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Logan Director James Mangold to Write and Direct a Boba Fett Movie

The Hollywood Reporter has just broken the news that James Mangold, the writer and director of last year’s Wolverine swan song Logan, is in line to write and direct a new movie starring the best bounty hunter in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.


Ahead of the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, it’s just been confirmed that a film starring the Bounty Hunter has resumed development with Mangold attached to write and direct. The project was previously developed by director Josh Trank before he chose to split way with Lucasfilm to pursue smaller projects (like Fonzo, which is currently filming). Simon Kinberg was a producer on that iteration of the project; while Kinberg is still involved with Lucasfilm, it’s currently unclear if he’ll be producing Mangold’s version of the film. Plot details are currently unknown at this time (and it’s also unclear if Temuera Morrison, Daniel Logan, or another actor will portray the character), but THR’s report suggest that other standalone movies starring established Star Wars characters are in development.


Omega Underground previously reported on rumors suggesting that the Boba Fett project, which was indefinitely delayed following Trank’s departure, was resurfacing at Lucasfilm. Earlier, they had uncovered evidence that producer Simon Kinberg was resuming work on the project known as “Tin Can” that wasn’t the all-but-confirmed Obi-Wan Kenobi movie (which is codenamed “Joshua Tree”, just for frame of reference). It’s previously been suggested that “Tin Can” was the codename of the Boba Fett project, although Lucasfilm has not confirmed this. Again, Kinberg is not confirmed as a producer for this version of the project, but this is something worth keeping in mind – it would only make sense given that Kinberg, who produced Logan and its predecessor The Wolverine with James Mangold directing both movies.


One last thing to note about Omega Underground’s report: they mentioned that Lawrence Kasdan would be a producer on the project. If this is true, then it’s another reason to get excited for the spin-off. Boba Fett hasn’t been given a lot to do in-canon since the Disney buyout, so having the character return on the big screen would be a great way to welcome him back into the realm of Star Wars stories.