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Poe Dameron and His Black X-Wing?

Oscar Issac

I’m sure many of you probably have already figured this out. Nevertheless here’s a very good post from our Cantina boards with some impressive detective work…


All credit goes to our member cassidy


Here’s a full quote of the story:

Most of us are aware that spy shots were taken of the black and orange/red X-Wing at the RAF base a few months ago:

Black-X-WingIf you look at the recently released trading cards from the teaser you’ll see that the X-Wing pilot “Poe” (Oscar Isaac) has a black and red helmet – but this particular shot for the card was taken with the windows fogged up on the side of the X-Wing.


(It’s also interesting that it says “Poe Dameron in HIS X-wing”.. which might be a hint that there is something unique about it)


If you watch the actual trailer you’ll see that the fog/moisture on the windows fades away and you can see that the engine housings are a dark color past the silver nacelle trim (just like in the spy shot above):

IsaacIf you look at the X-Wing and pilot from the Force for Change promo with JJ you’ll see that the engine housings are a lighter grey color and the pilot has a white helmet:



All I’m getting at is I believe the scenes in the trailer that flip from Oscar’s character to the X-Wing formation skimming over the water aren’t directly connected, as I believe his character “Poe” is flying the black X-Wing. 


Even though the sound connects in the trailer scene, I believe this was done through editing. 


So maybe Poe is an experienced squadron leader – an awesome pilot – and has a sweet unique black X-Wing?


Maybe this means that he is more of a Han Solo type character and will focus on his piloting skills rather than force abilities?


Very interesting indeed.