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Rumor: Possible Star Wars: Episode 7 Plot Outline.

star wars

This is just a possible rough plot outline for Star Wars: Episode 7 that I heard a while ago from another blogger. It’s quite interesting and in case you are avoiding possible spoilers don’t read after the break…

When I first heard this story I contacted my sources and they told me that actually this story was circling the web from last July and that it had something to do with Michael Arndt’s script. Well I haven’t heard it before so here it is:

Here’s what the source said. Possible spoilers ahead:

After ROTJ the Empire is never wiped out. It just floundered for a few years. Han and Leia end up in prison during a time when Luke goes away.

The main characters are the children of Han and Leia . Тhey grow up as orphans for the most part and seek out Luke Skywalker to break out Han and Leia.

They are in prison for like 8 years.

So according to that story the movie would have been a prison break – search for Luke movie. It’s strange that nothing is said about Luke’s kid. And having in mind the latest rumors I can definitely see Luke going back to Tatooine and the kids try to find him and eventually end up on the dust planet too.

star wars

Still this outline sounds too similar to A New Hope. As I said I’m not sure if this is the real Arndt script. And we know that when Abrams took control of the script he increased the parts of the Big Three.

I personally like the simplicity of this plot outline. Also this fits with things I heard from other sources that the movie is going to be really simple because they want people who never saw Star Wars before to be able to start at Episode VII. It starts fresh in its era.

So take this with a grain of salt. It might have been part of the Arndt script or it may be just another fake one. Actually I’m hearing that maybe only 10 people might have seen the real script and one of them is Abrams’ friend, writer Damon Lindelof


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  • Anonymous

    ok, so its basically kingdom of the crystal skull?

    • Anonymous

      WAS*. Too many people are working on this for it to be unimaginative. That outline is really boring. Lucas was all about symbolism, historical references and deeper meaning.

    • Anonymous

      I meant Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in terms of story not quality –

      Mutt sought out Jones to help him rescue his mother. Then they go on a journey to rescue her.

      Solo’s seek Skywalker to help them rescue their parents. Then they go on a journey to rescue them.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but let’s not forget that supposedly, Arndt’s script had few rewrites. So… if we’re to believe this rumor, the heros will be Luke’s kids, not Han/Leia’s… the rest will be the same.

      I hope this whole thing is a fake.

    • Anonymous

      In my opinion, many of you fans from the OT, PT and EU will not like part 7 much. Too many of you complain way too much about anything that comes on this page. No matter how this movie plays out, alot of you wont be happy with it cause you too dang picky.

    • Anonymous

      Just my two cents, but hasn’t Lucas said that Jedi do not get married and have kids? He is still the lead creative consultant and the story is said to be based on his original vision from 35 yrs ago. I feel that too many fans may be caught up in the ‘expaned universe’. It will be VERY different than the books and Luke will not marry or have children- no Ben Skywalker here folks…

      • truth

        Yeah, it isn’t like Anakin got married and had a kid or anything.

    • Anonymous

      OT, PT, EU & now the ST, if they somehow manages to please all groups, there will still be dissapointed people, in the future there will be ST fans who may or may not like the OT & PT ,personally i hope the ST will unite the OT & PT fans a little more, but the EU fans will never be happy & i don´t understand why some EU fans wants to see a movie where they already know every little detail, where is the surprise moment to see that?

    • Anonymous

      From what I have heard the story is to take place 30 years after the ROTJ. Star Wars is nothing if not continent. So this would mean they are making the New Jedi Order which is about the Yuzon Vong. Han, Leia, Chewbacca and the Solo twins all have huge roles. Luke is the Grand Master of the Jedi Order he created and Married to Mara Jade Skywalker. The new Jedi Order does not hold the traditions of the old Jedi order so, Jedi are allowed that kind of attachment.

  • Anonymous


  • It was just me or someone also liked that version?

    • Anonymous

      I like parts of it.

  • Anonymous

    Some blogger came up with this? What a load, it sounds worse then the EU books. Why does this garbage even get posted. Was the blogger that 10 year old SW kid that is your big source?

