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Updated with the Full TV Spot. Kylo Ren Shows How To Wield a Lightsaber Like a Boss!

Watch Out, It's Kylo Ren!A new clip has hit YouTube showing a few more seconds of the duel between Kylo Ren and Finn on Starkiller Base. It’s brief but it’s so awesome.


This video is probably a portion of a TV spot or featurette that will be released later today. Until the full clip is released, enjoy this:




In one of the older TV spots Kylo Ren already showed some impressive moves with the lightsaber:




I am so ready for this movie!





Here’s the full TV spot:



Special thanks to Disneyland Experience



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  • Brent Hernandez

    man and finn is holding his own pretty well

  • bob sherman

    Finn better hold out longer than Luke did in ESB

  • Cody

    He is so close to slicing Finns head off… Lol

  • A Knight of Ren

    Only 4 days to go till the FORCE AWAKENS! = )

  • Hypebeast Hates Me.

    I’m surprised the whole movie hasn’t leaked yet.

  • Dani Català

    Guys you won’t sleep for the upcoming days :D


    • A Knight of Ren

      Thanks Dani, now I REALLY won’t be able to sleep for the next few days!
      = P ( JK )

    • Christopher Laughlin

      Wait, was that just R2 and 3P0 on Jakku with BB8? This was unexpected…

      • Christopher Laughlin

        Doh. It appears that the clip is from an advertisement

  • LadyMusashi

    Impressive… most impressive. Only…four… days… *scream of frustration*

  • Will Fincher

    But Finn can’t last long, because the true battle / drama storytelling is between Rey and Ren. I think she is gonna whoop ass.

    • TUD

      Yep, Kilo Ren. Just like Harrison Ford said! ;)

    • John Rossi

      +Will Fincher – I don’t know if she’ll “whoop” anything. I think it more likely she will hold her ground better than Finn will but in all honesty, Rey “whooping” Kylo would be like Luke fighting Vader in New Hope and whooping his behind. Unless it’s revealed Rey had years of training previously I don’t find it likely.

      I think it likely Kylo will take the fight due to training , experience and more training with the Force. Besides this, we see Rey grieving over Finn. If she gets angry, Kylo may feel it through the Force and try to encourage and exploit it.

      • Will Fincher

        Awesome geek conversation. lol. I suspect she has been fighting her whole life, and when she picks up that lightsaber she will unleash a devastating attack that he will not see coming.

      • Will Fincher

        Came here to tell you I told you so.

        • John Rossi

          You don’t have to. :)

    • Christopher J

      I think Finn will last longer than people think, I mean remember how long all the big lightsaber battles are in the films. Most of them have three small acts. I mean in Phantom menace you had obi wan and Qui Gon vs. Darth Maul, then Qui Gon vs. Darth Maul, and then finally Obi Wan vs Maul. That was one lightsaber battle. Second one Obi wan and Anakin vs. Dooku. Anakin vs. Dooku. Then Yoda vs. Dooku. Even when its’ one one one. You have Luke and Vader fight in the Carbonite freezing area. Then they fight in the one area where Vader is throwing all that crap at him. Then it ends with them outside the platform where Vader takes Luke’s hand. Oh and no way Rey whoops Kylo. I feel Kylo will handle them both but Rey giving him a little more toughber battle like Anakin did with Dooku in Attack of the Clones. Also if Rey whoops Kylo Ren’s ass the first time she picks up a lightsaber or maybe the first time she picks up a lightsaber since she was a kid then that would be dumb and make Kylo a not so great villain.

  • Have Hope

    It may look cool, but why would you twirl your sword like that so elaborately during a fight? Surely it would hamper you.

    • Loreaux


      • Have Hope

        Momentum? Surely you can do that with a simpler move that allows you to be focused on your opponent.

        Because as you twirl, your eyes are off your opponent for a second, which can be your undoing.

        • Adavanter Mki

          He’s Force sensitive. Doubt he has to keep his eyes on him to track him.

        • Davis

          Real japanese swordfighting with twirl during naginata justsu:


    • CosmicDolphin

      Because spinning is a good trick ..remember..?

      • Have Hope

        Si, siiiii

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

      Throwing your opponent off..someone spins at me like that I’d just give up lol

      • Have Hope

        ha…I might laugh….so yeah, that would throw me off

    • Adavanter Mki

      Couple of reasons… to take your opponent off guard. It’s hard to track where he’s actually going to strike.

