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Rumor: The Force Awakens Poster Could Come Next Week?

Teaser Trailer

JediNews is reporting that TFA teaser poster could be released by the end of next week. By the way 10 days ago we received an email from a theater owner suggesting that TFA one sheets are expected in January. So keep your eyes open for those…


First here’s JediNews‘ rumor:

A source has informed us here at Jedi News that the first official teaser poster for The Force Awakens is expected to be released sometime by the end of next week.


The source was unable to verify how the poster would arrive – either as a one-sheet displayed in movie theaters or via an online announcement with an accompanying photo of the poster. Specific details of what the poster would include were not provided, so we’re not sure if it will depict characters from yesterday’s big reveal and/or other characters, both new and returning.


And here’s the email we received:

I run a movie theater and called in today to request some one-sheets (movie posters). I asked about the upcoming Star Wars movie and she told me none yet. Then she said that they are being told “probably January”.


I don’t know how credible this guy is but keep in mind both possibilities.