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Here are Some of the Scenes from The Last Jedi that Were Shot in 70mm IMAX!

A few days ago we told you that a special 70mm IMAX version of The Last Jedi teaser trailer will be attached to limited cinemas in front of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Now we have a proof confirming which exact shots from the trailer were shot using the IMAX cameras.



As we mentioned before, in The Force Awakens there was only one sequence shot in IMAX – the Millennium Falcon chase scene on Jakku. In The Last Jedi, only from the teaser trailer we have 5 sequences, which is pretty awesome.


For those of you who are not familiar with the differences of 35mm vs. 70mm IMAX, here’s a good comparison:



The Last Jedi teaser and after that the actual movie can only be witnessed in this format in limited 70mm IMAX film theaters (real 8 Story tall IMAX screens). Here are several gif sequences captured from a theater showing the teaser in 70mm IMAX. Special thanks to @ImTheFilmEditor for making and sending these.


IMPORTANT: IMAX shots were too big to completely fill the camera and also IMAX shots are taller than wide. So there is even more footage above the black bars of the IMAX shots shown in the gifs below. You can clearly see which are the regular 35mm shots – the ones with the bigger black bars. These gifs are just for reference to see how the footage size changes between the different shots (70mm to 35mm or vise versa).



The space battle sequence from the teaser was also shot on 70mm IMAX, but we don’t have a gif of it. Also the shot of Kylo Ren is a regular 35mm, not 70mm IMAX as we said in the previous article.


Also keep in mind that Sunday is the last day to check out the teaser in the 70mm IMAX Format. After that all cinemas will screen the regular teaser.


Again special thanks to @ImTheFilmEditor for sending the information. And here’s a brief message from him:

“Watching films in REAL 70MM IMAX Screens for one’s self is a rare experience these days; with the number of REAL IMAX Screens decreasing. And that’s why it’s super important for fans and upcoming filmmakers, like me, support their fellow filmmakers with the type format they choose to shoot with! Because it’s not a gimmick; it’s a vision, it’s an experience; it’s what making movies is all about!”


So it’s cool to know exactly which sequences from The Last Jedi were filmed in IMAX. Of course keep in mind that these are just the sequences featured in the teaser. Probably there will be even more scenes which didn’t end up in it.