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The Resistance Broadcast – What if George Lucas Never Sold Star Wars and Made His Sequels?

On this episode we journey to an alternate timeline and discuss what the Star Wars world would be like if George Lucas never sold Lucasfilm and made his own final three movies. We talk about what fandom would be like, how the movies would perform, and what we think the movies would be like. We find out if the Force is with us over several different topics, and of course we hear from you in #ResistanceTransmissions! Come join the fun!


On this transmission of The Resistance Broadcast: John HoeyJames Baney, and Lacey Gilleran!


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  • … that Lucasfilm should buy Lucas’s ideas and tell them (or some form of them) in a series of films as they expand the franchise?
  • …that Star Wars talent should engage more with fans on social media to clarify situations and defend against wrongful accusations?
  • …on some upcoming Star Wars films being animated features?


This week’s DISCUSSION takes us on a journey to an alternate timeline in the universe, where George Lucas never sold Star Wars and made his final three films completing his saga. This is all based on his reveal for what his plans would have been, which was focusing on the nature of the Force – about midi-chlorians and the Whills. We talk about what fandom might be like, what the films would be like, and if they’d be successes or not. Let us know what you think would have happened!


This week in RESISTANCE TRANSMISSIONS we asked you – In your head canon, what did Artoo say to Threepio here? A lot of you responded, listen to see if your answer made it on the show!

3PO: What makes you think there are settlements over there?
R2: [Beep Blip]
3PO: Don’t get technical with me.




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