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UPDATE 3! Several New Faces from The Force Awakens Cast. Sith General Added!


Film journalist Lizo Mzimba found several actors/actresses who are listed on the UK’s leading casting agency Spotlight as part of The Force Awakens cast. See who they are after the jump…



(November 26,2014)


Most likely these talents will play small roles in the movie, but nevertheless it’s always great to see a padawan, a stormtrooper and a character named Xavier in the mix.

Jessica Henwick

  Sam Carr


  Tony Bailey


Special thanks to Lizo Mzimba.





(January 16, 2015)


Another interesting find by Lizo Mzimba from Spotlight. This time a female Stormtrooper!!!




Couldn’t agree more with Mr. Mzimba. 🙂






(February 2, 2015)


British actor Aidan Cook updated his Spotlight profile adding The Force Awakens as his latest credit.


Aidan Cook

Some of his credits are:


5 Episodes of Dr Who with Matt Smith Series 7. Two-Headed Shop Owner in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Creature/primate performances for TV, film, game and live projects and currently and for much of 2014, one of the principal creature performers on a yet to be released film.


I think you all know which is that “yet to be released film. 🙂


So far these casting agencies proved to be pretty resourceful for small bits of info on the movie. If you haven’t seen our piece on the StarNow agency click HERE.


From the combined info from Spotlight and StarNow we now know about:

a padawan, a female stormtrooper, a creature performer, character named Xavier, a politician, main street crowd, heavy weapons stormtrooper, evil castle crew character, space pirate, clan leader and more.


Special thanks to Cantina member Carne for the heads up and stay tuned for more Episode VII news.






(April 22, 2015)


Another interesting update from BBC’s Lizo Mzimba:





Now this is really an interesting little bit of info. All the other cast members that we mentioned above are definitely minor characters in the movie. On the other hand a Sith General sounds serious enough. It makes you wonder, how many Sith are there in The Force Awakens?


If you remember back in November, 2013 THR reported that the producers were looking to fill a new role: a 40-something military man.


Robert Lindell definitely fits that description. It would be interesting to see how this turns out. Are we going to see several Sith generals in the movie? Maybe there’s a new hierarchy in the First Order? What do you think?