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Marvel’s Star Wars #6 – Major New Backstory Development for Han Solo in the New Canon


The latest issue of Marvel’s Star Wars series comes out today, and it contains an unexpected plot twist that could have major ramifications for The Force Awakens. Read on, and beware of possible TFA spoilers…



Star Wars #6, on comic store shelves today, contains some great action sequences (which we’ll save for the official review) as well as a bolt from the blue about Han Solo’s past. The events take place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.












In the new issue, we meet a woman who introduces herself as Sana Solo… Han’s wife.


Given Han’s reaction—head in hand and a dismayed, “Oh no…”—I think it’s safe to assume that he’s at least got a complicated history with Sana. Is she really his wife? Well, I reckon we’ll just have to wait until a future issue to find out.




Another potentially interesting wrinkle to all this is, of course, that Sana is black. Now, given the fact that the LFL Story Group considers the Marvel comics to be canon along with all other new story releases, and that they have stated that they will gradually be revealing various connections between the new publications and the new films throughout the rest of this year, this raises the possibility that Finn, our stormtrooper defector hero from The Force Awakens, could conceivably (no pun intended!) be related to Sana.


This is, of course, merely speculation, and I could very likely be reading far too much into this. Obviously, it’s a big galaxy and there’s no reason to assume that Sana and Finn must be related simply because of their skin color. Plus, at this point it doesn’t sound like LFL is going to tie the new Star Wars films so tightly together with the published works that one has to read all of the books and comics to understand what’s happening in the movies.


However, it’s still interesting to surmise that Finn the soldier could have some scoundrel blood!


The next issue from this series will be a special one-off tale of Ben Kenobi (July 8, 2015). Then in issue #8, Luke continues his quest to learn about the Jedi. So more answers on July 29, 2015.