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The Resistance Broadcast – Could Rey and Kylo Ren Face Off Twice in Episode IX?

Watch or listen below! On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast we discuss the fact that Kylo Ren has yet to beat anyone in a lightsaber duel. Assuming he doesn’t defeat Rey at the end of Episode IX, we discuss the possibility of the two of them facing off more than once in the film. As you might assume this conversation turns into quite the debate, grab your popcorn!

We also dive into our segment Will of the Force where we tackle questions like – Will Episode IX beat Avengers: Endgame at the domestic box office?

As always we end the show with your tweets in #ResistanceTransmissions! The Resistance base is now open, so come on in and join us!


On this transmission of The Resistance Broadcast:

John HoeyJames Baney, and Lacey Gilleran!



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  • Will Bodhi Rook appear as an Imperial pilot in the Cassian Andor series?
  • PATRON SUBMISSION: Melo and Dani have submitted this one
    • Will the World Between Worlds ever be seen in a Star Wars film?
  • Will Star Wars ever destroy the Millennium Falcon?!
  • Will Thrawn be killed off in the inevitable Rebels finale follow up, whenever that may be?
  • Will a standalone Vader film ever be made by Lucasfilm?
  • Will Star Wars: Episode IX beat Avengers: Endgame in domestic box office total?



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John Hoey is the Co-Lead Editor and Senior Writer for Star Wars News Net and the host of The Resistance Broadcast podcast

“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.”


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