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Star Wars Weekly Buzz: Biker Trooper From the Han Solo Movie, The Last Jedi Toy Rumors and More!

This week on our SWNN Weekly Buzz: new video from the Han Solo set shows a Stormtrooper in action; Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 could appear on a Con in the fall; John Williams gets an a cappella performance tribute; Of course the latest shares from Pablo Hidalgo and Rian Johnson and many more.




This week we start with a cool video from the “Han Solo” set at Fawley Power Station with a Stormtrooper riding a speeder. You can hardly see the helmet but I can’t help but have a Biker Scout vibe from him, especially with the lack of leg coverings. Still, it’s almost a certainty that the helmet will be unique and something we haven’t seen until now.





Also the Splash News channel has some pictures from this shoot that we didn’t see before. You can see better Alden Ehrenreich’s and perhaps Emilia Clarke’s stunt doubles in the video and some cool fireworks.







Rebelscum (via PrensaImperial) has an interesting rumor to report regarding the upcoming Hasbro figures for The Last Jedi:


If what we’re hearing turns out to be true, Hasbro’s basic action figure assortment for The Last Jedi line will include an accessory, or components of an accessory, called the Force Link Bracelet. We’re told it essentially gives your figures the ability to talk to each other. Sounds kind of like an evolution of their CommTech technology that they launched with their Episode I collection in 1999.




It seems that Rebels Season 4 might make an appearance on an upcoming Con in the Fall. The biggest contender for this seems to be New York Comic Con, but this is just a guess. Lucasfilm’s Tracy Cannobbio said:





Also there is still no word if The Clone Wars will drop from Netflix or no.



Student group “Harvard Din and Tonics” give an a cappella performance of John Williams’ most beloved scores, including Star Wars, Jaws, and Indiana Jones.







The official Star Wars site thanks everyone for their donation in the Force for Change initiative:







A very cool fan tribute to Luke Skywalker.








Now that’s a very nice looking cover!



Former Critic Stands By His Original 1977 Star Wars Assessment.


The Minneapolis Star Tribune has released a fantastic article from former film critic Bob Lundegaard. In the article, Lundegaard talks about why he panned the 1977 Star Wars film when it first was first released to theatres. Originally he penned that the film lacked an overall plot and contained terrible dialogue. Today, he says he stands by his original assessment.


Of course I had no idea it would become one of the most successful movies ever, spawning sequels and video games and T-shirts that collectively have grossed more than $42 billion dollars. Who knew? But critics can be stubborn. I stand behind my original assessment, which essentially was “don’t bring your brains with you,” but “your kids will love it.” Mine certainly did, and they never let me forget it.






Another great art from our friend John Burns:






E3 is just around the corner (June 13-15). Who is ready for some Battlefront II revelations?






Earlier this week John Boyega showed Finn’s blaster from The Last Jedi on Instagram:


Proud owner of Finn’s blaster ! Thanks to @riancjohnson !

A post shared by BOYEGA (@johnboyega) on





George Lucas was a special guest to the Renault team for Star Wars’ 40th anniversary at the Monaco Grand Prix:







D23 Exclusive Poster of Star Tours:






The Men and Women who created Star Wars Unite to Celebrate its 40th Anniversary.







Tie Fighter’s Take Off Into Twin Sunsets In This Doug Chiang The Force Awakens Concept Art. Hey, Jakku doesn’t have two suns. 😉







Chewbacca Loves The Texas Star Wars Art Competition.






Hamill Thanks Service Members Who Have Sacrificed.







95 Minutes Of Weird Star Wars.






501st Beginnings.






Another amazing Art.






Far Out Man!






Anthony Daniels Says….







The Latest From Pablo Hidalgo And Rian Johnson:

















And finally Pablo Hidalgo made several very interesting posts about speculations and rumors during the Original Trilogy. Great read!




Stay tuned for more next week.