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The Last Jedi: Interviews With the Cast at LA Press Event

The big press weekend in Los Angeles is underway for The Last Jedi. Interviews have started to pop up online from yesterday. The actors are good at handling these interviews, so we’re not going to get any major spoilers here, but still some fun insights into the creation of the film and feelings about the movie itself. Our own James Baney, one of the hosts of our official podcast The Resistance Broadcast is on location and will be attending the Global Press Conference today, so we will have more on that later as well!



The first video we will feature comes to us from Fox 5 DC’s Kevin McCarthy. Here is the spliced together 20 minute video of McCarthy’s interviews with Rian Johnson and the cast, followed by a summary of the most intriguing parts.



  • Exactly replicating the look of the end scene of The Force Awakens was a priority, but challenging as they had shining sunlight compared to overcast skies when J. J. filmed the scene.
  • The second word of the film revealed, which is “not”. So the film starts off with “We’re not..”
  • Some of the shots from the Ireland shoot were filmed in the IMAX cameras, so we can expect a few sequences from the Ahch-To scenes to be showcased in the IMAX experience.
  • Holdo’s entire look is “very fitting” to who she is as a character.
  • The inteviewer brings up Kenobi based on similar accents to Rey, and Boyega said:

“I think fans should move on from that one, guys trust me.”

  • Kelly Marie Tran explained her senses heightening during her first day on set, shooting with Boyega and Isaac, and likened the feeling to being about to play in the Super Bowl. She also reveals she is a huge Andy Serkis fan, so that was a big moment for her to meet him.
  • Gleeson and Serkis reveal that filming the Snoke hologram scenes in The Force Awakens was more literal than we may think. Serkis was sitting above on a 25 foot chair, and his voice was projected via loud echoing speakers.
  • Gwendoline Christie was asked if we will see Phasma without the mask:

“If I had to answer that question I would have to kidnap you, and everyone else in this room, and I don’t have enough space.”


  • Andy Serkis revealed that they did do some scenes with Snoke where he used stilts


Here are some more interviews that took place yesterday, these from Dave Morales of Backstage OL








As I mention in the opener, our very own James Baney (@mirahtrunks) is in LA today at The Last Jedi‘s Global Press Conference, so keep it here as we’ll get you all of the information from the event, and you know we’ll be covering it on The Resistance Broadcast when James gets home this week @RBatSWNN!



You can find me on Twitter bothering James for more info @JohnnyHoey.


“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.”



John Hoey is the Co-Lead Editor and Senior Writer for Star Wars News Net and the host of The Resistance Broadcast podcast

“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.”


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