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Bob Iger Talks Ron Howard And Star Wars: Han Solo Reshoots.

TMZ briefly ran into Disney CEO Bob Iger and asked him a number of questions regarding the troubled production of the Star Wars spin-off based on Han Solo. Iger, being the class act that he is, answered these questions as professionally as possible.


Iger gave several measured responses to the TMZ paparazzi’s questions by dispelling the notion that it’s a “doomed” movie following the departure of former directors Phil Lord & Christopher Miller and director Ron Howard taking over the film:

“Of course! Ron Howard’s in charge.”

The reporter asked Iger a handful of questions that he personally couldn’t answer (such as if Ron Howard was a big Star Wars fan), but he reiterated the reasons that he thinks that the movie is going to be just fine:

“First of all, we have a great cast, a great script, and a great director. It’s gonna be fine. I’m very excited.”

Obviously, this situation is incredibly troubling for Lucasfilm, but it seems as though they’re on top of it, since the company is no stranger to troubled productions. Iger declined to comment if the film would be delayed or not.


The video can be seen on TMZ‘s official website, or below through their YouTube channel.