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UPDATE! Star Wars Bits. More on Fisher and Ridley. New Unlikely Episode 7 Title and More Episode 7 Rumors.

star wars

Hit the jump for another possible cheesy Episode 7 title as well as some comments on Fisher and Ridley and the trailer of the Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles…

star wars

From BBC:

The actress Debbie Reynolds says her daughter Carrie Fisher is “all excited” about returning for the latest Star Wars film.
Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the first three films, will be reunited with original co-stars Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford.
Debbie Reynolds told BBC Radio 5 live’s Up All Night: “There aren’t many roles for women… so for them to consider the original princess is a great compliment to her.”

star wars
Plenty more details about Daisy Ridley from the Mirror

After the announcement, Daisy tweeted: “Overwhelmed by all the support. This is the greatest day of my life. I’m told I can’t say who I’m playing yet, but it’s exciting!”

Her dad Chris may be biased, but he’s sure his 21-year-old daughter is the perfect personality to play a character who is half-royalty, half-action hero.
“She is an extraordinary lady, though not an easy one,” he said at the family home in Maida Vale, West London, yesterday.

“But if anyone can handle it, she can. They train from morning till night learning all the things they do.
“They have a huge stage down at Pinewood with thousands of people involved and budget of God knows what. She’s managing very well but she’s very tired.”

He said film-makers Disney, who have taken over the Star Wars franchise from its original creator George Lucas, are “terribly protective and everything is shrouded in dust sheets. They don’t want to let anything out”.
The proud dad says Daisy is already developing a close working relationship with her most famous co-star.

“She came home and said she’d had coffee with Harrison Ford and he said, ‘Don’t call me Mr Ford! Call me Harrison’,” said Chris.
“He’s a very sweet guy, though he looks terribly grumpy. She said he looks much better than he does in films and he’s a much nicer guy.”
Asked if Daisy was a Star Wars fan her dad said: “She is now!”

Definitely looks like she’s Solo’s daughter.

From StarWars:
Get a first look at LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles episode “Escape from the Jedi Temple” in this new trailer. Featuring classic LEGO humor and characters from the entire Star Wars saga, “Escape from the Jedi Temple” is filled with the Force and brick-tastic fun.

As seen in the trailer, the Emperor debuts his new theme — “The Imperial March” — and doesn’t react well at its lukewarm reception. Han, Chewie, Luke, Leia, Yoda, and the entire gang (including a blaster-toting C-3PO) are back, ready to take on Darth Vader and the Empire.

LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles – “Escape from the Jedi Temple” airs this Saturday on Disney Channel at 9pm ET/PT and this Sunday on Disney XD at 7pm ET/PT. Watch Disney XD users will also get a first look at the episode on Friday, May 2nd.


star wars

Now the cheesy one. According to moviepilot the title of Episode VII will be The New Jedi Order. I don’t buy it. It’s too ordinary and have in mind that J.J. Abrams always has a thing for weird titles.


More rumors from the same source:

An insider on Twitter has revealed several tidbits about Star Wars Episode 7 ahead of the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on May 4th.

The insider claims that:

The full title of the film is ‘ Star Wars: Episode VII – The Order of the Jedi. The film was rumoured to be called ‘A New Dawn’ but that has recently been revealed to be an ‘in-canon’ novel to be released soon.
Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o is also in the cast. She will be playing a character called ‘Asajj Ventress’. Nyong’o was not officially announced in yesterdays report but was one of the first names to have signed up after Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.
Daisy Ridley will be playing a member of the Solo Family.
Max Von Sydow will be providing his voice only to a character that will run right through the new Trilogy.
Luke Skywalker will be the ‘Obi Wan’ type character of the new trilogy.
Han Solo is the High Commander of the New Republic
Leia is now the ‘Queen Regent of the Republic’
The Big bad is not a Sith Lord

Its expected that the Title and Story details will be announced in a press release on Sunday May 4th.

I doubt any major Episode 7 announcements will be made on May the 4th. Nevertheless some of these are worth mentioning.  


