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New Photos from the Episode VII Set at Greenham Common. Close Ups of the X-Wings and the Falcon.

BirdsEyeSmallHit the jump for another batch of pictures with much better look at the two types of X-Wings and the Falcon straight from the Episode VII set at Greenham Common. No spoilers…



A Spanish website reports that an aviation club who were working with drones accidentally came across a set for Star Wars Episode VII, and that they snapped five images showing a variety of ships, including an unfinished Millenium Falcon that is in the process of being built. Special thanks to Cantina user Altgr0160 for letting us know about these!



Have you noticed the Falcon’s new rectangular antenna?








And some more pictures from last week:



Episode VII Set Greenham Common

Episode VII Set Greenham Common

Episode VII Set Greenham Common

Episode VII Set Greenham Common

Episode VII Set Greenham Common

Episode VII Set Greenham Common





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  • Anonymous

    If we’re going with the Luke parallel, then Daisy’s character

    -Has likely been lied to about her ancestry, as was Luke.

    -Becomes a Jedi following the death of her parents. (There’s no other way around it) And since were are more invested in Han & Leia, their deaths will be all the more powerful/tragic than that of Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru, whom we barely knew.

    -Probably has a brother out there somewhere.

    • Anonymous

      I hope the parallels aren’t that literal. Otherwise, I’ve already seen parts of this unfinished movie before.

      • Anonymous

        Then prepare for a major disappointment. Just from looking at these unoriginal costumes and McQuarrie-obsessed designs, I feel that IV is going to be paralleled to sickening lengths.

        • Anonymous

          “McQuarrie-obsessed designs.”

          Hey, it might even look and feel like a Star Wars movie!

        • red viper

          Looks f*****g perfect to me. No dissapointment at all. Go watch that terrible looking Rebels show then.

    • Talon Karrde

      There’s no reason to hide her ancestery. If anything, knowledge of her ancestry might give her character an interesting edge. How does she deal with it: Granddaughter of the biggest villan in the galaxy?

  • Jeff

    Is this person actually inside the fencing? Or does he have a zoom lens on the camera? Pretty ballsy.

    • ratpack223

      If the guy is a professional in the movie business consider his career over.
      Maybe he’s another extra or got a good zoom lens indeed.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nerds should form some kind of covert equivalent of military black ops. Unlike the paparazzi, their payday would be the thrill of getting their spoils posted online. :)

  • StarGeek

    Are those elephants I see in that video? The possibility of Banthas, or something even better?

    • The Reb

      I think you are seeing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cattle

      • StarGeek

        Wow, I really WAS tired when I watched this video this morning :P Thanks for the clarification anyway :D

  • Dan

    Well if the lasers of the falcon are out that means there are some shooting action scenes right?

    • Master Raze Golladio

      Possibly, or maybe just rearmament, maintenance, or upgrading / exchanging, maybe? Doesn’t look much like the kind of place to a) set the mood for a gun battle, or b) the kind of location that would really experience any kind of skirmishes.

      • StarGeek

        I’m not so sure about that, I’m guessing it will mostly serve as a Rebel base, but after seeing battles going on in Theed, and in Echo Base on Hoth, I could definitely see a small scale skirmish going on around the area, where the Falcon gets involved.

    • Stofolupinoid

      If I remember right the main lazers on the belly of the falcon don’t retract so their visibility doesn’t necessarily suggest they will be used in the scene. I like how they look though.

  • Anonymous

    We have photos showing what may be Adam Driver, John Boyega, Gwendoline Christie, Harrison Ford and Daisy Ridley all wearing what could be x-wing suits and Alliance uniforms? If you had a suspicious mind, you might think we’re being had! – That’s it’s all a deliberate setup.

    • Tirindo

      I don’t think they would build half a Falcon and hire 50-or-so people just as a massive decoy operation. If so, they must be _really_ desperate to cover up something important going on elsewhere.

      • (sorry not meant as a direct response, this was the only way to post)

        It’s cool to get some more news/leaks but I’d prefer JJ do the leaking. It would be nice to get perhaps a few characters names with a photo of the actor in costume. I feel like his pics are just a bit too ambiguous, while funny I think He might be repeating his over-the-top secrecy mistake.

      • Anonymous

        It’d be no more than pocket change for them and not really much of a challenge either. I’ve no doubt at all that they’ve been involved in lots of misdirection in the media over the last few months. The stakes here are colossal!