      Secondly a lot of melee weapon moves are based on smooth circular motions to cut down on the strain you put on your muscles. If you keep whacking away like a hammer if can be fatiguing. If you blade is in smoother motions it can help combat this.

      Thirdly and also somewhat relevant to what I just said above… older weapons use to get stuck in their targets if you bluntly struck them. Again a part of the whole smooth motion. You want to be able to repeated attack someone with clean cuts that wont get your weapon stuck in them.

      That may not really apply to lightsabers but I could forgive them training them in similar fashion as traditional weapons. Or at least base it on some of it.

    • Remy Verhoeve

      Because entertainment – I agree though it looks a bit flashy, let’s hope there’s substance too and that they don’t fall into the prequel trap of having non-sensical duelling. I mean there was a scene where Obi-Wan and Anakin were literally just twirling their sabers around without hitting each other, that was so dumb I can’t believe it was kept in the final film.

      • Have Hope

        Yeah. I mean, it LOOKS cool but may be too much. Like Darth Maul LOOKED cool in his duel but it was never too elaborate and he always kept his eyes on his opponent.

        • Longstar

          Look closely, the first swing was intended to take Finn’s head off, hes just quick as hell with his followup attacks. Straight savage.

          • Have Hope

            Kylo is a punk compared to Finn man.

        • Josh Loden

          To me, it looks like it served a purpose. when I watch it, I see it as Kylo going for Finn’s head, but Finn moves away, and Kylo uses his momentum to continue the attack which is when we see Finn block with his saber.

      • MeowBaby

        I actually liked that part of the duel. To me, it showed both characters were trying to use the same moves on each other and were equal in lightsaber skills.

    • Dillon Roberts

      If you actually break it down, when he moves the saber to his left it nearly takes Finn’s head off (it would if he didn’t lean back) and then he just keeps the momentum going to complete it but Finn blocks it. So if you wanna get technical, every stroke was a killing stroke.

      Like the others have said though, momentum and flash are actually components of fighting; nun-chucks rely on this principle. They rely on the enemy to lose track of them and then you strike.

    • Hudathan

      The first spin to the left is intended as a feint and doubles as a parry if Finn holds his saber in front of him preventing the advance. Then turn with the momentum in order to make the actual blow. Usually with a two handed weapon this can be done without turning the body but instead moving the weapon around the body, but he’s got those extra things coming out the side of the saber which might make it difficult/dangerous to move the weapon around his head so he has to move his entire body instead.

    • system1988

      Well my personal theory is that since Jedi can see in about 4 seconds into the future (that’s why they have such quick refelexes) when they are not clouded by the Dark Side, then all these spins and flashy moves serve as a distraction to that ability. That’s why the OT saber duels were so slow, the Emperor had clouded almost all the Light’s vision. On the other hand, when the Light was powerful during Anakin’s time and the future could be better predicted, and training Jedi well was still possible, the duels were very fast in order for the opponent to not be able to predict the movies of the enemy. But that’s my personal take anyway and it stands away from Lucas’s explanations as well as any other stuff I have seen or heard.

  • Lord Phanatic “Wampa”

    JJ has to make the fight entertaining without over doing it like the ROTS Anakin Obiwan twirly thing. Nothing wrong with a little flash. Kylo is arrogant and he knows Finn is no match so it’s like bragging in a way.

    • Andy

      I do western martial arts (medieval swords), and it usually tends to be the way that the more flashy someone tries to be, the more likely it is they’re gonna get clobbered. Same goes for Eastern martial arts really, eg: why try to kick someone in the face when if they grab your foot it’s going to be match over for you. I think much like fencing a ‘real’ lightsaber duel would probably last all of 10 seconds even with 2 masters matched. It just wouldn’t make good viewing. I had a point when I started writing this…hm, I just gona press enter….

      • Venaborn

        One word Force :D

        • Andy

          Oh yeah, I forgot they are space wizards.

          • Davis

            The fights are never about the fighting itself (excpet for the prequels ofc) but the ongoing conflict of the characters. If the characters have real reason to fight, it makes it interessting enough regardless of the coreography imo. No matter how good or flashy the coreography is, if it isnt emotionally involving than the scene wont work.
            I pretty much like everything what we’ve seen from this film and this fight looks really awesome aswell. Cant wait to see this damn movie…

  • Venaborn

    Firstly Finn is opponent which don’t have many experience with lightsaber combat so this maneuver could quite effective if you fight someone who is not on your level of combat.

