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UPDATE! Star Wars Battlefront: March Patch, Outer Rim DLC Launches for Season Pass Owners.

Survivors Of Endor

The Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim expansion pack is almost ready to launch for Season Pass owners, and a new map (“Surviors Of Endor”) has been made free to download for all players as a part of the March patch. In addition, a new, free mode has been announced for a later release.



The March patch has a new single-player Survival Mission in addition to the aforementioned map, which supports Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Turning Point modes. The footage shown in the new trailer promises the addition of a new mode called “Hutt Contracts”, which will be free to download sometime soon. While details on the mode have not been unveiled by EA as of yet, Eurogamer reports that players can get new gear in the mode, including a DL-18 and the kind of rifle that Dengar has.




I’d like to take a moment to explain that the content of the March patch (and the map “Survivors Of Endor”) is not included as a part of the Season Pass – it is a free download available to all players. Some of our readers mentioned this, and the article has been edited accordingly. We apologize for any confusion.



On the subject of the Season Pass, the Outer Rim expansion will be arriving on March 23 for those who have purchased it; players that opt out on the Season Pass can by the expansion as a standalone on April 5. According to an online store, the four maps that will be included as part of the expansion are called “Palace Garage”, “Jabba’s Palace”, “Sorusuub Pipelines”, and “Sorusuub Refinery” – the former two taking place on Tatooine, and the latter two taking place on Sullust.


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  • VedaRa

    Outer Rim expansion pack hasn’t come out. And if you are to believe Gamestop it’s not coming out for those without the season pass until April 5.

    • Chris Creveling

      That would then imply March 22nd for season pass holders, as they are supposed to get the content two weeks early. But, I second your statement. I was just playing Battlefront no more than 2 hours ago and the content hasn’t been released yet. The new Survivors of Endor map is out, as well as the new Survival mission, but that’s it.

  • Steven

    i want a space battle set over Endor.

    • TUD

      That will cost you $30. Thanks EA!

      • Steven

        They can have it if they do one for the first Death Star and include a trench run!

  • ReckneckJedi85

    The first DLC is not out, season pass holders will get it two weeks before april 5th

  • American_Ignorant

    I am very guilty of still enjoying this game. I will be the first to admit that it wasn’t worth the cost of entry. The two new maps they updated the big game modes with are fantastic though. Especially the Endor map.

    • MaxboxOne

      I think all the planets should have just been released as default maps. Bespin and dagobah are mandatory. Dullest want even in the movie and it’s there. All The force awakens stuff should have have been DLC. They really fucked up with that part. It’s boring. We want to see Kylo Ren Rey Finn and Phasma fighting on star killer base.

      • American_Ignorant

        There won’t be any Force Awakens content. They said this game is just covering the original trilogy.

        • MaxboxOne

          That sucks. Missed opprutunity but I guess the sequel will have all that

      • Mr_Crankypants

        They didn’t fuck it up. That’s how they’re selling BF 2017.

  • Commander Faol

    As a long time battlefront fan I had been looking forward to this entry in the series by DICE who are renowned for making stellar large multiplayer games. Leading up to the games release it was taking a lot of flak for appearing shallow and vastly smaller than the first two battlefronts, while being more expensive. I was quick to defend the game as being such a fan of the series. But seeing as its been awhile since this games release, I feel comfortable in saying that this game is a failure to the franchise and a major disappointment and step backwards. The focus has shifted from gameplay and storytelling to visuals. And while the game looks and sounds stunning, it really pales in comparison to the quality and quantity that you would expect from a battlefront title. The content of the free dlc is laughable and the from what has been announced in the season pass, I doubt the game is going to improve. Battlefront 2 had just over a year of development time, and with the time DICE had, they produced this. I can only hope that the studio listens to the criticism of this game, and really take a look at what made the first battlefronts so popular.

    • American_Ignorant

      Dude. Look. The game is far from great. But it isn’t a shift from story telling.

      The original game was never about story telling either. The only reason the original Battlefront had any semblance of single player is because it was released on the PS2 and original XBox, well before console players used the internet to game in multiplayer.

      Single player was required. And the single player in the Battlefront games was absolutely terrible. It wasn’t a campaign. It was playing through the maps against bots with a brief voice over narration at the beginning.

      What more, I don’t get why people are acting surprised when DICE said from the very beginning “This is a team based multiplayer shooter”. They never hid the fact that single player was going to be an after thought.

      And in two, you moved a ship around to stars on a tiny galaxy map. It looked more like a constellation than a galaxy. It was novel, but in no way ground breaking or interesting after the first five mintues of play.

      They had longer than a year of development time; they had two. But the games state at launch shows that three should have been what they aimed for, but they wanted to get the game out for Episode VII’s debut to increase sales. Hurt them in the long run.

      I’ll give you quantity on a Battlefront title, but only on II. One didn’t have that many maps either. And honestly, again with the rose tinted glasses. The maps were pretty awful. I loved the original games, but I never recommended them to friends. Because I knew they were bad.

      The new game has already improved substantially from release, and the two new big maps they put in are actually quite good, and they’re promising more free DLC along the way.

      You sound like a super entitled gamer who, like many others, didn’t understand that Dice isn’t Pandemic, and that they were going to make their own game, not continue what was made a decade ago.

      Sorry you’re not playing the game and enjoying it. You should try it.

      • Admiral Petty

        My feelings on the new Battlefront are mixed. I don’t think its an outright bad game, what it does it does well. But I do feel that it is a bit of a shallow game experience at this point in time.

