Adam Driver Talks Star Wars

Kylo_RenAdam Driver’s role as the masked villain Kylo Ren in the block-buster Star Wars: The Force Awakens has turned the actor into a household name overnight. Driver, currently the star of the Jim Jarmusch movie, “Paterson”, a story about a man just living his day to day life and writing poetry, is a far cry from the villainous role of Darth Vader’s grandson in Star Wars: Episode VIII. This week, the TorontoSun caught up with Driver at TIFF, and attempted to find out some tidbits about the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII. Read on for more!



Adam Driver, the man behind the mask of Ren, who was actually a United States Marine before he got into acting, ended up not sharing a whole lot of details about his role in the next Stars Wars film at TIFF this past week. However, he did talk about how fortunate he has been to work with some incredibly visionary directors.


“Like working with directors you’ve always been interested in, now you get a chance to do that. There are more things available to you. Financially, it’s way better than doing an indie movie,” Driver says, laughing, “at the same time that money isn’t any reason to take a job.”




“I’d much rather do movies with great directors for nothing, but I also feel in the franchise world I lucked out. On the first one, J.J. [Abrams] was directing, and on the most recent one, Rian Johnson was directing. So, the type of horror stories I’ve heard about typical Hollywood blockbuster franchises, I can’t relate to any of that, because the people in charge, the directors I’ve been lucky enough to work with at this point, have a very specific vision.”

“They’re all about breaking it into moments, and solving those moments, and that leads to the next moment. So even though the scale of it is bigger, it’s not really different from working on anything smaller. Other than, maybe the catering is better,” he jokes. “The amenities are better. But that doesn’t work its way into the movie. No one is going to watch Star Wars and think, ‘Oh! those guys got to stay in better trailers.’”



Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters on December 15, 2017.



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2 thoughts on “Adam Driver Talks Star Wars

  • September 13, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    Impressive how Driver seems to not care about the “marketing side” of his involvement in Star Wars. Of course joining a decennary massive saga as SW is means to have quite all problems solved, in terms of pay and career perspectives, but he seems more interested to the actual story and character development, and this thing leads to two answers:

    1) He is a great artist;
    2) Who wrote his role as Kylo Ren is a great artist.

    • September 13, 2016 at 8:43 pm

      i agree. I also think his military background as a marine is what makes him very humble and a honest actor. I love that he has served the country, from san diego my hometown, and plays a awesome star wars villain, kylo ren.

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