The Resistance Broadcast Episode 48: Star Wars Discussions with Tim Veekhoven

Special guest’s contributor Tim Veekhoven (in the middle)


On this week’s episode we sit down with our special guest Tim Veekhoven, a contributor to and Star Wars Insider, also known for starting the quickly expanding Belgian-Dutch Star Wars Fan Group TeeKay-421! We talk with Tim about all the latest news involving Rogue One, the news of casting for the upcoming Han Solo film, lots of discussions on where Star Wars is going in the future, naming of non-major third party characters in the current Disney canon and Legends, as well as Rebels and the possibilities of where the characters are going from here before the mid-season break as well as after and how it may all tie into Rogue One. We also ask Tim about his involvement with TeeKay-421 and his hopes of where he hopes his group may go and how we should expand our Star Wars knowledge and search for the deeper meaning behind each and every character in the Star Wars universe, no matter how minor their role may be in the central story.



Host: Ganon136

Guests: Pmojema and Tim Veekhoven



You can find Tim on Twitter @Sompeetalay
Learn more about TeeKay-421 here on Facebook:


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