    Secondly Kylo obviously toying with him he knows he is absolutely different level in lightsaber combat and he enjoys duel. Remember he don’t have many opportunities.

    Thirdly i love originals but lightsaber combat was there just terrible and boring at some places.

  • Bluemilk7

    jj specifically said he wanted to keep the duels more organic and raw in this film.. i don’t think that necessarily means there isn’t allowed to be excitement.. of course the duels in the prequels were severely choreographed, but most of the movie goers adored those battles. i’m glad it won’t be as boring as obi-wan vs. vader in ANH. this looks excellent!

  • TUD

    A perfect mix of the PT and OT styles.

    • Just a Scavenger

      Looks more like a cross of the OT and SWTOR cinematic trailers to me.

    • 999SickBoy666 .

      So true. Also, I screamed my head off when I saw it lol

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


      • TUD

        lol yes.

  • I appreciate sharing videos… especially if they are from televised spots that haven’t been officially released online yet. In this one we get not one, but two splashmarks and logos… so let me get this straight. Someone copies a video, and then someone makes a copy of that copy ?

  • John Rossi

    That first spin isn’t just a spin for flair and flash. Kylo is going straight for Finn’s head. I know it’s only a couple seconds, but I love the feel of what I see. This fight feels more like a desperate tense conflict where every attack is an attempt to injure or kill, and every parry is an attempt to keep a life.

    • Dee

      I figured the spin is to put strength into attack. Though it is lucky Finn is an amateur because it does leave a big opening for an attack. So i guess half for power strike half for flair.

  • Snark Vader (alias Grant)

    Really hope that they aren’t firing at a exhaust port. Honestly, This is the first film in awhile where the duels aren’t what I’m most looking forward to. It will be cool to see new combatants but Kylo and Finn strike me as total amateurs though fighting in the snow is a new one. I think the duels of the next two films will be far more interesting to watch though.

  • TUD

    Here’s a pack of three TV spots. The first one is new and features a new shot of Finn on Takodana. The third spot is the one above, and the last one has no new footage, but is a new “In 5 Days” advertisement.


  • Erikk XO

    Finn looks way out of his comfort zone like… fuck, what do I do???

    • system1988

      Well, he is about to be chopped to pieces. His action figure also says “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!”. Seems he knows nothing like Snow.

  • nph53

    speaking of lightsabres, does anybody know for sure if we’re allowed to bring one to the theater on thursday? i’ve read conflicting things online.

    • Hudathan

      I think it’s different with every theater, but unfortunately it seems like most places are being real strict about this.

      • nph53

        which unfortunately is the problem. AMC says ok, a couple others say no go and the rest haven’t said anything. i wish they would have taken a joint stand either way to eliminate the confusion.

        • Jason

          Why do you want to bring your toys to the movie? Just see the movie and go home and play with your toys!

    • AMC says no blasters but light sabers are okay except for during the film.

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

      Yes just no masks from what I’ve heard

  • KyloRen

    I will finish what you started…

    • nph53

      combing the desert? ;)

    • TUD

      I will show them…the dark side.

  • dameron

    The sheev spin is back :)

  • origonalname112

    You can see his face! When the hell are they going to release it in hd so I can freeze frame that crap!

    • Dennis Achterberg

      on the 17th, you can bring your camera to the movie theaters, people will love it when you do that.

      • origonalname112

        I mean it’s like Disney forgets the internet exists sometimes. How hard would it be to upload it online first?

        • Dennis Achterberg

          You know that it’s part of their marketing campaign, right? all these uploaders are doing the work for Disney.

  • Christian Norgaard

    so basically the whole wielding that crossguard lightsaber would be dificult or impractical or imposible just wemt out the window right?

    • TUD

      Exacrtyl. Fanboys always complain about things like this. Then they see how badass they are in action and they shut up. Case in point: Darth Maul.

      • Weston Konik

        i heard it less from fan-boys, and more from people who don’t even care about star wars.

        • nph53

          its not even that complicated a concept either.

          • Weston Konik

            except that really isn’t the reason for the design. They said that the two extra ‘crossguard’ blades are actually vents. I like that there is reason behind it other than ‘it is a guard’.

