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And the Winners Are…..SWNN Giveaway: Celebrating the European Blu-Ray Release of The Force Awakens. Win an Exclusive Steelbook and Gift Box!

PrizeToday is the official release date of The Force Awakens Blu-ray in the UK and other European cities. We’re celebrating the release with another giveaway for all our readers, thanks to our friends at Zavvi.com. Read on for the details how to win a limited-edition region free steelbook Blu-ray, and gift box filled with some cool Star Wars goodies…


Together with the Blu-ray release Zavvi also launches a huge range of officially licensed Star Wars products on their site. They have everything – from t-shirts through toys to posters and prints. You can check out all of their Star Wars products HERE.


Zavvi also gives the chance to two of our readers to win two great prizes:

  1. The Force ZBOX! This is a monthly geek box themed around your favorite geeky interests and will include a variety of items tied to a monthly theme. This month the theme is Star Wars. From this box you will get TFA steelbook Blu-ray, Star Wars t-shirt, a magazine, a comic book, and more. You can see what’s inside the box HERE.
  2. Second limited edition region free steelbook Blu-ray of The Force Awakens.


This is an international contest and there are no restrictions based on your location. All you have to do is to fill out the form below (if you’re on a mobile device you will see a link to the form named “A Rafflecopter Giveaway”), and answer the question from it in our comments system.


Important: The e-mail you use to sign in the form below is the e-mail that we will contact if you win the prize. So make sure to use a valid and active e-mail. The Twitter option is not mandatory, but it can be done daily and could increase your chances of winning. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Special thanks to Zavvi.com for supplying the prizes.





The Force ZBOX goes to Josh Q

The Steelbook Blu-ray goes to Shion T.


We will contact the winners via the email they used to join the contest. Congrats!


In a few days time we will start yet another contest, this time with 3 awesome Star Wars t-shirts. Stay tuned.




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  • David Tomšík

    Adam Driver

  • Paul

    I have to give it to John Boyega. He was great with Harrison, Oscar and Daisy. Its hard because the entire young cast really out performed the veterans; gives me hope for the future of the franchise.

  • brian

    Harrison Ford and Adam Driver were te bests in my opinion

  • Sebastián Fila

    Daisy Ridley was amazing in this movie, you have to remember is her first time in a movie studio

  • Andy

    Harrison Ford for sure!

  • Sensitive Force

    Adam Driver and Harrison Ford

  • Luke Ryan

    Daisy Ridley steals it for me, but not by much!

  • George

    Daisy Ridley for sure! Its her first ever movie as well, and she had an incredible amount of pressure to deliver. She didn’t just deliver, she knocked it out of the park!

  • Daisy Ridley by an edge… Harrison Ford was great as well.

  • Assy McGee

    I’d have to go with Adam Driver.

  • Remy Verhoeve

    I thought there was a lot of great acting all over the board, and VII is definitely the film with the most consistently good acting. Daisey Ridley was perfect in her role as Rey, and has a charisma that managed to outshine even a veteran like Harrison Ford. Boyega was almost as good, only let down by the script’s characterization. Adam Driver was an acquired taste but the more I watch his Ben Solo the more intriguing he becomes. Oscar Isaacs had me at “Do I talk first..” – very charismatic and perhaps woefully underplayed, I hope Poe Dameron now takes Han’s place. I could go on, and I won’t, but the winner is Daisey. It would be unfair to say Mark Hammill is the best with his one wordless scene but, and this must always be mentioned, Mark is phenomenal. Oh, and the UK is not a city.

  • nicholas hardeel

    adam driver as kylo ren, best acted villian in star wars

  • TR-8R

    Adam Driver for sure!

  • Łukasz De

    Adam Driver – great performance as Kylo Ren

  • Steven

    Although the new blood did a fantastic job, I have to say I enjoyed the return of Harrison Ford’s Han Solo the most. The guy is a legend.

  • Will Motto

    Although Adam Driver had a couple flat, Anakin-esque lines, I believe he delivered the best performance overall.

  • Seth Weakley

    Harrison Ford, Han down!

  • Jonathan D.

    I personally came out thinking Boyega’s performance was the best.

