Rumor: New Alien Race in Solo: A Star Wars Story and More Details on Alden Ehrenreich’s Acting Skills As Han Solo

Mudtroopers on Mimban


Our friends from the Spanish site have uncovered a few new tidbits about Solo: A Star Wars Story from one of their sources. The report sheds more light on Alden Ehrenreich’s acting skills and also reveals the potential canonization of a species from the Legends continuity  –  the alien Mimbanites.



We know that the swamp planet Mimban will make an appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story, where Han and Chewie will have to get their hands dirty/muddy (literally) trying to escape after being captured, most likely by the Imperial mudtroopers stationed on Mimban:



Now according to La Fosa del Rancor’s source, we will see the alien inhabitants of this world called Mimbanese in the movie as well. They describe these creatures as alien beings with pointy hair.


The planet Mimban first appeared in the now Legends novel “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” by Alan Dean Foster back in 1978. The novel was a direct sequel to “A New Hope” and featured Luke and Leia being stranded on the swamp planet where they meet the Mimbanites (just a slightly different name from the rumored one). The comic book adaptation of “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” depicts the creatures as humanoids with short green fur. Take a look (via Wookieepedia):



As you can see, the rumored description matches with the look of the aliens from the Legends book, but it is not clear if they will look exactly the same in the movie.


It’s also worth mentioning that there is another similar looking race native on Mimban called Cowey. They are more primitive and live in caves under the swamps. Unlike their cousins the Mimbanites they are covered with red down.



These aliens are yet another confirmation that the Lucasfilm Story Group will indeed be using lots of ideas from Legends in the movie. As Leelan Chee from the LFL Story Group said:




First we had Tag and Bink, then the Cloud-Rider gang and the planet Vandor, and now the Mimbanites. Looking forward to see what’s coming next.




In the next part of the story La Fosa del Rancor’s source shares some details about Alden Ehrenreich and the whole situation around the rumored acting coach that was hired for him.


As you probably remember The Hollywood Reporter first reported back in June 2017 that an acting coach was hired for Alden since the powers that be at Lucasfilm were not satisfied with the actor’s performance.


According to the source, Lucasfilm indeed hired an acting coach for Alden, but things weren’t really as bad as they were presented on the net in the following months. Ron Howard was delighted with Ehrenreich’s work as Han Solo, but decided to assign him the coach simply to try to improve certain accents and dialects when reciting certain phrases.



And yesterday, another report suggested that the whole situation around Alden Ehrenreich and his depiction of Han Solo is not as dire as it may have first appeared. We are soon to find out. Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters in 59 days!







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