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John Boyega Calls Star Wars Episode IX “The War To End All Wars”!

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi isn’t out yet, but John Boyega is already starting up the Star Wars Episode IX hype train by explaining that the final movie in the Sequel Trilogy is going to tell the story of an all-out war.



The information comes from the New York Comic Con, where Boyega was promoting Pacific Rim: UprisingComing Soon got to talk with the rising star recently, and when asked:

“I don’t know nothing about the script, the story. I don’t know where Finn’s going, I don’t know where Rey is going, but definitely I feel this is the war to end all wars in this movie. I’m interested to know how he will handle that. I’m asking so many questions and I haven’t had a chance to kinda sit down and write J.J. a message just to say congratulations and I’m stoked. My fixation now is that he needs to get some sleep and gear up because we’re doing another one of these movies, mate! But I think he’s gonna do a great job, as always. He’s J.J.! I think what’s fantastic is it feels like it’s coming back full circle.”


This is far from a confirmation about anything – such as whether or not Episode IX is comprised of one major war sequence after another – but Boyega is closer to the production of these movies than most, so it’s probably a good idea to trust his hunch. And if nothing else it’s a good sign that Finn will survive The Last Jedi.