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Two New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Easter Egg Clips Revealed!

Click Communications teamed with Geeks Who Eat to come up with two delightful recipes to feast on as you delve into your many home viewings of Rogue One.



The links to these recipes can be downloaded here.

  • TIE WRAPPER: Pigs in a blanket using wontons to give them that Tie Reaper look. You’ll be destroying these things faster than Wedge Antilles.
  • ERSO HOMESTEAD SALAD: The healthy option, a salad with various fruits and vegetables to help you do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.
  • THERMAL DETONATORS: Delicious turkey meatballs that will ensure a gangster pays you what you want, no less!



Now that you’ve gotten a taste, here is the main course, some of the Rogue One Easter Eggs revealed in a never before seen clips.





This clip points out a few delightful Easter Eggs hidden (or not so much) in Rogue One:


  • IMPERIAL PROBE DROID: seen floating behind Cassian and Jyn as they walk the crowded streets of Jedha.
  • DEJARIK: A physical representation of the game made famous by Chewbacca, R2D2, and C-3PO on the Millennium Falcon in A New Hope is seen being played by Saw Gerrera’s crew in his fortress.
  • HERA SYNDULLA: The green skinned Twi’lek pilot of the Ghost starship in Rebels is being paged as the Rogue One team begins to assemble before their fateful mission to Scarif.
  • TONY GILROY: The co-writer of Rogue One is the voice questioning Bodhi Rook, which led to the pilot coming up with the call sign “Rogue One”.








Part two points out a few more hidden gems and some interesting fun facts:

  • PUPPET/PRACTICAL DROID: Galen Erso’s camera droid which tracked the arrival of Orson Krennic was actually a practical puppet effect, brought to life by Brian Herring and his team, the same team that handled the physical puppet based BB-8 scenes in The Force Awakens.
  • TURBO TANK: The prisoner tank transporting Jyn was the HcVw A9, a wheel based tank evolved from the HAVw A6 Juggernaut used by the clones in Revenge of the Sith. Fun fact: the Juggernaut tank was the original idea for the Empire’s assault of the Rebel base on Hoth before George Lucas decided on the AT-AT instead.
  • K-2SO’s ORIGINAL DESIGN: K-2SO was originally intended to be a black protocol droid, resembling C-3PO, but the idea was scrapped to give K-2SO his own unique identity and appearance.
  • TIE REAPER: The TIE line starfighter, created by co-production designer Doug Chiang, which made its debut in Rogue One, is seen clearly during the battle of Scarif, but it actually appeared earlier in the film at the Ring of Kafrene, where we first meet Cassian Andor.





There you have it, some delicious eats beyond the usual bowl of popcorn to enhance your home viewing Star Wars experience, great for parties too!


What do you think of the Easter Eggs? Did you know about them already? Did you spot them on your own? Which was your favorite? Sound off below!



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