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UPDATE! Star Wars: The Force Awakens Extras/Crew Members Uncovered. Resistance Fighter Added.

The Force Awakens CastOne of our users on The Cantina has done a bit of detective work and found out that a number of extras and crew members have been revealed through the casting agency website StarNow. These roles actually end up confirming a couple of minor details about the plot based on the concept art that’s been seen, so this is an interesting find.



From The Cantina:


SiggiSiggi Jaiyeola: 2014 / EXTRA / AVCO / POP CASTING / PIRATE




AmberAmber Smith: AVCO- with we got POP : Politician – Pinewood studios, London, UK




AncutaAncuta Breaban: 2014, Feature Film, Politician , SWVII, Walt Disney Picture, J J Abrams




KatyKaty Kartwheel: Major Hollywood Production directed by J.J Abrams : Stilt-Walking Robot, London, UK




AkosuaAkosua Duah-Boachie : Role – Extra: Apart of Main Street Crowd / Production: AVCO Film (Feature) / Director: J.J Abrams / Production Co/Venue: Foodles Production (UK) Ltd/Pinewood Studios




MarkMark Epstein: STAR WARS EPISODE VII : Supporting artist, Pinewood studios, UK




JamieJamie Chambers: (“Heavy Weapons Stormtrooper”) Star Wars VII : Heavy Storm Trooper, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates




FranciscoFrancisco Rabelo: (worked Jun/Jul/Aug 2014) AVCO project : evil castle crew character… 4 days shoot .. Pinewood, London, UK




AlvinAlvin Chen: AVCO (2015) : Space Pirate; Featured Artist / BIGGEST Hollywood Sci-Fi Movie, London, UK




MichaelMichael Chappell: “AVCO” (LucasFilm) : Stand-in for ‘Clan Leader’, Pinewood Studios, UK


Special thanks to regular user MagnarTheGreat for finding this information.






Yet another extra uncovered this time by our Cantina member Carne:



Geraint Jones – Resistance fighter star wars (extra).


Who is the resistance fighting for/against? Are they part of the rebels? Are the rebels still rebels in TFA? More questions than answers, but quite interesting nevertheless.



So, what does all this random data say about The Force Awakens? Quite a bit, actually. Now we know about:


a padawan, a female stormtrooper, a creature performer, character named Xavier, a politician, main street crowd, heavy weapons stormtrooper, evil castle crew character, space pirate, clan leader, a resistance fighter and more.


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