            • nph53

              thats true. though we have seen him light it up with the vents off which leads back to a crossguard intent.

              • TUD


                • nph53

                  For your consideration, from the second teaser:

                  • Monolith

                    Looks like the ‘vents’ are there.

                    • nph53

                      but not active, its just the normal blade.

                    • Monolith

                      I think they’re activated, and the nearest of the vents is pointed directly at the camera.

                    • nph53

                      look where his hand is, the crossguard should be right above it if is activated but its not. the sabre gives kylo the option of going normal mode and cross mode. check out again how he activates it in the first teaser if you need further convincing.

                    • Lotus Eater

                      LOL you people.

                    • Hard Case

                      The crossguard blades have been confirmed as vents for the weapon’s raw power. If they serve a purpose such as that, there should be no option to turn them off as the weapon could possibly blow up in the users face without proper venting. It just seems like a needed feature as it has been described. In the photo above, his blade is angled backwards a little and rotated with the crossguard pointed almost directly at the camera. So as you are looking at it, the small blade is pointing slightly upward and a little to the left.

                    • Jason

                      This is your evidence for your theory?? It’s on, it’s just sideways.

                    • Monolith

                      Kylo’s saber primarily functions as visual metaphor — it’s literally and symbolically unstable. As a result, the ‘vents’ are likely essential to that saber’s functioning. As Mifune says in Sword of Doom: “Evil mind, evil sword.”

                    • Ryan Tomes

                      No if you look closely it’s simply the camera angle making them appear to be off. You can see just a sliver of the vent blades.

                    • nph53

                      the silver isn’t the blade, you’re seeing the hilt.

                    • TUD

                      The crossguard is pointed at the camera, so it blends into the main blade. It’s on, though.

  • Will Fincher

    This is exactly how you wield a claymore. Which is what Kylo’s saber basically is. It looks badass when used expertly because it is, but please do not say it is a flashy move for the sake of showing off. I literally cannot roll my eyes far enough into my skull.

    • Longstar

      Exactly. He’s trying to take Finn’s head off with that strike.

  • KyloRen
  • thomas

    I did not know Severus Snape could get so agile !
    Ps : I bet hazy-weak-strong Snoke speaks parseltongue fluently !

    But, remember, in the very end, how the dark lieutenant reveals his true self against his master … there is still good in Kylo.

  • twojawas

    I wonder if we are all missing something about Phasma. Could should be related to Kylo? Or Luke? What if the First Order aren’t aware of her gender and she is some sort of spy for the Resistance? I think this is a character that might end up surprising us more than some of the more obvious ones.

    • Zapp Brannigan

      #1 She isn’t a resistance spy. She is shown leading troops into battle. A battle where First Order troops attack civilians and destroy a village.

      #2 She is known to be female. She is wearing armor. That armor would get removed when she bathed onboard a starship. She is in a military and on a space ship. So, no she isn’t disguising her gender.

      #3 She isn’t related to anyone. She is a new character most similar to Boba Fett if you must have a comparison.

      #4 Her armor is different than other Stormtroopers. It is unique. It is a reflective metal. Therefore, the surprise is very likely that her armor reflects or is resistant to some type of attack.

  • NoResolution

    George Lucas said the duel with laser swords was fast and intense but that he would have added some Tie fighters, x-wings and a fart in the scene…a bunch of them.

    • TUD

      It’s so dense, every image just has so many things going on.

      • Ainnem Agon

        Kylo’s fights will rhyme the prequels’.

        • TUD

          Hopefully it’ll work.

        • Dave Fitzgerald

          No they won’t……………God damn, out of all the people who post on here….something about you just makes me want to slap you.you are the biggest know it all crybaby I have ever seen…AND you don’t know shit about ANYTHING..rhyme with the prequels…LMMFAO!!! it is already a FACT…that the saber fights in this trilogy will be NOTHING like the prequels…JJ has already said that it was something that he WANTED TO AVOID. dumbass

  • Cw

    dropping major spoilers…

    Confirmed he was pupil of Luke.
    Helps destroy new Jedi order
    IS the son of Han and Lea


    The Knights of Ren…..are the Knights of Revan. All just released thanks to a leak from the visual book, that someone is posting online.

    And….Luke, is already a force ghost!