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Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 Premiere!


After having last season off of writing reviews for SWNN…I’M BACK FOR SEASON 3!

Rebels season three is almost upon us and it’s following up it’s previous season with many unanswered questions. What’s to happen to Ezra now that he’s tasted the Dark Side? Does Kanan’s loss of eyesight mean he’s going to taking a backseat on the crew of the Ghost’s adventures? Where does Maul fit into all this??!?!!? IS AHSOKA DEAD??!?!?!!


Not to be outdone by all these questions is the heavy hitting Legends character Grand Admiral Thrawn, who will be joining in on the fun this season. How will this character be accepted from the written word of Timothy Zahn to the cartoon medium? Will it be a slam dunk?


Last season was a mixed bag for me with season two of Star Wars: Rebels. I adored “Siege on Lothal” and “Twilight of the Apprentice” , but episodes like “The Forgotten Droid” and “Relics of the old Republic” fell flat for me. Even “Princess on Lothal” didn’t do much for me and it featured a Legacy character!


Rebels 02


What I would like to happen overall in season 3:

  • Adventures with higher stakes.
  • Ezra’s destiny not being clear one way or another.
  • No fishing episodes. (See Lost Commanders)
  • Return to more Jedi and Sith temples
  • Less funky CGI Yoda.
  • Thrawn being a legit threat and dangerous. No “I’ll get you next time, Rebels!”, ok?


I look forward to writing the reviews and discussing all of the forthcoming seasons happenings with you all!


Star Wars: Rebels season 3 premiers later today at 8:30 pm (EST). Join us in The Cantina for a special event with some prizes celebrating the premiere of the new season here. The thread will be opened at 3 pm (EST)



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