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UPDATE 2! Pablo Hidalgo On The Skywalker Twins’ Reunion in The Last Jedi and More

Our Spanish friends from PrensaImperial attended the Comic Con of Chile this weekend, where Pablo Hidalgo was a guest and had a panel with some really cool revelations about The Last Jedi. Read on for our translation of their interesting report.



During the panel Pablo spoke for about 30 minutes and then he answered many questions from the fans about the Prequels, the Original Trilogy, Clone Wars, Rebels and of course the Sequel Trilogy.


Here are some of his comments compiled by PrensaImperial on The Last Jedi, which confirm a lot of fan speculations and theories (translated from Spanish):


  • Pablo began by showing all the photographs from the latest Vanity Fair magazine and giving more details of each one.
  • We will see the face of Captain Phasma in The Last Jedi, but the face from the photograph, in which she appears next to Kylo Ren and General Hux, does not represent her appearance in the move.



  • Yes Phasma is a woman.
  • In the teaser you see a scene where a beam of light illuminates a shelf. Pablo said that these are some old Jedi books.
  • Luke hides his robotic hand with a brown leather glove.
  • The hand that perches on the Jedi Order logo in the Teaser is Luke’s.
  • Ahch-To is the planet where the first Jedi Temple is located, but what we see in the photographs, those stone huts, are actually the homes of the guardians who look after the Jedi Temple on the island.



  • We should not trust the characters of Laura Dern and Benicio del Toro, Vice Admiral Holdo and DJ respectively. Their appearances can deceive.
  • The most interesting revelation was when Pablo said that Luke and Leia have a scene in The Last Jedi where they would meet! He did not reveal anything more, but it caused a lot of applause among the audience.




We’ve already seen several photos from the Vanity Fair’s The Last Jedi coverage that showed Luke and Leia together, but promo shoots do not necessarily reflect the actual story from the movie. It is really nice to know for sure that we will definitely see the Skywalker twins reunited for the last time. These scenes will surely have a huge emotional impact on all fans after Carrie Fisher’s unfortunate passing this past December.


The big question now is, where exactly will the two meet? From the Vanity Fair photos it seems that one of the locations featured is the Resistance base on D’Qar (see the photo below), but my guess is that this was just used for the photo shoot. It seems more likely that they will meet on Ahch-To (see title photo), as it appears there is a Resistance transport ship on which Leia will arrive on the island? Also the terrain in that image does seem similar to Ahch-To. Or perhaps both, or neither?



What do you think? Which location makes more sense for the Skywalker twins to meet? Share your thoughts below.






One of the io9 writers reached out to Pablo Hidalgo, asking him to comment on this story. Here’s what he said:




Also a member on Reddit who attended the same event had this to say:


That’s weird, I was in that panel and I didn’t hear Pablo saying that. He was just talking about the connection Luke and Leia have, but didn’t say anything about a reunion. The most important things he said though was about Phasma appearance and few bits of Luke’s stay in Ahch-To. His translator had a few mistakes trying to express what Pablo said sometimes, that’s maybe the reason of people thinking he confirmed a reunion.


This all sounds good but there was information on the Spanish site that we left out from our piece, since I first thought it was not necessary to include it because we fully trust them on their judgement and info. This additional info explains why other attendees didn’t hear the exact same thing.


PrensaImperial said in their report that when Pablo spoke about Luke and Leia and their potential meeting, they took the opportunity to share the news on Twitter with the following tweet:





And then they said:

I confirmed this with Pablo himself when it was my turn to sign the poster for The Last Jedi. I showed him my cell phone with the Twitter post that comes up and Pablo, kindly (and very nice) said yes, in a scene Luke and Leia would meet and made the meeting gesture, something like: (fist bumps).


So there you have it. We wanted to present all sides truthfully and you should be the one making the conclusion on this.

From everything we’ve seen from the Vanity Fair shoot and the report from our Spanish friends, I personally have no doubts that we will see the Skywalker twins together again on the big screen.

We slightly adjusted the title of the article since we know it’s never good to deal in absolutes. 🙂






And here’s a video from the con with the exact line which made PrensaImperial tweet their message and later ask Pablo about it. Watch from 13:27.


The space siblings Luke and Leia have moments (in the movie) as well.