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Rumor: New Details on Poe Dameron and Laura Dern’s Character in Star Wars: Episode VIII


Even though Star Wars: The Force Awakens is ending its theatrical run, fans will still be able to get their Star Wars fix with the coming release of the Blu-ray on April 5 and a new comic release the very next day. Comic shops near you will release “Star Wars: Poe Dameron” No. 1, following the adventures of one of the most popular characters from the film.


With the departure of Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Episode VIII just opened up a spot for a Han Solo swashbuckling character type. Who better than Oscar Isaac’s rakish Poe to fill the void? While it seems that character similarities exist between Poe and Han there may be some costume similarities for Episode VIII on the horizon as well.


Recently, the connection between Poe becoming the new Solo has been evident in the media as well as the what is coming in the new comic.


As Sulagna Misra wrote for The Cut,

“Many similarities unite Poe and Han, but even more exciting are all the ways that Poe improves on the Han Solo model from the original trilogy.” reported that Bryan O’Quinn of Empire Strikes Books had this to say about Poe Dameron.

“He was one of the biggest highlights of the movie,” O’Quinn said. “The dynamic of the character is awesome, because he’s not just the new ‘Solo’ … he’s more universal and likable.” O’Quinn added.



With the similarities between Poe Dameron and Han Solo’s character seemingly more evident, it seems the clothing may be as well.



POTENTIAL SPOILERS! is reporting that they recently got a glimpse of Poe Dameron’s Star Wars: Episode VIII costume.


In all honesty, it’s very much the same costume he wore in The Force Awakens opening at Tuanul Village in the Kelvin Ravine. The easiest way to describe the costume is to take Poe’s costume from the opening of The Force Awakens and amend it slightly in color and give it a new jacket. The pants and boots appear to the same for the most part. In my brief look, I didn’t see anything standout about them from the last time.

His undershirt is the same style as The Force Awakens and the v cut at the neck might be a little deeper cut than last time (but it’s more or less the same). Poe’s shirt is a grayish light blue (my wife says the color is “stone”). His leather jacket is from the Han Solo collection. It might be described as a “cafe racer jacket” but it’s not tight fitting.


The site also elaborated a little bit more with new information regarding the Laura Dern’s character touched upon at Latino-Review and reported a few days ago here at SWNN





  • It seems that Laura Dern is a leader of The Resistance.
  • Leia’s ship is ambushed, she is blasted through space.
  • Leia ends up in a coma. Laura Dern’s character then takes over Resistance command, but makes things far worse.
  • With this in mind, Poe takes control of the situation and becomes the interim leader of The Resistance.


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