  • Anonymous

    What If the entire movie is one elaborate hoax?
    I think thats how a lot of fans feel. Like they dont ‘really’ belive they’re making a new movie. I dont think it’s truly going to hit home until the first trailer surfaces, at which point grown men will exit theaters crying.

    • Eric

      Correction sir, I will cry only once I’ve seen the opening crawl lol

    • DaveOlden

      So…they’re spending a couple hundred million dollars to make it *seem* like they’re shooting a movie?

  • Anonymous

    I’m intrigued by the helicopter. the only case of an aerial shot in OT is maybe in the opening sequence on Hoth. Star Wars to my knowledge is not very big on overhead flying shots that would require a heli’ to film, EXCEPT for shots from within the cockpit of a spacecraft. The helicopter suggests JJ opted to show the entirety of the rebel (i still call them rebels?) base from above in a moving shot – which would be unprecedented in a sw movie, and would be in my opinion a little bit of a departure from the traditional Star Wars aesthetic and would be a little off-putting and cliche’. However, suppose their plan is to take the shot, matte in some CG countryside (or city?) around the real-life set, and then paste it into the window of the millennium falcon, so you could see the base as ‘falcon pilot “X” lands the thing, that would be a very good and immersive shot that would feel right at home in a sw movie

    • Anonymous


    • perrymoon

      Wasn’t that horrible shot of obiwan vs grievous chase a cg aerial shot? Don’t worry. After the prequels, its mostly impossible to b upset by the visuals of this movie. Everyone involved talks about the old fashion feel. In the other hand, I don’t think an aerial shot would destroy the essence of StarWars. Each episode of the original trilogy was innovating and bringing something new technically.

  • Anonymous

    I know they did big sweeping aerial shots in SW Special Edition, but I always felt those scenes were jarring and a little off-putting, and it would be nice to see JJ and crew NOT do that.

    • Anonymous

      There were helicopter shots over the plains of Hoth in ESB. Problem with that? Or the wide aerial shots over the Guatemalan jungle in SW? Stop complaining and wait ’til you see the damn film.

  • Anonymous

    Here we go with more complaints from you peeps. Everytime i come here to this web site, most of you all cry and bytch about everything no matter what is a rumor or fact. Do yourselves a favor and get a life, or dont follow the saga anymore. Picky fans will never be satisifed no matter what scenes they film. DAM !!!!!!
    QUIT CRYING !!!!

    • Zakmo

      I somewhat agree, Anonymous. The best news about the rumors I’ve heard so far is that the movie will be far better than most, if not all, of the ridiculous fan speculation surrounding them.

    • Tarkin

      Hear, Hear, Anonymous! This bickering is pointless! Ep. 7 will soon crush all of this silly skittishness and anxiety in one swift stroke.

    • Anonymous

      Anon 04:40 AM:

      Stop crying and bitching about an exaggerated problem. It’s not that bad.

    • fistwave

      The site was a usa nuclear weapons silos in the 1980’s with alot of greenery and trees. So a endor fell about it

    • Anonymous

      im not bi***ing, i’m stating my aesthetic opinion from a cinematographic point of view. Maybe you shouldn’t take these comments so seriously eh? That said I loved reading your “appraisal” of my statement, keep up the counter-bi***ing!

  • perrymoon

    If some props were in Abu Dhabi, maybe they’re using only the “base part” and will replace digitally the rest with the desert planet (not to say Tatooine and avoid endless discuss on the subject…).

  • Anonymous

    Forgive my ignorance but where do the ariel pictures come from? Camera mounted on a drone perhaps? Seems a tad sus for my liking.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it’s been explained on other websites that this footage has been obtained by using a drone. Nothing sus about it at all.

  • Anonymous

    I made this for u fanboys >> http://i.imgur.com/772VGHe.jpg

    • Pomojema

      For a minute, I thought that was going to be a shock site. Phew! No trouble, only a clever little image. It’s neat and funny, good job.

    • Talon Karrde

      Oh my Lulz! That is hillarious!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for clearing that up :-D

  • Anonymous

    Has anybody else noticed that the falcon has a square antenna/dish now,

    • Anonymous

      the original round one was destroyed inside the second death star on ep. VI….

  • Jim

    who is the a*hole who is taking these drone photos? and why is this website endorsing this unethical (and criminal) behavior??

