SW Daily Buzz: New Stills from the Rogue One Set; Edwards on Filming the First Person X-Wing Battle and More


On today’s buzz we have: A young photographer shares a very cool still from the set of Rogue One; everything we know about the movie so far according to StarWars.com’s Brian Young; a few beautiful shots from Scarif from Star Wars: Battlefront; the latest from the press junket in Japan and more.



23-year-old Australian photographer Alex Benetel shared a stunning image from the Rogue One set featuring the character Edrio Two-Tubes, standing in front of a crashed X-Wing in the Holy City on Jedha. The photo was taken last year during the filming of Rogue One.




And another cool image with some more mercenaries from Rogue One by visionelie (thanks to PrensaImperial):





Gareth Edwards reveals to Entertainment Weekly how they filmed the first person X-Wing battle:

“When we were filming the X-wing footage in the film, we had the X-wing [cockpit] mounted to a gimbal so it could move around, like it was really flying,” Edwards says. “Then all around were the screens, in 180 degrees, that were projecting space and this pre-animated flight path as the X-wing was moving around, like it was really flying.”

“I got inside this X-wing, put the camera on top of my shoulder and they closed the cockpit. Then the thing just started flying and we started going through space in a space battle. And I was filming it, trying to film everything and trying to get the shots as well as I could.”





Kathleen Kennedy reveals her executive team to The Hollywood Reporter:






Felicity Jones talks Star Wars on The Ellen Show:




And another interview with the Insider:






Diego Luna tries virtual reality.







Gareth Edwards interview with “Coming Soon” :








Actor Stephen Stanton (Tarkin’s voice in Rebels) shares some photos from the street where the Rogue One premiere will take place on December 10:







AMC Theaters gives you a chance to win 2 tickets for the Rogue One World Premiere in LA. Try your luck.







The inspiration behind the Death Troopers:




And speaking of Death Troopers, here’s a fantastic art piece by StarWars Art Gallery.







A closer look at the Rogue One 3D glasses.







A very good piece by Brian Young on everything we know about Rogue One so far. Only official info.






Some cool shots from Scarif from Star Wars: Battlefront now available for all Season Pass owners.








A good list with the Star Wars merchandise that you can find at Disney Parks.






And some photos from the event that turned the Spaceship Earth into the Death Star at Disney Parks.






Cool Star Wars Easter egg in this ET matte painting at the ILM offices.






And now some tweets from the Rogue One cast visit in Japan.









Fox Asia will live stream the event today and tomorrow.





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