    • Lets see you try to run a blog for EpVII news the way Viral has, douche.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, anon, try reading a EU book, that is, if you know how to read.

    • Raw

      I lol’d. While yes, this rumor is most likely complete BS, it is a rumor. Its something.If you want only official news, go to Starwars .com and get updates every 7 months. The good outweighs the bad for this site. For every “gut feeling” there’s good speculation and rumors.

  • This would be a little boring. I mean, Han and Leia in prison for 8 years and Luke hanging around in the Galaxy like he doesn’t care at all, while the Empire is still alive and kicking? I wouldn’t believe that…

    • I thought the same thing upon reading that possible outline. Luke wouldnt just wander the galaxy without caring if Han and Leia were in real trouble. Their efforts throughout the OT would have been in vain otherwise.

    • Bill M

      Unless… Luke became so powerful and fearful of turning to the dark side, that he shut himself off from the force. Which means he cannot communicate through the force and hear Lea or feel any disturbances/ripples in the firce.

  • DEKKA129

    My gut reaction is that this probably isn’t the real thing.

    Think about watching the entire series back to back. You’ve got the big old happy celebration at the end of ROTJ, showing all these worlds throwing off the shackles of the Empire and dancing in the streets, all ending with that final tableau of the main characters standing there together with their arms around one another and that “happily ever after” grin on their faces.

    Then, Episode 7 begins with “Oops. It didn’t take, and everyone’s in prison.”

    I just don’t see it.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. When you think about it, isn’t that what happened after “A New Hope”?

      Episode IV ends with everyone happy and getting medals, Episode V begins with the rebels on the run and the Empire about to wipe them out.

      You can see the parallels.

    • Anonymous

      I see your point, but remember those dancing in the street scenes were from the special edition. It is very possible that the Emperor had a second in command to take over operations if he got assassinated. Remember, the death of the emperor and vader and the destruction of the new Death Star was wasn’t even complete to begin with does NOT signal the end of the empire. So in that sense, I understand that part of the script…

      Now, the whole thing about leia in jail….. No, just no.

    • Vader was second in command.

    • Anonymous

      Personally I wouldn’t mind if this sequel trilogy starts out with everything in bad shape. I can’t stand this demand for everything to be predictable and a happy ever after. If what they did was in vain, then the stakes and story would be richer than ever.

    • I can accept there being remnants of the Empire in the galaxy. However, you have to follow the power shift. At the end of ROTJ, the balance of power shifted. Real life example, Germany was never the same once they were defeated and Hitler was dead. Same thing with the Emperor.

    • @AnonymousApril 10, 2014 at 9:08 PM

      I’m all for starting off with a galaxy in chaos, or with someone finding a holocron of the greatest sith of all time and getting possessed, then converting a jedi that Luke is training to the dark side. Whatever it is, I want a well written script and not something that’s going to reduce talented actors to looking like they should be doing high school plays.

    • DEKKA129

      “Episode IV ends with everyone happy and getting medals, Episode V begins with the rebels on the run and the Empire about to wipe them out.”

      That’s a very good point, and I thought about that. The difference there is, of course, that at the end of ANH, Darth Vader was still alive, the Empire was still in control, and they now knew where the Rebels were hiding, even if they hadn’t managed to destroy them.

      In other words, there was plenty of setup in ANH for what we saw at the beginning of ESB.

      One thing that I thought that the EU authors got right was the idea of there being Imperial remnants here and there throughout the galaxy, though more at the level of regional warlords than as a central power. I could see an overall ST scenario where the chaos of the sudden transition away from a centralized Imperial government has resulted in the rise in power of not only regional warlords, but also organized crime, pirate gangs, etc. So instead of one thing to fight, they ended up with multiple smaller enemies.

      One other thing I’ve also considered is the possibility of a parallel with the Versailles Treaty after World War I, in which the Rebels follow up the victory at Endor with an overly-punitive approach to dealing with the Imperial remnant, out of genuine concern that they will reorganize and start the war all over again – and in the process, inadvertently ensuring that the remaining Imperial worlds DO end up banding together under new leadership and starting another war.

