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‘The High Republic’ Reveals New Details on Wave 3

Wave 2 of Phase I of the High Republic publishing initiative is coming to a close. Comic issues are still coming out, but with last week’s release of The Edge of Balance, the book releases for this wave are done. It is then time to look into the future, and as the authors of the High Republic announced during the Comic-Con@Home panel, there is a Wave 3 coming in January. This week, however, during the High Republic Show on YouTube, host Krystina Arielle gave us some updates on these upcoming releases, in the form of covers.


Back in July, it was announced that there are four more books coming at the beginning of the year. Claudia Gray is now in charge of the adult novel, The Fallen Star, from Del Rey, out on January 4, 2022. She follows the steps of Charles Soule with Light of the Jedi, and Cavan Scott with The Rising Storm. This week, the cover for the book was revealed:



Here’s the official synopsis:


Time and again, the vicious raiders known as the Nihil have sought to bring the golden age of the High Republic to a fiery end. Time and again, the High Republic has emerged battered and weary, but victorious thank to its Jedi protectors—and there is no monument to their cause grander than the Starlight Beacon.

Hanging like a jewel in the Outer Rim, the Beacon embodies the High Republic at the apex of its aspirations: a hub of culture and knowledge, a bright torch against the darkness of the unknown, and an extended hand of welcome to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. As survivors and refugees flee the Nihil’s attacks, the Beacon and its crew stand ready to shelter and heal.

The grateful Knights and Padawans of the Jedi Order stationed there finally have a chance to recover—from the pain of their injuries and the grief of their losses. But the storm they thought had passed still rages; they are simply caught in its eye. Marchion Ro, the true mastermind of the Nihil, is preparing his most daring attack yet—one designed to snuff out the light of the Jedi.


The Fallen Star is already available to pre-order here.


Daniel José Older wrote this wave’s young adult novel, titled Midnight Horizon. Previous entries from this genre include Claudia Gray’s Into the Dark and Justina Ireland’s Out of the Shadows. Here is the cover for the new book, revealed this week:



Midnight Horizon will be released on February 1, 2022, and is already available to pre-order here.


Mission to Disaster, from Justina Ireland, will be the middle-grade novel of this phase. The author already worked on a middle-grade novel earlier, with A Test of Courage, and Daniel José Older took the baton on wave 2 with Race to Crashpoint Tower. It will come out on January 4, 2022, and is already available to pre-order here. Here’s the cover:


The High Republic: Mission to Disaster


As far as the comics go, Krystina Arielle announced that IDW’s The High Republic Adventures Annual, featuring characters from all over the High Republic era, is coming this December. It will be the first release written by all five authors. Here’s the cover:




Continuing on the comics side of the High Republic, Arielle also revealed brand-new covers for The High Republic Annual #11:



In addition to that, it’s also been revealed the cover for Marvel’s The High Republic #13 (out on January 5, 2022):



We also have the cover for the fourth issue of the miniseries Trail of Shadows, also out on January 5, 2022:



The last cover reveal from Marvel comics is that of the first issue of The Eye of the Storm, a two-shot comic series about the villainous Marchion Ro:



Finally, the second volume of the manga The Edge of Balance is coming out next February. Here’s the cover for it:



That’s it for the announcements of Wave 3 so far. Make sure to come back regularly for our comic reviews of the issues that are left to come out this year, and of course, next year, as the third wave of Phase I: Light of the Jedi starts.