thus have had more time to find their footings in careers (whether it’s live-action film acting or outside of it). Hayden is only 10 years removed from SW filming; plenty of time to still build up is career. Furthermore, Hayden was pretty young when he was in II and III (late teens/early 20’s); young actors are given more leeway in Hollywood and thus are able to improve over time and given opportunities to continue showcasing their abilities over the years. He’s 10 years older now; plenty of time to be wiser and mature in his respective career (and people need to stop the typecasting and envisioning him as if it’s still 2002-2005).

            • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

              Direct to DVD projects are but a step above starring in fan films, Look at Steven Seagal or 50 Cent. It usually means an albatross is circling around a career.

              Yeah, and he sucked at it hence why they had to file a frivilous lawsuit to get publicity for their company. Look at the reviews of the acting in the OT vs the PT, The OT never got award recommendations but they were not universally panned like the PT cast was.

              But that’s exactly what I mean. Hamill is an A-List voice actor and Fisher is a moderatey succesful writer and script doctor. Hayden will be Anakin till he dies. He has not done anything of merit since. No different from Jake Lloyd who’s long quit the industry.

              We’ll see if he lives to be their age but I’d put my money on him making money off the con circuit. His wife has arguebly has a more successful career, escaped typecasting, and is probably a better actor as well. Aged better too.

              • OpinionGiver

                I wouldn’t say universally panned.

              • OpinionGiver

                I hate to break it to you but these two pics here disprove your “universally panned” comment (particularly the “universally” part as its not even close to universal) – this is the kind of subjective opinion that downright loud and vocal PT haters would say (who I might say are actually in the minority despite of what they like to think due to angry Internet comments).

                And no, not everything he’s been in post-ROTS was direct-to-video, even some of the things he’s been in recently were in theaters (some being limited theater releases); also, I wouldn’t characterize fan films as “fan films” (the way you speak in absolute you make it sound like you’re categorizing every indie film out there as a “fan film”. And I wouldn’t say that Hayden hasn’t done anything of merit since ROTS. He was in Takers and in Jumper (and there’s been rumors of sequels for Jumper). If you’re trying to argue from that angle, you can say the same thing about Hamill and Fisher. What else have they done of prominence & merit in the world of live action films since ROTJ (excluding the ST of course)? Not much because I can’t recall a thing (perhaps some cameo spot/minor spots like Fisher did in the Blues Brothers or like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back for Hamill but that’s essentially it).

                And I wouldn’t exactly consider Hamill as being an A-lister in voice acting. He voiced the Joker in the 1990’s Batman cartoon. That’s really all of prominence that he’s done in regards to voice acting (that’s all what most think of him when it come to that). Sure, he’s done some guest spots here and there, but not much to be considered an A-list voice actor. Now a guy like James Arnold Taylor, that’s whom I would consider an A-lister voice actor (Minions, Obi-wan in TCW, etc).

                As for Fisher, I can’t recall any book of prominence that she’s authored. Sure she may have some groupies as fans of her writing work but that’s it (she’s no Tolkien, Martin, Collins, nor Rowlings). As for script doctor stuff, not much of prominence either because I haven’t heard much from that end (I hear that she was a script doctor for TPM yet some say the script wasn’t good? I guess people don’t like her work as a script doctor if they didn’t like the script of that movie lol)

                As for Jake Lloyd? Come on man, he’s a child actor. Those are hit or miss and frankly, he shouldn’t even be in this conversation as that guy voluntarily gave up on acting. He’s a separate matter.

                Sorry man, but don’t think you’re going to get the last laugh in this conversation.

                • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

                  Because box office equals acting reviews. Did you even read what I wrote? Are you autistic or do you not understand how mometary inflation works? Nice Chewbacca defense too.

                  And nobody saw those films either, Jumper doesn’t even qualify as a cult hit and the sequel is as likely as one to Jem And The Holograms which is minus zero. Again you have a reading comprehension problem as I never mentioned them in regard to live-action, This is the second time in a row you made this mistake.

                  Except he’s been working in the voice acting game far longer and is easily more recogonzed than Taylor even among non-Star Wars fans and those born after the OT.