  • Annelies

    They all did amazingly, I think it’s probably the best Star Wars movie to date, but the best actor probably has to be Harrison Ford, like somebody said very wittingly “Han down!”

  • Oliver M.

    I love the portrayal of Kylo Ren by Adam Driver. He was a brilliant new Star Wars villain, and I cannot wait to see his further development.

  • Maxmilian Pirner

    My favorite was Adam Driver, but Daisey Ridley and John Boyega were also great.

  • David Hunt

    My favorite was John Boyega, though Daisey Ridley is a close second.

  • Clone11038

    You’re saying that the steelbook they sold via Amazon was limited edition AND region free? same art on the side with the five characters…. what’s funny that here in Italy there are many complaints about it, because it doesn’t look well together with the saga steelbooks, and because it doesn’t include a dvd, but I like it because it looks cool next to my 2011 edition blu-ray.

  • Rok Mlakar

    she said to Finn:”I´m Ray!” she is in my dreams, she became a Jedi for me alredy…..so who is my favorite, hmmmm?????’ Daisy of course!!!!!!!

  • David Pulaski

    Adam Driver, loved emo Kylo

  • Andrew

    Though I thought all the leads did a fantastic job, I feel Daisy Ridley gave the best overall performance. Her emotional range was great and very believable, she really made me feel for her character Rey.

  • btw

    I think John Boyega gave the best performance.

  • Greg

    Daisy Ridley. Not only did she do a fantastic job for her first leading role in a movie, let alone a STAR WARS movie, but from the moment we saw her swing down from the fallen Star Destroyer, to the music beat as she is sliding down the Sand Hill, to the innocence brought on by hoping there is a world out there for her. I think she did some of the most beautiful work in movie that I have ever seen. Daisy Ridley

  • Denise M

    I love Daisy Ridley of course

  • Hendrik Witterstätter

    I too like so many beliebe that John Boyega did an excellent job in TFA. Funny at times, serious ar times, sad, excited etc. He had the broadest spectrum of all the actors.

  • El_Tigre

    Harrison Ford. We was exactly how an older Han was supposed to have aged and…matured. Including his regretful way of behaving after a dusfunctional marriage.

  • Lukasz Ochwal

    Andy Serkis.
    Snoke is so repulsive and intriguing at the same time.
    The first dialogue and his shout “General” made me almost have a heart attack. One of the best scenes in the whole saga so far.
    I’m so sad that his role was so limited :(
    Anyway, for me Snoke is much better than Palpatine

  • Alex M

    Daisy Ridley All the way

  • Melissa Cornett

    I like Maz. She should get more screen time.

  • Alicja Ochwal

    Mark Hamill, the most powerful Master Hamster. This thrilling sight which told us so much and not so much about the plot of Episode VIII at the same time ;)

  • Jazzpty

    Daisy Ridley

  • Bence Viczai

    Ridley or Driver? Rey or Ben? I have to go with Adam Driver.

  • Colin Keiser

    I really liked Poe. I’ve always loved the pilots of Star Wars.

  • Colin Keiser

    Daisy Ridley especially considering this was her first major studio movie.

  • Bex YAbookexchange

    Daisy Ridley. By a hair. Adam Driver is also phenomenal.

  • Sean

    Though most all the actors killed it, and Rey was my favorite character for sure, I would have to give the best actor award to Oscar Isaac. He did an amazing job as Poe, and perfectly displayed his character’s personality in the few lines he had.

  • Colin Walker

    Daisy Ridley killed it!

  • Honza

    Daisy Ridley was the best.

  • Bsanya91

    Daisy Ridley :)

  • disqus_xLdSXUX96Q

    I personally enjoyed Adam Driver’s performance the most! Super intense and just awesome

  • Rob S.

    Being an actress that literally come out of no where, Daisy Ridley in my opinion gave the best performance and absolutely deserves it! Rey is such an intriguing character for both men and women to look up to and I am sure she will eventually serve the test of time and become one of the most iconic characters in star wars history!