And some more clarifications about the Star Wars canon:

@kyle_newman @HolocronKeeper The novelizations of the seven films–including The Clone Wars–are canon.
— StarWarsBooks (@DelReyStarWars) April 30, 2014

To clarify, movie novelizations are canon where they align with what is seen on screen in the 6 films and the Clone Wars animated movie.
— StarWarsBooks (@DelReyStarWars) April 30, 2014


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  • Anonymous

    “I’m told I can’t say who I’m playing yet” well, OK, but “a character who is half-royalty, half-action hero” strongly suggests she’s playing Leia’s daughter.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. And:

      “They train from morning till night learning all the things they do.”

      suggests lightsaber training.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait to see her train on VII’s Blu-Ray bonus footage, baby! xD

    • Perhaps Leia did have a lightsabre, but retired from active Jedi service during the murky decades before EP7. Would be fun to have her gift it to her daughter, who, like Luke in EP4, doesn’t recognise its function.

  • “To clarify, movie novelizations are canon where they align with what is seen on screen in the 6 films and the Clone Wars animated movie.”


    There’s nothing in the movies to say Owen Lars can’t be Ob-Wan’s brother. Does that mean that this relationship (as described in the ROTJ novel) is canon?

    • Anonymous

      hint-hint? ^_-

    • “They’re canon, when they align with the films” To me that sounds like any diversion from the films are non-canon? Does that mean there aren’t any ducks in Star Wars?

      They didn’t clarify that well, which is a bit of a shame as the prequel novelizations are actually much better than the films.

    • Anonymous


      It’s been a while since I read the books, but I don’t recall anything in the prequel novelizations not aligning with the films. If anything, I feel like the novels provided valuable or interesting additional info.

    • Anonymous

      The dialogue was different a lot of the time. And Padme died because Vader killed her, as opposed to “losing the will to live.”

    • Anonymous

      Right, [email protected]:25. But then again, none of that changes any major plot points in the end. At least not in such a dramatic way that it would contradict anything that is in the films.

      The novelizations of the OT, on the other hand, have lots of contradictions. If I remember correctly, Luke comes to the conclusion that Leia was born first. And then again, there’s that tiny little bit about Obi-Wan and Owen Lars being brothers…

  • That title smells like bantha pood-doo.

  • DEKKA129

    I’d say the title is almost certainly bunk. Not only does it not have any of that old pulp novel appeal that most of the other titles have had, but as the next in the series after Return of the Jedi, it’s just too damned similar.

    First title in a SW trilogy usually introduces the theme of the trilogy itself, if you think about it. “Phantom Menace” opened a trilogy about behind-the-scenes efforts to destroy the Jedi and the Republic. “A New Hope” opened a trilogy about the Rebellion (and Luke Skywalker on a more personal level) growing in strength to challenge Vader and the Emperor’s stranglehold on the galaxy. Whatever the broad-stroke story of the ST ends up being, I’d expect the title of Episode VII to reflect it somehow.

    (Oh yeah, and I think it’s beyond obvious that Daisy Ridley is Han and Leia’s daughter, innit?) ;^)

  • Anonymous

    “She was always very feisty, but nicely feisty, very clever, independent. If she sets her mind on doing something she’ll achieve it.”
    If she isn’t playing Leia’s daughter I will eat my own leg.

  • “The New Jedi Order” is a great title, but I don’t think it’s going to be this title. I guess will be “Into the Brightness” hahahahahah.

    • The titles always alude to an activity, something in motion. Order of the Jedi, New Republic, etc … they are names of organisations and carry no momentum.

    • Anonymous

      The Phantom Menace ??

    • Episode VII The Empire Strikes Back Again

    • lol or Episode VII Duel of the Fates

      Episode VII Sith VS Jedi Sunday night showdown

      I am sorry for the corny titles I can’t help it lmao

    • Anonymous

      At this point the only one I think makes any sense would be, “Knights of the New Republic”.

    • LOL, that’s a great title. “Knights of the New Republic”.

    • Anonymous

      I know it’s derivative but I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere on the net, and just make sense.

    • Anonymous

      I also wouldn’t mind “Secrets of the Force”, The Force hasn’t been used in a title yet.

