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SWNN Review: Marvel’s Chewbacca #4

Chewbacca 01I’m lost here. I thought we were at the end of our Chewbacca interlude here, but there is still one more issue. Yoda said it best: “…and not short enough, it was”. The sighs and frequent headslaps were a plenty as I thumbed through this. In any series there are always hills and valleys, but this is spelunking.


Chewbacca 02
Chewbacca built a robot! He’s happy about it! He and Zarro are on their way to fight that jerk face Jamus and take on whatever Imperial garrison backs him up. Chewbacca sure is excited about it. Honestly, I was in more suspense watching Harrison Ford talk the Wookie of Jimmy Kimmel’s marquee the other night.


Chewbacca 03
The highlight of this issue was Chewbacca getting decked out in a costume that seemed to mirror the original Iron Man outfit. Yes, he and his young friend pose as mercenaries to get close to Jamus and his Stormtrooper pals. What do you think happens next?


Chewbacca 04
Yup, the bucket heads get taken down by a bigger bucket head!


Chewbacca 05
After Chewie takes out Jamus’ best friend, the weasel small time crook scurries off in an Imperial shuttle. I can’t tell if Chewbacca or the shuttle is saying “FWANG!”. Thoughts?


Chewbacca 06
Well, it wouldn’t be a conclusion without Chewie and Zarro getting out of another tight spot. SPOILERS *****Zarro turns out to be Kylo Ren*****. Just kidding. That little prank I just pulled on you probably got your heart beating faster than anything in this issue. Sorry, I’m just being blunt. Save those coins for Vader Down.


Chewbacca 07