                  I said moderately and do you even know what a script doctor does? Let me explain it to your plebian brain, It’s a ghost writer for scripts meaning they usually don’t take credit. What you do not know about the industry could fill this entire site.

                  There are plenty of child actors – Kurt Russell, Jodie Foster, and even Natalie Portman who didn’t suck and went on to have real careers as an adult. They also got great reviews.

                  I remember you when you were posting under another screename on here. You can’t hide your IP you know nor your posting style. You fail again at trolling this site.

                  • OpinionGiver

                    1) The 1st attachment is the one that I was mostly referring to (the one with the Rotten Tomatoes scores and other rating metrics). Do you have a hard time understanding that data that you just completely skipped over it and went to my other attachment (thinking that second pic was my only argument against your “universally panned” comment)?

                    2) Who said anything about those films being big-budget blockbusters? Those get the most marketing and I didn’t say anything about big-budget blockbuster type of marketing (and even then people would still know of those films due to commercials and the Internet; it’s the 21st century after all, searching on YouTube isn’t really hard). Nothing wrong with indie and drama movies by the way. And as for your cult status comment, as Lebowski would put it, that’s just your opinion man! (yeah, your comment is subjective). And yes, you keep trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about every time you try to infer that Hamill and Fisher are these really well-sought-out individuals, both in the acting world and outside it (which they’re really not as you try to put it). That’s why I keep bringing it up; so that you can understand how unmerited your comment sounds like (but I guess you’re not getting the message).

                    3) Again, I can’t really recall anyone telling me that they knew that Hamill had been the one providing voices for many memorable animated characters (besides the Joker and even then, it’s not like kids brag about “Mark Hamill voices the Joker”).

                    4) Of course I know that script doctors don’t usually take credit for their ghost writing, and I never said anything to the contrary in regards to that. Thus, I know very well what they do. So how was it that people hated Fisher’s ghost writing work on TPM if it seems that she’s had success at that career (like you claim)?

                    5) Why are we talking about child actors? I told you to disregard that form this conversations as it’s not relevant here. Like I said, it’s a hit or miss type of thing.

                    You’re really reaching here in your commenting in trying to get the last laugh but guess what? You’re not getting it. You’re an old man, someone who’s time has passed in trying to sound like he knows everything about Hollywood. Hollywood doesn’t care about old feeble men like you who aren’t relevant anymore (especially in regards to who the target demographic is). So get back to your place and stop talking like you know what you’re talking about (and if it’s not clear to you now, it’ll be clear soon). Also, stop it with your armchair filmmaker type of talk (but if you continue, let me know when you produce an Oscar-winning film so that I can see it; maybe then I’ll eat crow).

                    As for who you think you know who I am, I have no idea what you’re talking about as this is my 1st time posting on this site.

                    • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

                      1) Do you not understand that the OT has a higher RT average than the PT? It says clearly right there, I can dumb it down further if you don’t understand that. It says nothing about the acting either and even if they had 100 percent rating it does not mean the actors did a good job. The Road Warrior has a perfect score but was hardly praised for it’s acting.

                      2) But they all got shitty reviews so…..Actually no, Not just my opinion. Most of the fan community as well. Ever been to celebration or any non-SW convention Look at how fast the lines drew up for Mark and Carrie vs anyone from the PT. Anytime someone mentions Hayden it’s always followed by talks of his bad acting (see above). Mark/Carrie never get the same criticisms even if they did get type cast. Carrie was on coke for most of VI and still outacted Hayden.

                      3) B:TAS fans exist, Get off your computer once in awhile and visit fans from other fandoms. A great deal of them were born well after Jedi was out.

                      4) Because I worked in the industry before as does most of my family. I also grew up a few blocks from her. Don’t speak of what you know nothing of.

                      And there it is, The same exact lame comeback you used under your old screename. Do your Parents know you are using their connection?

                      Dude, I can IP you. It’s not that difficult. You are using the exact same one as him (you fail at hiding your tracks) so unless you killed him and took his identity you are not fooling anyone in here at all.

