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The Resistance Broadcast – Speculating on the Live Action Star Wars TV Series

The Resistance Broadcast speculates on what the upcoming live action Star Wars TV series will be about, who will be in it, and when in the franchise’s timeline it will take place…


On this transmission of The Resistance Broadcast: John HoeyJames BaneyPatric CoveyBill Sheehy!









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Is The Force With You?

  • Dave Filoni should hand off animation and join Jon Favreau in creating the live action TV series?
  • Should Rian Johnson or Benioff and Weiss’ upcoming Star Wars series of films have a female main villain?
  • With Ian McDiarmid on board with reprising Palpatine in a live action setting, is the FORCE with you that Lucasfilm should find a way to involve him in an upcoming series or film? OR is it time for Star Wars content to move on from the Emperor?



Speculating On the Live Action Star Wars Series: A Star Wars Discussion

This week we discuss what we think the live action Star Wars series will be about, when it will take place, and who it will involve! Will the bring back the golden goose Darth Vader to bring in new subscribers to the streaming service? Will they fulfill George Lucas’ old plan for the Underworld series? Will they do something closer to the sequel trilogy timeline?




Resistance Expanded Universe

A listener sent us this alternate ending to The Force Awakens, I am sure you know where this is going!




Star Wars fan art!


by @StarWarsPhtshp (animation) [original by @briankesinger]







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