    • Anonymous

      Actually the Phantom Menace was a very elegant and mysterious title. Because who was it referring to?

    • Also “Menace” suggests action as in there is a menace to society.

      Mysterious, devious, elegant, great. Episode VII’s title doesn’t need to blow us away but it should fit and “The New Jedi Order” is boring. I like these:

      Disturbance in the Force
      Shadows of the Dark Side

      Something along these lines.

  • Anonymous

    Debbie Reynolds looks fresher than her Daughter.

    • Anonymous

      lol well not really. Debbie looks much older and frail than Carrie and Debbie is always caked in make-up unlike Carrie.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone read the new rumors from Aggressive Comix on Jedi News?

    – The full title of the film is ‘ Star Wars: Episode VII – The Order of the Jedi’. The film was rumoured to be called ‘A New Dawn’ but that has recently been revealed to be an ‘in-canon’ novel to be released soon.

    – Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o is also in the cast. She will be playing a character called ‘Asajj Ventress’. Nyong’o was not officially announced in yesterdays report but was one of the first names to have signed up after Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.

    – Daisy Ridley will be playing a member of the Solo Family.

    – Max Von Sydow will be providing his voice only to a character that will run right through the new Trilogy.

    – Luke Skywalker will be the ‘Obi Wan’ type character of the new trilogy.

    – Han Solo is the High Commander of the New Republic

    – Leia is now the ‘Queen Regent of the Republic’

    – The Big bad is not a Sith Lord

    My opinion… it sucks.

    • Anonymous

      “- The full title of the film is ‘ Star Wars: Episode VII – The Order of the Jedi’. The film was rumoured to be called ‘A New Dawn’ but that has recently been revealed to be an ‘in-canon’ novel to be released soon.”

      Doesn’t sound right to me. Too weak.

      “- Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o is also in the cast. She will be playing a character called ‘Asajj Ventress’. Nyong’o was not officially announced in yesterdays report but was one of the first names to have signed up after Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.”

      Except for the character’s name (obviously), I’d love it if this is true.

      “- Daisy Ridley will be playing a member of the Solo Family.”

      No surprise here.

      “- Max Von Sydow will be providing his voice only to a character that will run right through the new Trilogy.”

      Now, here’s a thought. Wouldn’t it be funny if MVS is there only to provide his voice (a la James Earl Jones) while Andy Serkis is actually on the film in person?

      “- Luke Skywalker will be the ‘Obi Wan’ type character of the new trilogy.”

      Love this. Love it, love it, love it. No Mara Jade and no Ben Skywalker. Yesss!

      “- Han Solo is the High Commander of the New Republic”

      I guess it makes sense.

      “- Leia is now the ‘Queen Regent of the Republic’ “

      Same as above.

      “- The Big bad is not a Sith Lord”

      This is just what I expected to see all along, and I love it. The Sith should be gone for good, with Palpatine being the last true Sith Lord. It may be unpopular in the eyes of most fans, but it’s realistic and makes all the sense in the world, IMO.

      The trick, of course, will be making the new villain(s) as good as the Sith, which is easier said than done. But if they pull it off, this new trilogy should be a real treat.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. I’m quite sure that is not the title, it might be the title for something else, just like “A New Dawn” was a title for something else.

      Ridley playing a Solo is perfect.

      Max Von Sydow’s could do just that, with Andy Serkis doing the body, but I feel both their full potential talents would be wasted this way, however it is a very logical combination.

      Luke being the Obi Wan mentor role is fine, just wish he had some action to show us how far he’s come as a Jedi Master.

      Now here’s where it pisses me off. Han Solo as the High Commander? Doesn’t fit his character, not one bit. Also, Leia as a Queen? No… I hated Padme as a “Queen”… these things wouldn’t seem to fit their characters, it would alienate the audience. Just think, Harrison Ford would act just like he did in Ender’s Game, and Leia like Natalie Portman in EPI, ugh.

      The big bad is not a Sith Lord…
      This in itself can be a very good thing, or make a very weak villain. Star Wars without lightsabre duels (which are very symbolic) would not be Star Wars. Therefore the Jedi would face some force and lightsabre weilding enemy. If their master is not a force user, he better be somehow overwhelmingly menacing. I just hope this last bit is false, and they play it safe with Sith.

