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The Resistance Broadcast is the official podcast of Star Wars News Net! Hosted by John Hoey, James Baney, and Lacey Gilleran, the top-rated, twice-weekly podcast features an engaging and family-friendly lineup of segments ranging from the latest news stories and trending topics, to informative and thought provoking discussions surrounding the themes and history of a galaxy far, far away.


With over 500 episodes, TRB has spotlighted some of the best names from the Star Wars family, including: Joonas Suotamo, Taylor Gray, John Powell, Hal Hickel, Eunice Huthart, Paul Sun Hyung Lee, Stephen Stanton, and many more.  And as the Star Wars universe has grown, TRB has produced new shows like The Mando Fan Show, Book Discussions, and Lacey’s Outpost.


We always strive to bring a positive impact to the fandom. We created #MakeSolo2Happen – the viral, worldwide trending fan movement that is a celebration of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and a collective hope for a continuation of the adventures of Han, Chewie, and the rest of the Kessel run crew.


Over the last five-plus years, TRB has grown to more than a podcast. Our fans aren’t just listeners or viewers, but members of the Resistance. We involve them in every show we do with interactive segments like #AskTheResistance and #ResistanceTransmissions. We’ve fostered a fun and inclusive community that celebrates Star Wars every day through our love for all aspects of the saga from the prequels to the sequels, and all the stories in between. Join the Resistance, the base is open! 



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Hosts: John Hoey, James Baney, Lacey Gilleran

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