      That might actually work well with the 30-year span of time between the OT and the ST. The Versailles Treaty took less than 20 years to bring about World War II, so I could see the same sort of thing happening on a galactic level within about 30 years.

      Of course, I don’t expect the ST to dwell too heavily on political matters, since that was one of the gripes so many people had about the PT. But I could see there being some sort of parallel there between interwar European history and whatever the galactic situation is as of the beginning of Episode VII

    • I am so glad that you brought up the remnants. They are really undeveloped in the EU and would be a great plot addition to the new movies, and here’s why:

      When the empire fell, it would indeed fall into chaos and probably split into many factions. Some would indeed ally with the new republic, others would try to form a new empire, and still others would isolate themselves.

      The problem is, most of those leaders were complete f**ktards. Honestly. Most got lured to a space station by a girl and they all got gassed.

      A few were actually good leaders, such as pallaeon and Kaine. And that brings me to my next point.

      Ardus Kaine is the most underdeveloped character in tr entire Star Wars universe, bar none. He was a cold, calculated, brilliant tactician, basically a human thrawn. He was awesome.

      However, they killed him off too easily. He died when his shuttle got ambushed.

      Either way you slice it, and I know they won’t, Kaine would be a great villian for VII. Mainly because he is such a clean slate that they can do anything they want with him and his Pentastar Alignment, his faction. And since they’re dismantling the EU, they can play with time a bit, and all would be set.

      What do you guys think?

    • Don’t dis Dalaa, all those “Warlords” deserved to get gassed. Bring up Kaine and Pellaeon made me have a bit of a thought though, as I’ve never really pondered both characters at the same time. If you think of Kaine as a “bad guy” and Pellaeon as a good guy and the best character in all of SW then you get a nice divide between what’s left of the Empire, ala Specter of the Past, except with a competent antagonist.

    • The remnant of the empire has been done overkill in the books. Might as well have the original idea of a new Death Star. And maybe some solo twins. And maybe Luke have up the Jedi way and gone the way of his dad and gotten married and had kids. Makes sooo much since that jj Abrams would be writing this stuff in his original stories,

  • Possibly a remnant of the Empire captures Han and Leia during episode 7 and their kids go in search for Uncle Luke, who’s been training Jedi on a secretive planet somewhere?

    • Maybe Luke’s on Tantooine training Jedi?

  • Well, this sounds like crap, good thing its not the real story. If i’m wrong i will eat my hat.

    • Anonymous

      hopefully you’re not wearing a plastic stormtrooper helmet.

  • Anonymous

    So, Luke needs to rescue Han and Leia from prison just like in ANH and ROTJ. Okifine. But I really, REALLY hope the backdrop is a little bit more complex and imaginative than “the Empire’s still around.” Anyway, it’s probably not true.

  • Anonymous

    If this rumour is true, no wonder JJ decided to rewrite!

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the effort in bringing back star wars but to be honest I’m not entirely sold on the idea of bringing the “big three” back. if anything I just would like to see a new story with new characters, new worlds etc. but hey as a star wars fan I’m still going to love it.

    • The big three pretty much have to return at least for episode seven for transitional purposes. Throwing the audience into a completely new story is uncomfortable and confusing for the viewer.

    • Anonymous

      thats nonsense. A great story will stand on its own.

    • Anonymous

      I’m also curious to see if the sith will return I mean wasn’t the idea of evil force ghosts thrown out? excuse my poor knowledge of rumors lol

    • Said George Lucas about the PT

    • “thats nonsense. A great story will stand on its own.”
      Perhaps if it’s meant to stand on its’ own, but this is the 7th installment of one of the most well known sagas in history. None of the Star Wars films have been meant to stand on their own. Why should this one?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah because the main characters in a story always just vanish from one episode to the next don’t they?.. Yeah that would be brilliant.. lol the original three will just be the older generation and mentors to the new lead generation, which has been announced as a “new trio of leads”. The original trio were great characters. If you’re a star wars fan then you’ll jump at the chance to see them develop and go into new territory. Especially as they have aged so they won’t be able to screw them up and rehash them in their glory days.