        I agree that the first two Battlefront games were never strong on story, those that say they were aren’t remembering them very clearly. However I can say that I played both of those games with my friends way more than we’ve played the new Battlefront. Game modes like Galactic Conquest were OK on their own, but the real fun came from playing them with your buddies on the couch. The inclusion of bots allowed you and your friends to enjoy the content without going online, which in turn supported a fun, easygoing experience without the stress of always being forced to play in a competitive multiplayer environment. Because of this fact, we played the first two games a ton, whereas we’ve already mostly left the new one behind. Imagine how fun it would be to play modes like Walker Assault offline with your buddies when you just want to game and relax. Simply adding play with bots would satisfy many of the old Battlefront fans, and we know that they can do it since there are bots in the scant offline modes available.

        I think the reason that the new Battlefront game is ultimately so divisive is because it is targeting a different gameplay audience than the originals did, alienating the original fans in the process. They can fix this not by trying to add a shallow story experience, but rather by adding more offline functionality for those people that want to play it with their buddies on the couch. Another recent shooter that does this very well is the new Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare title. You can play any mode you want offline with or without bots, plus with your buddy on the couch.

      • MaxboxOne

        I totally agree with everything you said. It is not a direct sequel or clone if the original battlefront series nor should it be. Those were made a decade ago on older consoles and they were good for the time. I used to play 2 with my friend all the time. I loved galactic conquest and the hero battle. I still have it and before this new one came out I went back to see how it is and it did not age well. This game will still look and play really good in 10 years. So when people are complaining about the next reboot they will look back at this one. It’s a pretty fun game if you’re good at it. All I been playing is fallout and battlefront I’m level 33 and I already pretty much unlocked evrything I want. It needs way more customization and maps. Bespin and Dagobah and force awakens content to be a awesome game

        • American_Ignorant

          Bespin is coming, I don’t know that we’ll get Dagobah. Honestly the Dagobah map in BF II was severely lack luster. The new terrain would be amazing.

          The last DLC we receive will involve the Death Star. So that could be interesting.

          Should every map have been included that’s in the new DLCs? No, I disagree. But there should have been more at launch. Another 4 big maps, at the least, then launch their DLC content. The game is also very casual. I don’t mind this, but they didn’t advertise that fact, and it did turn off a lot of more serious shooter fans. That’s a huge strike against them.

          I’d have enjoyed some TFA content too, but they said sorry, next game.

          • Mr_Crankypants

            No, when you hype something for two years as the ultimate Star Wars experience, I expect something less casual than twitchy gameplay and people getting killed every 10 seconds after spawning.

            • American_Ignorant

              Save for the content, they succeeded for me in the “ultimate Star Wars experience”. Game looks and feels like the original trilogy to a T. I still have moments when TIEs scream past me strafing where I marvel at the feeling.

              Content is lacking. I don’t mind the casual nature of the game, but again, I’ll fault them for not advertising that better for the rest of the world. I’m 35, I don’t have time to sit for hours and perfect my skills on one game. A happy hour long jaunt through Endor and Tatooine every couple of nights satisfies me.

      • Mr_Crankypants

        That’s not actually true. We HAD online play. The business model now just says it’s hella easier to simply build MP only, and screw trying to integrate bots into the equation. You are absolutely right about story-based though – the story was the weakest, most tacked-on part of BF1 and 2 – won’t be missed.
        Now, it APPEARS that EA is slowly starting to add some of the features that I DO consider essential to a BF game. That being the case, Ima wait for the GotY Edition and see just how close they get to creating a complete game by then.

        • American_Ignorant

          We had online play if we were PC. The bots were mandatory for XBox and PS2. Yes it was there, but there weren’t a third of the people who use XBox Live or PSN now.

          Single player campaigns are an artifact of an era when people couldn’t compete with each other online. This lasted MUCH longer for consoles than it did for PC since we had access to online match ups long before consolers did.

          That’s why AI development for gaming all but disappeared over a decade ago. Who wants to shoot a really great AI when shooting at a person is always going to be better?

          And don’t get me wrong, there is a place for an FPS that’s single player and story driven. But you’re never going to get a decent campaign and decent multiplayer on the same budget. Either both suffer simultaneously, or the campaign sucks or multiplayer isn’t as fleshed out.

          DICE started by making team based multiplayer shooters ONLY. Battlefield 1942. Battlefield Vietnam. Battlefield 2. When they moved to console, low and behold, we got 8 hour crappy campaigns that divert time and resources from making a meaningful, balanced, content rich multiplayer experience.

          *I* really don’t care to have a single player anything in the new Battlefront. I never even played the single player much in the original, I just gamed online on my PC. But I do realize other people REALLY wanted a single player campaign. But again, they didn’t hide the fact it wasn’t going to be in there.

          It’s a fun game. Wouldn’t go so far as to say great, still wouldn’t say I have my money’s worth (maybe in play time, coming up on 90 hours) but it’s no where NEAR as bad as some people decry it to be. Then again, if expectations are astronomically high, then yeah, disappointment is going to happen.

          Mine were pretty high. I was disappointed, yet still enjoyed the game. Dunno.

          • Mr_Crankypants

            Nice essay, but you missed where I said the campaign mode was weak, and won’t be missed. What I consider essential is a bigger variety of maps and local MP. I’d even tolerate the bogus AT-AT mechanics if it meant getting anywhere near the variety of maps we had in the previous games, and 2-4 people could grab controllers and sit their asses on the couch together. No bots is also a non-starter for me – all of the gameplay video I’ve seen so far seems to confirm what I suspected would happen with online MP only – spammy kills, nobody pursuing level objectives, and the whole thing ending up looking more like a Quake DM match than a giant battle between two sides. A lack of solid online options is simply not the only reason for bots.

  • ZOD

    I’ve been playing the new Endor map for several days. It just appeared unannounced.