  • Daniel Lobley

    Domhnall Gleeson

  • Jack Cone

    I think Daisy Ridley gave the best performance in a Star Wars film since 1983. She was plucked from obscurity, having NEVER been on a major set for movies or television, into becoming a superstar. Ridley gave a layered performance, she could be intense in one moment (like when she was chasing Finn on Jakku) or when she gives a heartfelt emotional performance (when she’s being tortured by kylo, or during her conversation with Maz Kanata). I won’t argue if someone says Boyega or Oscar Isaac or Adam Driver were the best performance in the movie, but imagine being in her shoes on set. Giving a performance at her caliber and never being in a big budget production is just simply amazing to me. In conclusion, I think Daisy Ridley’s performance was phenomenal and hope she has a bright future ahead of her.

  • Death star 49

    To me its Daisy Ridley what she did in her First Studio film not tv or a school film is just fantastic. Though everyone did great except one percent of the cast Daisy’s performance was masterful the character of Rey portrayed by Daisy has become an inspiration to many a testament to her performance.

  • Conner Blase

    Harison Ford

  • Mr lebowski

    You WILLLLL pick me as the winner of this prize

  • Me Vil

    Daisy Ridley without a doubt. What a great discovering! Her natural skills were amazing. He shows charisma, kindness, power… in every shot. Perfect for the evolution of the character

  • Josh Mobley

    Definitely Rey! Daisy Ridley is a GREAT, and welcome talent to the franchise!

  • Salty SeaDawg

    At last I will have my revenge, at last I will have my Goodie Box.
    John Boyega really held his own against an amazing Harrison Ford performance.

  • WackyBantha

    Daisy Ridley provided the best performance in THE FORCE AWAKENS.

  • Giannis Agelopoulos

    goodie box mmmm me must have :P

  • Jaros

    Definitely Harrison Ford, w/o doubt

  • Kathy Cain

    That’s a tough one, but for me Daisy Ridley was just phenomenal

  • Kevin Lenon

    I loved Oscar Isaac’s performance – he brought a great sense of fun and a lack of affectation to the film.

  • ZebroGodilla

    To be honest, I’d have to say Finn. Poe and Rey are so very close, but both FInn and Poe look to be going on a very interesting path together in their story. Rey pulls more from the previous movies and their heroes in my mind, but the potential for Finn is tremendous.

  • Nina

    To be perfectly honest I can’t choose!

  • Snark Vader (alias Grant)

    I think Daisy Ridley was the real anchor of the film. People can find fault in the character’s lack of faults but acting-wise she was pretty solid especially considering this was her first real film role and lead one at that.

  • Nathan Hobbs

    I think Harrison Ford was the best in Episode 7. He was great.

  • TUD

    Daisy Ridley. the emotion and grace that she exhibited were amazing. Take into account the fact that TFA was her first feature film, and it makes her effortless and breathtaking performance even more astounding.

  • Javier Hernández Sanchiz

    Daisy Ridley

  • Leonardo

    Harrison Ford… in the last Han Solo performance

  • Ernesto González de Paz

    John Boyega

  • Chris Stewart

    Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

  • Steve Martin

    John Boyega as Finn (FN-2187)

  • Clayman515

    Daisy Ridley fa sho

  • Khor Qui

    I thought Harrison Ford was stellar!

  • Big Tex

    Daisy Ridley, especially considering this was her first movie.

  • Weston Konik

    I really love how Daisy nailed each scene, emotionally.

  • Christopher Rowe

    Mark Hamill nailed his role

  • M. H.

    Adam Driver. Or Daisy Ridley. No, Adam Dri- – – actually, Daisy R- – – dammit, I really have to watch the movie again. But I’ll say Adam Driver.

    And Daisy Ridley. And John Boyega. But Adam Driver.

  • shane

    Adam Driver. He was just very different and fresh.

  • Hungry and Fit

    Daisy Ridley for sure!

  • Jake Thompson

    It has to be Daisy Ridley. First major film and she knocked it out of the park, and has handled the press like a pro.

  • david_andrew

    Daisy Ridley!

  • Dale Wilson

    Daisy Ridley was amazing

  • Patrick Schofield

    Daisy Ridley

  • Hanuman Ho

    Daisy Ridley

  • Nimsi

    Daisy Ridley

  • Ilia Sharifan

    Daisy Ridley. To knock it out of the park on her first studio films was just incredible!