    • Anonymous

      If max is the voice and Andy is just the body, why wouldn’t max be at the table read of the dialogue as opposed to Andy?

    • WJP

      I really think Von Sydon might be voicing a CGI Obi-Wan ghost.

  • Anonymous

    I remember when everyone thought Attack of the Clones couldn’t possibly be it. Sometimes bad things do happen. I’m with the rest of you… I’d like to think such a poor title isn’t real. Here’s hoping it’s not!

    • Walter W

      lol “sometimes bad things do happen”. I don’t want the title to feature the words hope, empire, jedi, clones or sith. And definitely not phantom menace. Im loving all these rumors/news except for the sith one. There has to be Sith

    • Anonymous

      And, why does there have to be Sith?

      The Emperor is dead; all of his knowledge of the Sith occult sciences gone with him. Who’s gonna teach the new generation of Darths?

    • Darth Krayt.

    • While the ‘Sith’ may be dead, you don’t need to be taught the Darkside. When Walter said there has to be Sith he meant it in the way that there have to be evil force users, if they’re aren’t the stakes will seem infinitely lower, especially to the general audience. Jedi fighting normal people is far less tense then knowing that there’s at least one person that can go toe to toe with a Jedi.

    • Anonymous

      No, you don’t need to be taught the Dark Side to become a Dark-sider. But like the Jedi, the Sith are an order, with a Code, precepts, laws and rules of their own.

      To my understanding, nobody here’s saying that there will be no Dark Side users, be them Dark Jedi or another kind of race/order/organization. All that’s being suggested is that the Sith may be no more.

    • It sounded like @7:53AM was saying exactly that

    • There was a rumor a while ago that suggested the Sidious had found a way back like the Jedi and appears as a Sith Spectre to teach and guide the new Sith.

    • Anonymous

      Echo-07, I hope that’s all it was, a rumor. Otherwise, that would be the lamest, most predictable and cheesy idea anyone could ever have, just to keep the Sith going.

  • DEKKA129

    I still think that’s a fan-made title.

    Asajj Ventress in Episode 7? Only if the character is supposed to be from a race that never ages. 50 years will have passed since her last appearance in TCW.

    I do like the idea of villains who aren’t just picking up the Sith thing all over again. Nothing says a dark-side user has to be a Sith… or even that the villains have to be Force users at all (though that would be a surprisingly bold move on Disney’s part.)

  • DEKKA129

    Plus, if Lupita Nyong’o was among the first to be cast, why wasn’t she included in the casting announcement?

    IMHO, either she’s being considered as Ventress in a Rebels-era spin-off movie, or else this is just another bunk rumor.

    • Anonymous

      Or her character’s name isn’t Asajj Ventress at all, and that’s being used just to throw people off…

      Or maybe it’s because her character shares some traits with Ventress…

      Or maybe this is just another unfounded rumor…

    • DEKKA129

      Most of this stuff is looking a lot more like unfounded rumors than anything, IMHO.

    • Anonymous


      That said, it’d be interesting to see Nyong’o portraying a Ventress type of character, though.

    • DEKKA129

      I think she’d look great as Ventress or somebody like her! I’ve seen a couple of photos of her online where her body shape looks quite Ventress-like indeed.

    • Anonymous

      This is completely unfounded rumor-mongering. As mentioned, Asajj would have to be in her 60s or 70s by the time of the new films. And casting Lupita Nyong’o, a young, dark-skinned woman as a bone-white, elderly Sith doesn’t make much sense.

  • I’m kinda digging a non-Sith villian. Not saying that it has to be a non-Sith by any means. However, a new direction as far as villains go may be interesting. That’s actually kinda how the Thrawn trilogy went with Thrawn being the main bad guy.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll beleive it when I see it… updated on Wikipedia.

