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SWNN Book Discussions: Shadow Fall by Alexander Freed

Alphabet Squadron returns in Alexander Freed’s Shadow Fall and we’re here to break it down. The second part of an Alphabet Squadron trilogy, Shadow Fall takes our pilots into the dark and tests them in many ways. We’ve also included a shorter video, providing a plot point breakdown. And yes, there are SPOILERS….



If you don’t have time to check out the full discussion, we have a shorter video focusing solely on the events of Shadow Fall and you can draw your own conclusions on where these might take Alphabet Squadron in the conclusion of this trilogy.



In our discussion, James and I dive a bit deeper into the characters, events, and Alexander Freed’s style of writing. We cover:

  • We give our ratings
  • Favorite moments from the book
  • Alexander Freed’s dense writing style (but he’s still a great writer)
  • How a complicated story can still be a very satisfying one




We hope you enjoy our discussion of Shadow Fall! Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you for watching!

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