  • Rachel Folmar

    Daisy Ridley

  • RolaRafał

    Daisy Ridley

  • Harsev Singh

    John Boyega is a legend

  • Harsev Singh

    Daisy as well

  • George

    Daisy,she gave a very magical peformance.i hadn’t felt a character like that in a long long time

  • Melinda

    Daisy literally making her debut into the film industry did so amazing and blew me away and held her own.

  • David Lawrence

    Though it was short, I’d go with Max von Sydow.

  • Eric Maier

    Daisy Ridley

  • NM

    Mark Hamill delivered his lines in a way I had never seen him do it before.

  • DanDravenUK

    Without question, it was Daisy Ridley – so emotive and believable! She reminded me of a young Luke Skywalker….

  • Jonathan D.

    John Boyega is the person I thought did the best

  • Jacob

    Daisy Ridley, all the way!

  • Brent Hernandez

    John Boyega, he stole the show and made it easier and fun to watch on repeat viewings. I found his character to be the most relatable because I often find it hard to confront my issues and I tend to runaway from responsibility so to see him finally fight Kylo made me cheer.

  • Ian
  • Pajas99

    Daisy Ridley

  • James Wynne

    Daisy Ridley was by far the break out and the stand out among an already stellar cast, thats no small achievement! For such a young and new actress to walk off the street into an audition room and literally carry a franchise on her shoulders, then do it so well, it is truly a once in a generation actor. Daisy is the face of Star Wars now and its a face we call be proud of. Daisy’s story is the one of all of our dreams!

  • sicky

    The new cast was great. Have to give it to Daisy Ridley as the breakout star.

  • Amy bennett

    Daisy Ridley without a doubt, the new luke skywalker she was amazing.

  • Cape&CowlDetective

    Definitely Daisy, she was a revelation!

  • Sparky

    John Boyega-he was passionate!

  • ninjadavid

    Daisy Ridley! Boyega a close 2nd for sure

  • Antonio

    Adam Driver for sure.

  • Antonio

    And Andy Serkis since he is my favorite actor

  • Fanboy JoeyB

    John Boyega had the right mix of humor, wit, gravity and drama. That said, all the actors were phenomenally cast.

  • Ken Paisley

    Lupita Nyong’o, superbly voiced Maz, helped of course by the magical digital artists at ILM.

  • Victor V.

    Adam Driver!

  • Shion Takahashi

    Anthony Daniels is the best!

  • Portaler

    Rey an instant loveable character made so by Daisy Ridley.

  • JT


  • Konstantin

    Daisy Ridley!

  • Alex Martin

    Well, there is a lot of great actors that didn’t get much screen time, and Daisy really surprised me, but I will say Harrison. He gave everything he had to make a decent farewell to his character and he did a great job on it. So many feelings!

  • Tom1138

    Harrison Ford

  • Doktor Sofus

    It was clearly Adam Driver who provided the best performance! :D

  • I honestly think Adam Driver’s face out-acted pretty much anyone else in the film, not that there weren’t very impressive others. He managed to tell so much with a twitch or brow furrow that it outclassed even how cool his masked performance was.

  • Robert

    I will say Poe because he helped set the tone for the movie!

  • srg

    Adam Driver. That’s the richest performance by far. Lots of emotions, menacing presence in costume, great voice and line deliveries… And of course: badass lightsaber moves. All of that makes him stand out to me the most.

  • Daisy Ridley.

  • Jc Chavez

    Obviously all of them were great, but when Harrison Ford appeared on screen, it was like the original Star Wars all over again. Daisy Ridley was another really awesome actor.

  • Roel Veldhuyzen

    In my opinion Daisy did an amazing job, she came across so incredibly genuine and believable.

  • Pertti Palkeinen

    I’d like to say Daisy Ridley, but I have to say Adam Driver. He played a contradictory character so good!

  • Jacob Johnson

    Ridley was excellent, especially for such little prior experience

  • bill norris

    Daisy rocked!!!

  • DermD

    Great Movie and I loved the John Williams score!

  • JaydenIrwin

    Daisy was great

  • Adam Driver played the troubled kid trying to live up to his grandfather so well. I thought he was great.