  • Anonymous

    Most of these rumors suck. How can a “Republic” have a “Queen Regent”? I know Naboo was actually a democracy and they just called the head of state a “Queen”, but why add the word Regent if it’s just symbolic. As much as I like Asajj Ventress, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be in the movie. But I most hate the one about the Bad Guy not being a Sith. But if any of them are true, I’ll still keep an open mind.

    • Anonymous

      lol. So ironic, the ppl who are always saying they’ll keep an open mind, when their minds are so narrow that they can’t even think that it’s possible to have a NON-Sith kick-ass villain.

    • Anonymous

      Well, because that’s kind of what Star Wars is about, Jedi vs. Sith. If they’re not in it it’s not terrible, but a little disappointing.

    • Anonymous

      Not really.

      SW is all about good vs. evil, light side vs. dark side. But most importantly, SW is about the Balance of the Force.

      There could be a new menace to said Balance that doesn’t necessarily have to be the Sith. It could even be something worse, for all we know.

    • Anonymous

      Like a computer program.

    • Anonymous

      At the very least it has to be Dark Side users, leave other villians for the spin-off movies.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it could be Dark Side users; more vicious, violent, less subtle and cunning than the Sith, but just as ambitious.

      Think Darth Maul on steroids ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Oh god I hope they don’t mess with the continuity. I don’t see why they wouldn’t stick with jedi vs sith and expand and develop it more.

  • Am I the only one who has noticed that Asajj is pasty white…..soooooo??

    • Anonymous

      lol and wouldn’t she be like 100 years old by the time of ep7 ?? I can’t believe people buy into such stupid rumours.

    • DEKKA129

      Yeah, they’d have to come up with some way of making the actress’s skin appear pasty white. Perhaps, for the very first time ever, a movie production will employ somebody specifically to apply makeup to change an actress’s appearance and skin tone! ;^)

      Actually, Lupita Nyong’o would look great decked out as Asajj. I just don’t see how they’d justify it in a movie that takes place 50 years after the Clone Wars… or why they’d even want to try.

    • Anonymous

      No way. No way are they going to -literally whitewash- Lupita Nyong’o for a role. It would cause a sh*tstorm. There is no reason to believe any of these rumors, which look scraped from speculation on these sites and Reddit comments.

  • Driver is a shape-shifting villain with new force powers. His non human cgi form will be played by Serkis.

    • Anonymous

      why wouldn’t his cgi form be played by Driver too?? Just because Serkis is experienced with mocap doesn’t mean Driver is completely inept.

    • Anonymous

      Although I do like the shapeshifting idea. I hope we actually get to see more stuff that the force can do instead of leaving it all to aliens. If we have to put up with any more lightning hands .. *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt that’s the title. If tradition holds, the title should reflect the identity of one person. The first movie in both the Original and Prequel trilogies does this: Emperor (TPM) and Luke (ANH). The other installments all reflect the umbrella events of the movies. You know…Empires strike back, Clones attack, etc. I’d like to see this subtle practice continue.

    • Anonymous

      It will, I’m sure. This “Order of the Jedi” thing is just some fan-made rumor. And not a very good one at that.

  • BULLSHIT…. leia queen regent? Yeaj right democracy with a queen…. What a shitty source!

    • Anonymous

      Well, maybe that’s a code word for “Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic” or something along those lines.

      Nothing better to cover the truth than distorting it just a little bit…

    • Yeah this is what I thought! Someone needs to look up what a Republic is before spreading their BS!

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm Great Britain have Queens and it is democratic country. Sooo…..

    • Anonymous

      @anon 11:29pm, But not a “Republic”. A Republic by definition does not have a monarchy. Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy, not a Republic.

  • Anonymous

    Ventress would be awesome.

    Imagine master Luke running acrsoss someone who could tell him a few things about his father back in the glory days.

    • Anonymous

      And as far as I’m aware, Ventress never died during any of the Clone Wars shows/games/novels. Though her whereabouts for the long stretch of time in between would have to be explained.

    • Anonymous

      He doesn’t need Ventress for that. I’m sure R2 kept a LOT of holograms of Anakin, Padmé, etc. hidden somewhere in his memory banks.

    • Anonymous

      Well you’re right. R2 knows everything. Real talk.