    • It sounds like we’re going to get both a continuation of the old stories AND some new characters in their own adventures. I will be thrilled to see the “big three” back and passing the torch. It’s art imitating life and means a lot to me, personally; my dad took me to see the ANH in 1977 and I will be taking my boys to see the new movies starting in 2015. I get to pass the torch while Luke, Leia and Han do the same. Hopefully the new kids in these movies will appear as old fogeys in the Star Wars of 2044 and my sons can take their kids.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Arndt really likes his prison break-out stories (remember, he also wrote Toy Story 3.)

    I am a little angry that the empire is still this big bad guy that Luke seems to turn his back on. If this is 30 years in the future, the galaxy should be as different from the OT as the PT was from the OT (which was also 30 years difference.) This summary sounds like somebody wanted any excuse to keep building Star Destroyers, Death Stars, and other things that characterized the OT.

  • Yeah, I can see this if it’s from Lucas………lame story. Don’t think JJ would sign on for something so unimaginative……jus sayin.

  • Not buying it. We know Luke doesn’t sit still while his friends are in trouble. Why would that change? And why would he let their children live as orphans? I hope they come up with something more epic than yet another prison break.

    • Yeah, there’s a prison break in II, IV, and VI. Am I missing one?

    • V, forgot about Cloud city.

    • Anonymous

      There’s also a prison break-type story in III when they “rescue” Palpatine… if that counts. And a bunch in TCW of course.

    • I believe that would count, although Palpatine let himself be captured. Still, it was a prison break-type story to Obi-Wan and Anakin. So that,s 2, 3, 4,5,and 6. Does Anakin being rescued from being a slave count?

    • Anonymous

      Rescuing Padme from her own city where she’s captive—in the beginning of 1—might count, even though it’s only a very short segment.

    • And you guys said Michael Arndt really likes his prison break-out stories! GL is full of ’em!

    • Anonymous

      Not defending the story, but if luke either was in a position where he did not know they were prisoner, or could not find them. For example, if Han and Leia were taken prisoner to korriban or whatever it’s called now that would be a hard break, even for Luke.

    • Anonymous

      I’m assuming that, give the prison break-type type sections in the other movies, that IF this is (partially) true, then the prison break story will be only a part of the movie, possibly even a small section. Besides, it’s Star WARS, not Star Prison Break.

    • Oh yeah, If you think about it, the ENTIRE OT is a prison break story. The galaxy is in the clutches of the evil Empire and it’s up to Luke, Han, and Leia (& friends) to rescue them!

    • Anonymous

      there is always a prison break in sw, but what if the table is turned & the ones being rescued from prison is Empire generals & sith, or maybe the generals are rescued by sith

    • Anonymous

      First sinerio I thought of was of Luke and his new Jedi breaking Boba Fett out of a Compound just so he could find Han. So its an easy plot divice to come up with to get things moving, but Im not into the part of Leia being imprisoned for eight years.

      Can’t wait to what they come up with.

  • Anonymous

    Haha there’s no way in hell that this is the plot.

    • I hope not.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, this wasn’t even worth mentioning.

    • I like reading these rumors but I think most of us could come up with a better outline within about 30 minutes. It’s short and still makes so little sense that I don’t even know where to start.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little confused. Would this basically mean that Leia and Han are in prison during Episode 7 and that the plot is for their kids to get Luke to bail em out? ..

    • Yes, that’s what it means.

    • Anonymous

      ok thanks. I didn’t know if that’s what it meant because it was so bad lol. Must be fake.

  • Anonymous

    Mercy! I hope they can come up with a more interesting story than that!

  • Anonymous

    If this is true, The movie will be a flop of epic proportions.

