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Star Wars Rebels Review: The Last Battle + Rebels Recon! What Did You Think?


I have been saying that this current season of Star Wars: Rebels has been a lot stronger than the previous season. One of my complaints from the previous season was episodes coming off like a forced filler story to help make up an entire season of 20+ episodes. Was “The Last Battle” our first filler episode of the year? Let’s find out! Also read on for the latest episode of Rebels Recon…







What worked for me:


  • Seeing all those old Battle Droids again:



I was in High School when TPM was released and it took me a number of years to understand what George Lucas was trying to accomplish with the idea of using Battle Droids in the first place. It wasn’t until I fell in love with TCW that I fully got behind what they are and their use. Some fans won’t like a call back to the old droid humor with “Roger, Roger,” but I did. This episode seems like a love letter to all Prequels/Clone War era aficionados, and I think that Lucasfilm/ DIsney needs to keep acknowledging this era of Star Wars instead of ignoring it.



  • The Empire vs The Separatists:



Often times I find myself in deep thought (not really), wondering if we would ever see those old clankers take on the awful aim of Stormtroopers. We get to see a little of that in this episode. It was a very “cross the streams” kind of moment for me. It was quite the sight to see and a fantastic visual. I hope that is only a tease of what we could see this season instead of a one-time thing. I would love the Rebels to receive more help from the Separatists’ army.




For instance: more Droid Destroyers vs Walkers? Sign me up.



  • A helmeted Rex back in action:



I LOVE TCW and Rex is a big reason that is the case. That series did an AMAZING job of giving the Clones some semblance of individuality. None stood out more than Anakin’s right hand man, Rex. Rex’s role has been one that I think is appropriate for the show (behind the scenes, giving input and advice for the Rebellion group with which he’s stationed). It was nice to see Rex finally put on that old helmet and get back to action again. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we see him don his helmet!



What didn’t work for me:


  • The ending of the Clone Wars?!?!?!!??!!?



Yes…that’s what happens at the end. Rex and the tactical droid he teamed up with convince both sides to turn on the Empire, and state to Ezra…that the Clone Wars have finally ended. Yeah. I really didn’t enjoy that. Personally, I feel that the Clone Wars ended with Order 66 and truly no sides won the war. Trying to put some kind of “pretty bow” on this episode only drags it down. Instead of the episode focusing on a “winner,” I feel that it would have been better to have a majority of the episode be about a full team-up of the Rebels and Separatists army.



Quick hitters:


  • Looks like the Phantom is about to be replaced with a sheathipede class shuttle. Uhhhh….ok.



Well folks, IMO…we have our first “filler” episode of the season. Was it bad? No, but I think it was the weakest episode by far this season. By using TCW callbacks, this episode succeeded for me, despite the awful ending. I just hope this isn’t the last we see of the Separatist Army this season.


As always, I look forward to reading all of your reactions to the episode!


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Also the latest episode of Rebels Recon has been released. Tell us what you thought about the episode in the comments section and check out’s new video Rebels Recon #3.05: Inside “The Last Battle”.