          • Darth Vedder

            Well, if you want to compare Christensen to all 3 young stars from the OT at once, I guess that allows me to bring his 2 co-leads into the conversation as well.

            Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman have gone on to have much more successful acting careers than Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. In fact, Portman has even done something that NO other SW actor, save for Alec Guinness has ever done: she won an Academy Award, long after her turn as Padmé Amidala.

            Guess this means that PT main actors have had more prolific, successful careers than their OT counterparts as a whole.

            • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

              Ford is the most successful Star Wars actor by far. Academy Awards are just popularity contests in the industry, Very little to do with acting ability. Portman’s also never commanded 20 million per picture like he used to for many years nor been around long as he has.

              Most of the PT cast was pretty established before there was a PT. Ewan was a respected stage actor and Natalie was a child one which was one of the major problems of the prequels since all their performances save MacGregor and McDiarmid sucked. The ST cast is mostly unknown like the OT was which hopefully means more natural acting than we got from 1999-2005.

              • leopoldo

                Not just a stage actor Old Fart, ever seen Trainspotting? That was a seminal film for those of us in university at the time and was already a household name for us well before the prequels.

                • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

                  Arguably his best film and performance BUT he was as much a household name as Natalie was at the time in 1997 when they were cast. The film did very well at the box office and at award shows but was not in Star Wars calibur far as blockbusters go. Few people knew who he was outside film geeks and had not seen anything else he’d been in onscreen at the time. Even his co-stars at the time in Trainspotting were bigger though not by much.

              • Darth Vedder

                Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m a HUGE Harrison Ford fan, thanks to Han and Indy, as most others here, I’m sure. And yes, he’s been the most successful SW actor of all, Oscars or no Oscars.

                However, that’s got nothing to do with SW and everything to do with Ford’s acting ability, looks, commanding personality, charisma, etc. The same goes for Portman and McGregor, for that matter.

                So even if Hamill and Fisher would’ve gone on to have successful acting careers after the OT (which they haven’t, not by any stretch of the imagination, btw) that would be because of their acting chops, and not because of the way certain SW fans feel about the OT and the PT respectively.

                Hell, even Christensen’s Jumper was more successful and popular than ANY film starring Hamill and Fisher since the OT. Truth is neither is a more talented (or talent-less) actor than Hayden. The only reason they’re back in the spotlight as we speak is because of TFA, and we all know it. So don’t blame Christensen for Lucas’ eroding directing skills, terrible dialogue lines, or for your irrational hatred for the PT.

                • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

                  Well, I think Portman and MacGregor are better actors than Ford but have less screen prescence than he does hence why he’s mainly been a star. MacGregor is pretty much a character actor much like Alec Guiness and Portman is somewhere in between.

                  MacGregor can make almost any shitty film work with his performances (I’ve seen most of them so I should know) and he tried his best with the PT while Portman’s performance record is pretty spotty at best. She’s only as good as whoever is directing her, She was awesome in The Professional/Closer/Black Swan but pretty awful in Star Wars/Thor/Your Highness as well as most everything else she’s been in. Ford had a pretty solid record up until the 21st century when he let his wealth make him lazy much like Lucas. I’m really hoping he pulls off a Marlon Brando style comeback with VII and reminds everyone why he used to be an A-Lister and I have a feeling he will since his career has slowed down a lot in the last 15 years and I think he’s tired of being a punchline when it comes to bad acting lateky.

                  Hamill is no great live-action actor though he did improve with each Star Wars film but he’s a far more talented voice actor. Carrie’s a good writer but she doesn’t have a great deal of acting talent either. The difference was that they made their characters believable which Christensen failed to do in two films.

                  • Darth Vedder

                    Lol. Say what you will, but the simple truth is that you hate the PT and everything related to it, just as you love the OT and everything related to it.

                    What really made me laugh is when you said that you have high hopes for Ford’s performance on TFA. Dude, wise up. The only reason the guy agreed to reprise his role as Han Solo was the money. A man does not go from publicly saying that he doesn’t care about a certain role to loving reprising said role, unless the check came with many zeroes attached to it.

                    It’s this kind of unrealistic, wishful thinking of many SW fans which l