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Rumors: Luke’s Captivity, Leia and the Hutts, a Count Dooku Connection, Plus Another Possible Filming Location.

black parkAnother day, another batch of Star Wars: Episode 7 rumors, this time from Making Star Wars (although with a fairly strong caveat as to the relatively uncorroborated nature of the rumors.) POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD…


Making Star Wars is reporting that they have received a batch of new Episode 7 rumors from a source who claims to have been involved with the production. The rumors are preceded by the following disclaimer:

I was not able to verify the source, but another source of ours has heard a few things in this report. So I’m sharing. Rather than think about it for a week, I figured I would just share.


So, while nobody is saying yet that these rumors are the real deal, I thought they were fun enough to pass along to you all.


Mark Hamill - Episode 7 beard

Lukes Disappearance – The idea that Luke disappeared immediately after Endor isn’t entirely true. He had a good 10 to 20 years after Return Of The Jedi ended. When the movie starts he’s been missing for around 10 years.


As far as how long Luke has been missing, assuming that he actually is indeed missing, ten years sounds a lot more reasonable than thirty. (And actually, given the fact that Mark Hamill’s beard hasn’t exactly grown to Rip Van Winkle proportions, I tend to question even a ten-year imprisonment.)
Gwendoline Christie

Count Dooku Connection – Back when Benedict Cumberbatch was a rumored addition to the cast, a rumor was that his character was a descendant of Count Dooku. This was true. This connection was then moved onto Gwendoline Christies character.


A possible Count Dooku tie-in? Who knows? Both Benedict and Gwendoline can certainly pull off the “haughty noble” persona, but on the other hand, depending on how it’s handled, having Gwendoline’s character be related to Count Dooku could  tend to draw us into a “Gee, what a small galaxy!” thing that might prove rather distracting, or it could end up being something more than just happenstance that links her character with the Skywalker clan.
Leia strangling Jabba

Leia and the Hutt’s – There was a production sketch done very very early on which showed Princess Leia standing in the middle of several Hutts. She was wearing a maroon dress (political style) and was flanked by two soldiers (they looked to me like the Naboo guards from Phantom Menace but to others they looked like the rebel soldiers from the beginning of A New Hope.) The picture looked as if she was having a meeting with them. She certainly didn’t appear to be captive or under threat. I have no idea if this sketch has anything to do with the movie that is being shot as it was very early on.


I’m not sure exactly what to make of this one either. Given the fact that the Clone Wars cartoon is now considered canon alongside of the existing films, we do know that the Hutts have a Grand Council of their own, so it wouldn’t be at all beyond the pale for Leia to have some sort of meeting with them in whatever official diplomatic capacity she may hold in Episode 7, especially if there is some sort of underworld connection with whatever the new ST threat may be. One has to wonder, naturally, how she would be received by the Hutts, given the fact that Jabba died at her hand. But as the source of this rumor points out, this may be an early concept sketch that never made it into the final film.
Dead Ewok

Endor – Again, very early on, there were several sketches titled ‘after party’ which was a bit of an in-joke. These showed a second battle of Endor. The story being that after the rebels left Endor, Imperial forces and these new villains attacked. They killed many Ewoks and more importantly left with the remains of Darth Vader. Now, where I was working at the time, there was a lot going on and some of it wasn’t necessarily related to Episode VII but other Star Wars projects that will fill in the gaps between Episode VI and VII . I don’t think these scenes will appear in the movie but rather something set between movies.


This one sounds a lot to me like the preproduction artists may have just been having some fun. True, we have heard rumors that Vader’s burned armor may make an appearance in Episode 7, but also bear in mind that when news of the Puzzlewood shoot came out awhile back, our own sources indicated that there would be no Ewoks in the film. If this was indeed a sketch that was actually done by one of the LFL concept teams, I tend to agree with the idea that it was probably for something other than Episode 7.
Sith Lords

George Lucas – George’s vision for the Sequel Trilogy was to take it right back to the beginning. Meaning, the beginning of the Jedi and Sith, how that came to be and how ancients forces were still influencing things. Luke was going to go on an adventure that would take him back to the origin of evil in the Galaxy. Some of these ideas have very much influenced the story.


This does tend to go along with the rumor that the movie could be called “The Ancient Fear”, and it also would explain what sort of unfinished business may have remained following the deaths of Vader and the Emperor in ROTJ. While battles against enemies such as neo-Imperial stormtroopers or space pirates would make for a good old fashioned Star Wars adventure, that alone doesn’t seem like a worthy threat for Luke Skywalker to take on. But if the source behind Emperor Palpatine’s power were to still exist and be experiencing a resurgence of some kind… that’d be rather fitting for Luke’s final challenge as a Jedi.
black park country park

In addition to these story rumors, Making Star Wars also reports a rumor from a different source that indicates that Episode 7 may have been doing some filming in Buckinghamshire’s Black Park Country Park:


Today I was informed by a friend who visited Black Park Country Park in Buckinghamshire that Star Wars: Episode VII was filming there. On his tour his guide told him that the movie was being shot there, he also told me he saw “extremely large” blue screens there! He visited last week on Tuesday the 12th of August which for me is very interesting as after a bit of investigating I discovered a comment on Trip Advisor from somebody who visited the Country Park, within the comment it said “Star Wars VII is filming here”, that was posted about a month ago. So to me it seems they are using a local Country Park to shoot in. Could this be the Forest planet we’ve been hearing a lot about? Also a month or more of filming? I wonder if this planet will play a big part in the next chapter?


Black Park is no stranger to the film industry, with numerous movies and TV programs having filmed there over the years, including such franchises as Harry Potter, James Bond and Doctor Who. Could Star Wars be next on that list? Though we have nothing even close to official confirmation on this yet, I’d hardly call it beyond the realm of possibility.


And those, my friends, are the latest whisperings from the old Star Wars grapevine. As always, I wouldn’t go betting the kids’ college fund on any of these just yet, but I think that there are some interesting ideas here nonetheless.