  • Anonymous

    If pt and ot were a reflection of Rome/Hitler of human history, would the ST then be on some religion-related conflict? You know, the middle ages and recent wars? This could mean Sith or some anti-force entity like the Vong. Not the vong of course since eu is dead but something similar. I personally think the embrace of pain vs jedi philosophy will rock on screen.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Han and Leia settle on Endor and become Tribal Leaders to the Ewoks.
    And to encourage commerce on Endor and give the Ewoks a better standard of living,
    they open a casino which soon becomes the biggest in the galaxy.
    Unfortunately as a consequence, Han’s son grows addicted to playing the slot machines and to support his gambling he steals from the casino. When Han finds out he disowns his son, who then seething with rage and hatred, seeks out a rogue band of Sith to help rob the casino vaults of billions.
    The title of SW7 will be ‘Oceans of Endor’.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      That is literally the dumbest shit I ever read. Thanks for lowering my IQ.

    • Anonymous

      George and Steven didn’t think so – they’re laughed all the way to the bank.

    • Are you playing with your computer again Darth Malgus?

    • Anonymous

      Who’s Darth Malgus? This is Darth OBE.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds more like Back to the future part 2 with Ewoks.

  • Anonymous

    Idk why such blatantly ridiculous rumors are posted sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    Every film had a prison break, including 1 (Padme on Nabo). It would seem that jail breaks , along with many other little quirks, are a common analogy throughout the entire saga, another small part of in what Lucas referred to as the “reoccurring symphonic themes”.


  • Anonymous

    He said the outline sounds too much like a new hope. Lucas likes to repeat himself, we all know this. Expect the story to be very similar to a new hope and the phantom menace. The closer the story rumors are to episode I and IV the more likely they are. While this may not be true its still a decent idea. There was no way to completly wipe out the empire or the sith. Vader or the emperor had to have been preparing another apprentice. This was all probobly part of palpatines big plan

  • Anonymous

    I hope the empire remains, as this sequel trilogy would seem like a pointless spin-off trilogy if the main story of the rise and fall of the empire has already been told.. Either Palpatine has cheated death via the force, or it has a new leader. They can even use admiral thrawn to keep the EU fanboys happy. But this thing about Han and Leia being in jail for the film is pretty dumb. They should be the generals and leading the new trio with Luke.

    • Anonymous

      i hope they use the 501st legion as extras in the movies if there will be stormtroopers, it would be smart of disney, saving time & money & make the fans veeery happy.

      So, now i need to go & build me a strormtrooper armour & join the 501st legion :D

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like a sequel me and my brothers would have made up as kids playing in the backyard. Perhaps this is just the first part of the film, similar to Han’s rescue in ROTJ- that will then lead into more complex webs. I’ve been hoping there is betrayal/turning to the dark side from within the new Jedi order..ghost of Palpatine luring misguided young padawans to the dark side right under Lukes nose..

  • Ian

    What would really be awesome is if we could see a lightsaber assembled on screen as a culmination to the Padawan’s training. Have them travel to a distant planet to procure the rare crystal….might as well throw in a parallel to the OT by having young Skywalker ignite the saber just in time to slay a creature that’s been stalking him/her.

  • Anonymous

    lol the fall of the empire has been told! really? fall of Palpatine maybe lol Everyone”s speaking like the entire empire was on the Death Star< hardly! The evil witch is dead<
    now lets have a party hahaha funny! seriously though< Palpatine has his own orchestra
    and agenda> Taking out a couple of sith and a death star wouldn”t have even made a scratch in the Empire”s leadership or war machine> For all we know< there may have been several death stars on the go lol what I am really saying is that the leadership structures within the Empire would have been absolutely massive< way beyond a single movie<trilogy or cinema screen lol

    • Anonymous

      You mean the same Empire who’s “best men” get taken out by little teddy bears with sticks and stones? Or builds giant Star Destroyers that cease to function after one little fighter explodes into the bridge and takes out it’s command structure? People need to stop being so realistic about these fairy tail movies. It’s about drama not realism.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Anon (@10:59 & @11:41). There is a pattern to how a film in each trilogy reflects another from the opposite, even down to how the films begin; arrivals at another station in space (1 & 6), something arriving on a planet from space