Newsy’s Clayton Sandell Hypes the History and Return of Boba Fett in New Feature

After a long wait, The Book of Boba Fett is about to debut on Disney Plus. Over the past few days, Disney and Lucasfilm have ramped up their marketing for the series, releasing new TV spots almost daily, as well as a few behind-the-scenes specials, like Boba Fett’s Journey Across the Star Wars Galaxy or Return of a Legend. Friend of the site, world news correspondent, Star Wars nerd, and frequent guest of The Mando Fan Show Clayton Sandell has joined the party, as he produced a dynamic four-minute feature in which he spoke with several Boba Fett super-fans about the character.


Sandell is joined here by Vanity Fair‘s Anthony Breznican, Gustavo Pérez, from The Boba Fett Fan Club, and Matt Jordan from the 501st Legion, for an informal chat about the galaxy’s coolest bounty hunter. Check it out:



We reached out to Sandell for a quote, and he was kind enough to delve into his love for Boba Fett and how much fun he had making the feature for Newsy:


“It’s always fun, for me, to not only report on the new Star Wars thing, but to report how fans are reacting to the new Star Wars thing. And this was especially cool because people have such strong feelings about this guy: the mysterious badass who was calculating, had all the cool gadgets, and was the only character gutsy enough to stand up to Darth Vader, of all people. As a bonus, I got to use my home office with all my nerdy Star Wars stuff as a background on TV, which, incidentally, I only installed when the Resistance Broadcast started recording their shows on camera!”


Fans are at the core of what kept a character like Boba Fett “alive” so many decades later, even when it was believed the character itself wasn’t. This feature by Clayton Sandell and the team at Newsy is an excellent reminder of that fact.


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