      But hearing about it from a villain grinning at you over crossed lightsabers is more interesting, amirite?

    • Anonymous

      It is, 9:17 PM.

      Except that when your daddy made the biggest, most shocking reveal you could ever expect to hear, right after chopping off your right hand in the middle of a big lightsaber duel, I seriously doubt that anything Ventress could have to say to Luke about his father would render the desired effect, either on him or on a smart audience, for that matter.

  • Anonymous

    Who is ‘BIG BAD’?

    • Anonymous

      The big bad guy.

    • Anonymous

      Cap? I mean which actor is going to play him?

    • Anonymous

      You have to wait for Episode 8 for that.

  • What the heck do they want with Ventress? She was 20, 30 years at the time of the Clone Wars. She is 70/80 at the time of Episode VII.

    • Anonymous

      im pretty sure that she doesn’t age like a human.. remember the queen of the nightsisters, i don’t think she was very young but she was very fit..
      I don’t buy lupita as ventress, but they could justify the age part.

    • Anonymous

      Master yoda is over 600 years old

    • Anonymous

      he was 900 in rotj, so yes the force users can easily be old and be portrayed by young actors and actrresses

    • Yep, but Yoda’s species lives over 800 years. I don’t know the biology of the Dathomirian, but I don’t think they can live + 80 years. And also, Ventress was no longer a Sith.

    • Well Zabrak’s live as long as humans, so unless she was frozen or something. I doubt she would be around at that time

    • Yep. Plus the fact that she abandoned the Sith, I’m almost sure she will not be in Star Wars 7

  • Anonymous

    Not that I’m buying the rumor but maybe she was frozen in carbonite?

  • Anonymous

    Here’s an interesting tidbit from Wookiepedia about Ventress’ “Original Fate”

    “In Star Wars: Obsession 5 (2005) it was stated that during Obi-Wan Kenobi’s mission to return Ventress to the light on Boz Pity, she received a life-threatening wound from Skywalker, faked her death and disappeared into the unknown; wishing to be free of the Jedi, the war, and Dooku. This was later overridden by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. Leland Chee, the Keeper of the Holocron continuity database, provided confirmation that any parts of the comic relating to her ultimate fate should be treated as non-canon.[60] “

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion this is all bullshit. They were clearly looking for an actor in his 80´s, not just to have his voice and Max is very talented. SW without lightsable duels is not SW so I would expect the Sith to return. Also Leia as queen is totally ridiculous, she might be a high rank politician but please, not this bullshit about democratic queens again, we had enough with episode I.

    • Anonymous

      The Sith are not the only kind of dark siders that could exist or use a light saber. No offense, but that’s an extremely narrow and unimaginative point of view.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking they must have introduced the strange father son and daughter thing in clone wars for a reason. Maybe we have an Abeloth type villian? Shes no sith, shes much bigger

  • Anonymous

    I can’t imagine a Star Wars movie with no sword fights. What are the Jedi going to do, deflect laser blasts with their sabers for 3 movies? I don’t think so. It would make SENSE to have a new cult of darkside using villains that called themselves something else, like the Sith were extinct, but these guys have a different name. I’d be fine with that except that the red lightsaber motif is a pretty important visual to the Star Wars movies. If this new group said they said they used red sabers to honor the Sith’s work and ideals, but were going to succeed where the Sith failed? I could buy into it.

    Big Daddy Dave

  • Anonymous

    Max Von Sydow will play the leader of the Empire kind of like Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon in the novels. Yes, you EU haters can feel free to let us all know the EU is dead but…. They said they will base characters off some people.

    • Anonymous

      No, that’s not what was said. What was actually said was that some concepts from the EU are not off-limits, and *may* be used for inspiration.

      I know just how bad all you EU lovers want to interpret that to mean that your beloved characters will be brought to life on the screen, alas the truth is that no self-respecting writer would resort to someone else’s mediocre creations, when he’s just been given free reign to create anything that he wants/likes.

    • Max Von Sydow could be a Pellaeon-type character, not Pellaeon. As in an older military type who took control of the remaining Imperial Forces.

