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The Star Wars Show: New Excerpt from the Canto Bight Book, The Original A New Hope Soundtrack Reissued on Vinyl and More

On this episode of The Star Wars Show:

Andy talks with Star Wars Battlefront II actor T.J. Ramini; The one night only event Star Wars: Galactic Nights is back hosted by Warwick Davis; The original soundtrack for A New Hope is reissued on vinyl for the movie’s 40th anniversary; New excerpt from the Canto Bight book released and more.






Excerpt from Canto Bight via

Vestry clasped both her pairs of hands. “Master Sonmi, you work for the casino. We work for the casino. Exactly who profits from you sitting here alone for another ten hours?” She pointed. “Go home.”

“I don’t have a—”

“Then eat something. But go.”

Kal’s throat went dry as he saw Minn’s hands move toward the undealt cards, ready to dispose of the decks. Please, don’t—

“Oooh, it’s zinbiddle!”

Kal turned to see a diminutive reptilian in a formal black coat, ac­centuated with a dazzling stellabora lapel bloom. The green-skinned creature flashed a smile so broad it nearly bisected his face as he dropped a fat tray of coins onto the tabletop to Kal’s right. “Deal me in,” he said, hopping up into the chair beside Kal.

Kal stared at the ebullient arrival, mystified, before looking to the dealer, who suspended her cleanup. He told Vestry, “I guess I’m in luck.”


The pit boss stared silently at the players. Kal could swear he saw her mouth form the words, That’s what you think.

“I was at the yacht races,” the newcomer said. “Were you at the yacht races?”


“You should have been at the yacht races.” He offered a chubby green hand. “Dodibin. Dodi for short—but don’t call me that.”

“Don’t call you Dodi?”

“Don’t call me short.” He looked stern for a moment—and then laughed. “And you are Kaljach.”

Lucky guess, he began to say, before remembering his badge. “Kal is fine.” He watched as the Suerton—the species he thought Dodi was—unloaded his chips. Then Dodi pushed a large stack onto the instant-win marker, a side bet the casino covered from its rake.

“That’s a long shot,” Kal said.

“Excellent.” Chipper, Dodi rocked back and forth in his chair as Minn started dealing.

It was no skin off Kal’s nonexistent nose; the side bet was against the house, not him. Though he would have loved to cover it, because there was no greater joy than taking money off someone too stupid to—


Kal gawked. “You got it?”

Dodi flipped up his cards, all in the proper suit and sequence. “Dealt pat.”


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The book will be released on December 5.



Disney announces new vinyl release of the original soundtrack of A New Hope for the movie’s 40th anniversary:


Walt Disney Records announced today that a special vinyl collector’s edition of the remastered original motion picture soundtrack for Star Wars: A New Hope will be released on December 1. Created in celebration of the 40th anniversary of John Williams’ classic score, the 3-LP set, made with 180-gram vinyl, features a 48-page hardcover book and a special feature that would delight even the Emperor: a 3D hologram experience with the Death Star on disc 3, side A, and the Star Wars 40th anniversary logo on side B. Both were hand-etched by Tristan Duke, who crafted the vinyl wizardry of Jack White’s Lazaretto.


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