    • Marc

      His Name is most likely JJ Abrams

  • Anonymous

    It will be difficult to smuggle in milk and beef without the empire noticing any activity. That`s why the cows are there.

  • Anonymous

    Check out the two X-Wing shots, especially the one with blue stripe and its arrangement of how the two cannons are attached to air foil, it make me wonder how the “S foil” splits this time, looks to me the foils in its open position will look like a dragonfly, maybe?

    • Anonymous

      Yes i saw that. Pretty sure the front half of the wing will drop down whilst the back half will raise up when in attack. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Sooo this brings us back to the CGI discussion on the falcon. Maybe the Batman video was filmed at a stage where the falcon was not yet finished as we see above. So they finished the model with CGI. ;)

    • Dobba

      The falcon needed a new antenna dish as the last one was lost in the Death Star assault – Lando must have replaced it with an upgrade! Love the attention to detail

      • DEKKA129

        Very cool indeed! And I also notice that it looks a lot like the dish that gets blasted off of the hull of the blockade runner at the beginning of ANH, which is a nice touch.

    • Anonymous

      haven’t you seen the other photos of the MF?? It has a complete side.

      • Anonymous

        Sure I have seen those photos but you don’t know WHEN the Batman shot was filmed. It’s exactly the parts that look more CGI’ish that are not yet finished in the images above (e.g. the cockpit)

        • Anonymous

          ill say the whole thing is real. the camera just has a softish look

  • gpawnday

    These are the best pics I have seen yet! I LOVE the modifications to the X-Wings and Falcon – and that comes from someone who grew up with the original trilogy. I am sure there are going to be many who completely disagree with me, but I always wanted to see what an upgraded or new Falcon would look like (was hoping to see that in the Prequels) and now we may finally get a chance to see that! I think that it is perfect too given the rumored story in the Cantina. Keep up the good work J.J. and give us the most epic space battle ever seen on film – no pressure :)

    • Anonymous

      Did anyone notice one of the X wings is bright white? This is going to be awesome… they all look cool. I Love the burned exhaust on the engines… nice touch.

    • Talon Karrde

      I was hoping to see something about the Falcon in the PQs too..

  • Anonymous

    This is so obviously misdirection its funny, it would not cost much to set that up to look real. Every single last detail has probably been planned out before this including all the misdirections. The real filming is probably happening somewhere else and this is just bait to lower eyes away from the real stuff.
    I bet if you saw the accounts for the film it would even say misdirection budget somewhere.

  • DarthDisney

    When were these Spanish drone pics taken? The intro to this article says these are photos of “an unfinished Millennium Falcon that is in the process of being built”, but if these are really pics from a few weeks back, then why are they only surfacing now? No, I think these are current pics of the set being dismantled, now that filming at this location has wrapped.

    And in reply to Anonymous (13:28), the X-wing with the blue stripe is a flat plywood cutout, so the way the cannons look like they are attached to the S-foils is most likely an illusion due to the forced-perspective of the painting and the angle we’re seeing it at vs. the angle it was intended to be seen (the filming camera). Down at the bottom right in the last Spanish drone pic, the ship with the blue tarp on it is actually the backside of one of the painted X-wing flats. Flats like these were used in ANH to help fill out the background X-wings in the Massassi hangar (as well as other things in the film like the distant vent pipes hanging from the ceiling in the Death Star chasm swing-across scene. Painted plywood flats were also used for the background pod racers in TPM).

    • Prequel fanatics ready to *practical effects* troll in 3… 2… 1…

    • Anonymous

      “I think these are current pics of the set being dismantled,”

      Exactly. If these photos are more recent it’s obvious they are dismantling MF

  • RexKramer

    The shoot at Greenham is probably over and the crew is dismantling the Falcon. The reason why it was half “complete” in previous photos is because that is the only side of the Falcon that will be in the shot. There is most likely no fighting going on here and its probably just a Yavin or another Rebel base scene.

  • KeroT

    Love how we get photos of this kind, without having a clue what the story is. Excellent distraction, and It keeps me happy.

    • Yeah totally… would prefer JJ leaked this stuff instead though!

      I want to see a few promo shots of actors in costume from JJ, I think that could be done without revealing anything that would spoil the plot.

  • DEKKA129

    These are fantastic pics, and that shot of the black X-wing may give us another clue as to how the wings open.