    • Anonymous

      lol. In that case, that could be a Tarkin-type character, heck even a Piett-type character…or a Veers-type character…a Tagge-type character…a Motti-type character…even an Ozzel-type character…

      At least all those high-ranking imperial officers WERE on the actual films.

  • Anonymous

    Also, didn’t I read that “in canon” there is a sith world called Moriband a takeoff from Koriband in the novels (real original name)? That would definitely leave the door open to more Sith and a full out Sith War possibility in the new series. Your thoughts Bitterman? (Arthur quote for those who don’t know)

    • The explanation I’ve heard is that Korriban and Moriband are the same. Even in the canon it’s just that Korriban is the old name for Moriband.

      • Darth Mind Blown

        That fact in itself tells us the sith are back. Otherwise why go through the trouble to officially change it?…

  • Anonymous

    Also, the titles are pretty symmetric and cyclical, I hope they keep it that way. The poster earlier who said the titles all have some kind of momentum or action is spot on:

    What kind of Menace? A Phantom one. What kind of Hope? A New one.

    What did the Clones do? They Attacked. What did the Empire do? They Struck Back.

    What did the Sith have? Their Revenge. What did the Jedi have? Their Return.

    Based on this, A New Dawn, while boring, would fit. I doubt the other names we heard will be used. I’d expect something in the vein of, A Great Peril. A Lurking Danger.

    Big Daddy Dave

    • Well, they’ve announced a book titled “A New Dawn”. So, I guess this will not be title for the movie.

    • DEKKA129

      Years ago, wasn’t there a list circulating in various SW forums of old pulp action novel titles from a series that Lucas used to dig, and that he may well have drawn inspiration from for his own SW titles? (“Phantom Menace”, if I recall correctly, may have been almost a straight lift…)

  • Anonymous

    Actually, “Order of the Jedi” might very well be the title. It sounds dry and expected, like Revenge of the Sith. (I would have much rather have seen Episode III be called The Creeping Fear. Remember that rumor, guys?)

  • Anonymous

    no Sith? haha Wtf ever… if theres not sith in episode 7 there will be in 8 and 9. One of the new Jedi will turn to the darkside…when han and leia are assasinated by the villian.The daughter will turn to the darkside and seek revenge. if you cant smell that a mile away…you dont understand the star wars trilogy formula . :P Queen leia??? gimme a break…seriously say it to yourself and hear how completely stupid that sounds…and then tell me you believe thats what they will actually call her.lol

    • Anonymous

      Yeah well, turning to the Dark Side doesn’t equate to being a Sith. If you don’t know this by now…you don’t understand the SW universe itself, let alone the movie plot formula. So drop the smart-ass attitude, because you’re nowhere as smart as you think.

    • Anonymous

      What’s wrong with Queen Leia. She’s already a princess. Bump her up to a Queen would be freakin’ awesome and give her a huge role to play in the film rather than just being there for a cheap cameo.

  • I could see the Nightsisters or Mandalorians as villains in the trilogy.

  • jedi brasil

    Max Von Sydow will be a new sith reformarar that the order of the two

  • Anonymous

    Where is the Tweet with these infos you are all talking about? ;) Fake as hell…

  • I’m glad Carrie is happy and excited to be back!

  • Anonymous

    How awesome would it be if Han dies heroically (in the MFalcon) at the end of the Episode 7 saving Ridley’s life

  • Most of you are forgetting that it is JJ Abrams directing.. He will not go for the obvious formulaic crap. Even if occasionally his TV shows devolve at times. This is his holy Grail. He will probably not use with or empire in their normal classic capacities. If at all. There will be more acting and less action..there is only one short lightsaber duel in a new hope. Look for this kind of strategy. In star trek he took a character that already existed in khan and changed him to suit his purpose. And made Spock a love interest. He wouldn’t dare make the bad guy some random guy or use a character in an anachronistic fashion… Or would he…wink wink. God i hope he does. Cause Lucas really did great with those predictable prequals right?

    • Anonymous

      I love prequel Star wars movies, but I hate JJ Abrams.

      His Star trek movies are awfull…

  • Sith or empire I meant.@#$%autocorrect