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Star Wars Weekly Social Buzz!


We have gathered several interesting and funny social posts from the last few days, from the galaxy far, far away. Enjoy…


That’s really Star Wars-ey:


Beard Watch continues. Gary has a contender for supporting role in Episode VIII.







We need an emoji translator for this one:


Happy Birthday Gary! Hope to see you in Episode VIII.



John Boyega is really great.



John back in the gym…

Current mood. Good morning !

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Daisy Ridley meeting John Williams for the first time:


Star Wars: Rebels Quiz:



Peter Mayhew’s first Star Wars Weekend from 1997:





The next pages from the original Star Wars script from 1976.







And last but not least, here’s a curious post by Andrew Kramer, who worked with Bad Robot in the past and is also credited in The Force Awakens from the special effects department. Before you jump to any Rogue One conclusions, let me tell you that this project is not from the Star Wars movieverse. Still it looks interesting…


Team building. Action Movie FX!

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Stay tuned for next week for the next batch of interesting posts on the social networks. It’s obvious that the mystery box will be a bit more revealing this time.