    From the front views we’ve seen, it looks like the engines themselves don’t split when the wings open (though the four exhausts visible in the black X-wing pic suggest that I may be wrong about that.) But it looks like there is a broad collar-type hinge encircling each engine about a third of the way aft of the engine intake.

    Perhaps the wings themselves open on these rotating hinges, with the engines themselves remaining stationary?

  • I would put money on the engines coming apart / being part of the opening mechanism. The McQuarrie paintings show the engines separating, like on the cover art for “the art of Star Wars, episode IV a new hope”

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful hangar for a republic/rebel secret base with those big holes for land and take off.

  • DavidJ

    Wow, was not expecting such a different radar dish on the Falcon. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to, but I can already see how it could work really well.

    And of course I like that real modifications HAVE been made to it over the last 30 years, which is only what you would expect to happen.

  • red viper

    I love it. Yes. I love it.

  • Paulo Henrique

    Any doubts Star Wars Episode VII will win the Oscar? But, talking about Oscar, how it will work? Can Star Wars 7 be nominated to Oscar 2016 or it will nominated for Oscar 2017?

    • It will be too good to get an Oscar.

    • DaveOlden

      The 88th Academy Awards in 2016 is for all films released between January 1 and December 31, 2015.

      Given Star Wars Episode VII is scheduled for release before the nomination deadline, the 88th is the ceremony to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else notice the large tree roots on the sides of the bunker/hangar walls behind the X-Wing? Possibly some very large CGI trees will be added on top of the bunkers.

    • Greg Kirby

      If there are roots then perhaps it is that Dantoonie Jedi bunker base? Because it’s looking more like it is…

  • C’mon mannn


    It’s ok to be excited- even a little giddy but calm down sparky. At least wait until you see a trailer first before climbing up to that diving board ;)

  • Jonny

    Damn good call on the tree roots on two hangers so we are looking at a lot of action above these areas. It’s got to be a Yavin style local

  • Joss

    Someone surely must have commented on the crane by now, the one next to the Falcon, the one that’s painted green. The green color means that the crane will be digitally removed in post, so I assume that there are a couple of shots, where they film the Falcon landing on the rebel site, and they will do it as a 1:1-sized practical effect in-camera, simply lowering the ship to the ground. (Or it’ll be a take-off… or both.) Add glowing lights into the landing thrusters, smoke galore, digitally add some hot plasma exhaust etc., remove the crane & cables, and you will have the real thing on film. No miniature, no CGI spaceship… this will look awesome, I’m pretty sure.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm…there seems to be an awful lot of green around that green crane though. Blue would be a better colour to use one would think.

  • DarthDisney

    However, if the camera is down on the ground and pointing skyward to film the underside of the Falcon ‘coming in for a landing’, then from that angle the green crane would most likely be set against the sky, not the green grass.

  • Anonymous

    I want this movie to come out NOW.

    • Anonymous

      Patience, my young padawan ;)

  • on a different computer cant remember what name i used so am using this instead

    drones …… stuff like this will force future films to use totally cgi locations and not real ones so they can get on with making the film instead of trying to keep idiots away.

  • Anonymous

    So far i have much like for what I have seen.
    I like
    – the falcon’s new radar dish.
    – the real rebel base set
    – the real falcon
    – the desert pig
    – the real desert set
    – the cast
    – the stormtrooper design
    – the new xwing design.

    What could make it all look crap is the film stock or the grading and post – but JJ has stated he wants a gritty realism – which is what works in the OT. I also think another thing that works is the locations being relatable to as kids playing – when it snows its hoth, the sandpit is tatooine, playing in the forest is endor… that works very well for kids! Let’s hope they keep that – red trees from startrek or Avatar glowing landscapes are not as easy for kids to recreate in playtime! I also hope each film opens on space – with an imperial vehicle setting up a threatening presence from the empire. Come on JJ… you can do it…

  • Matticon

    I am pretty sure the black xwing is Luke’s fighter.

    1. Take a look at the markings on the wing. Clearly denoting it as “red 5”. Luke’s ship had 5 red marks on it in OT.

    2. It has a unique paint scheme denoting it as some sort of major character’s ship. it is amongst a lot of other “regular” xwings with what looks like a common paint scheme (blue squadron?)

    3. It is with the millennium falcon… Highly probable that is is a “hero/good guy ship”. Falcon is Han ship…xwing is Luke’s ship.