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A Wave Of Minor Star Wars Battlefront II Leaks Hit The Web.

Star Wars Battlefront II is set to get a big push at EA Play and E3 in the middle of next month, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to get any new content to look at… At least not officially. Some footage and screenshots of the highly-anticipated sequel have made their way online ahead of the big presentation.



First and foremost, we have an image from the alpha build of what looks to be the “hub” image for a character class – specifically, a Phase II Clone Trooper:



As you can see, DICE have simplified Battlefront‘s five-character class system and Battlefront II‘s eight-character class system down to a four-character class system – but given that we’re dealing with six factions here instead of four, and that some maps will use radically different character assets to suit the planetary environments, this is to be expected. Obviously, this does not factor in playable hero characters, who represent a fifth faction and who will have different mechanics from either Pandemic’s Battlefront II or DICE’s Battlefront (as these characters can now “level up” like any other unit).


Initially, people dismissed this format as being a forged leak. However, heads started to turn when a brief .MP4 file showcasing alpha gameplay featured the same HUD for the player character’s weapons. More importantly, however, this HUD also matched up with a scene from a behind-the-scenes look at gameplay:




…And not too long after, the above clip and a bit more made its way online.




As it turns out, a lot of this information came from a Reddit user named (aptly) Some_Info. Some interesting remarks from him are as follows:


Basically there will be two modes [for the E3 demo], one for single player where we will play as Iden battling against rebel scums. She receives a highly secret and important message from a messanger of the Emperor and…. This will be only a demo mission.
2nd mode will be for MP and it will be on Naboooo. There will be a replacement for the Walker with the MTT. The mission comes in more phases. First phase is to escort the MTT to … then….
You will be able to play as heroes as well (only 2 for each side). Don’t know what else to say. there is a new type of combat roll, now you can roll forward, backward, left and right. You will get ATRT vehicles. There is a whole new system for heroes, you will have to play objective, earn points and exchange them with heroes and other vechiles or special characters!
There are 4 classes in the game, same type of class for both sides.
There is a totally new type of shield, it will no longer protect your like before (like a bubble).


Some_Info also clarified that players will have a greater amount of options and opportunities to make the most of their Star Wars gaming experience. Also worth mentioning is that S_I noted that Instant Action will be a mode in this game, though it won’t be shown at the EA Play presentation. What will be shown, however, is a good look at what space battles will look like this time around. Geonosis will also be one of the game’s major battlefields.


Hopefully, all this information should help whet your collective appetites for now. Official information is bound to hit in a little less than two weeks, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled if anything else shows up.