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Star Wars Rebels Reveiw: “Trials of the Darksaber” + Rebels Recon. What Did You Think?

For big fans of the Clone Wars cartoon series, like myself, it’s always nice to see “easter eggs” or ANYTHING that acknowledges that fantastic series. When they use one of your favorite aspects from the series and expand on its mythology….that’s having your cake and eating it too. Does “Trials of the Darksaber” live up to it’s hype of bringing more rich history for Star Wars? Let’s find out….






What worked for me:


  • The origin of the Darksaber (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


If you are new to reading my Rebels reviews, you will find that I am a HUGE Clone Wars (TCW) series fan. Of course when TCW traveled to Mandalore and introduced Pre Vizla and the amazing looking Darksaber, I fell in love with that specific story arc. I IMMEDIATELY wanted to know it’s origin. We find out that it was created by the Jedi for the first Mandalorian jedi who was a Vizsla (Pictured above). Eventually, it would be stolen from the Jedi Temple and used as a right of leadership by House Vizsla, and later Deathwatch. I LOOOOOOOODOVE the fact that the Darksaber was made by a Mandalorian. The origin of the Darksaber lives up to all my expectations and I just want more stories of the Vizsla who first wielded it, RIGHT NOW!



  • The training of Sabine


What came as a surprise to me was how effective this show’s training scenes were. It had great visuals, and then added great character cues from Sabine, as Kanan used her emotions to push her while dueling. It’s revealed that Sabine helped the Empire create weapons and they used those same weapons against her people. Sabine’s guilt and shame for the pain she caused her family are what drove her to the Rebellion. Sabine has always been under-utilized in Rebels, IMO and this episode shows how much of a great character she is. It’s unfortunate that the show waited until Season 3 to use this storyline. I feel this could have been great in Season 2, filled in around the Ahsoka storyline.



  • The Music


Kevin Kiner has been doing a solid job of bringing different kinds of musical sounds to Star Wars since TCW, but I’ll give him a ton of credit, he has shined more in Rebels than TCW. Maybe he has more freedom on Rebels? Either way, this episode has some of his best work I’ve heard on the show. The power of the music really adds to Sabine’s anger when she is telling Kanan what happened on Mandalore. I can’t praise it enough.




What didn’t work for me:



  • Lame Ezra


This episode is incredible and even Lame Ezra can’t bring it down for me…but he comes across mostly like an annoying little brother. Later, the writers try to use him as a way to get to Sabine’s softer side. His character has been all over the place emotionally this season, and it’s getting tiresome. This episode is sadly another example of it. *sigh*




Quick Hitters:



  • I LOVE Fenn Rau and his Mando armor. Action figure, please.



  • Bendu makes an unusual cameo, possibly pointing to the significance of Sabine’s character.



  • Fenn Rau gives Sabine some new Mando gauntlets that make her more like Boba Fett. I’m not complaining.


This is by far, one of the BEST Rebels episodes yet. I’d probably say top 5. It shows how great Rebels can be and makes Sabine’s return to her Mandalorian family a true Star Wars event. This entire season has been a much better collection of episodes as a whole, and I’d say this specific one is sign that the show is going in a fantastic direction from here.


As always I look forward to your thoughts and insights for this episode!





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Also the latest episode of Rebels Recon has been released. Tell us what you thought about the episode in the comments section and check out’s new video Rebels Recon #3.15: Inside “Trials of the Darksaber”.






Next Rebels episode titled  “Legacy of Mandalore” will premiere on February 18, 2017. That’s another month of waiting.