SW Daily Buzz: Photos and Clips from the Rogue One Press Tour in Japan; New Cast Interviews and More

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On today’s buzz we have new photos and brief clips from the Rogue One press tour in Japan; several good interviews with cast members and director Gareth Edwards; more images from the preparation of the Rogue One World Premiere and more.



First we start with several interesting interviews from the last day.


Felicity Jones appeared on Access Hollywood:




And another interview with Collider.






Uproxx got a chance to speak with the awesome Ben Mendelsohn:


Did you have to audition, or were you asked?

Gareth. No, it was Gareth Edwards.

And then you needed approval from Lucasfilm?

Well, you know, that’s the way the casting goes. I mean, that would always be the way the casting goes and it wouldn’t matter who it was from anyone in the world.






EW has a new inside Rogue One video this time about K-2SO:






Another Alan Tudyk interview, this time with Fandango.







And more on K-2SO.







Fandango also has a cool interview with Gareth Edwards, discussing what films inspired Rogue One.






LA Times interviews Gareth Edwards:



Chinese star Donnie Yen speaks with The Wrap.






Dan Brooks from the official Star Wars site has an exclusive interview with LFL Games’ executive producer about the the Scarif DLC for Battlefront.






Riz Ahmed at Jimmy Fallon.






Next is this priceless video from 2014 where you can see Rogue One star Riz Ahmed and Donlad Glover, who will play Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo spin-off movie rap together (via Comicbook):






A very cool mash-up trailer made by Zak Snyder:



You probably recall that during the filming for The Force Awakens, Snyder and Bad Robot exchanged several crossover photos between Star Wars and the DC universe.




Several very cool Rogue One sketch cards:






K-2SO is now available in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes game.






New Star Wars short story is coming in SW Insider 170. It will tie in to Rogue One and Catalyst!






Some photos from the preparation of the Rogue One world premiere in LA.








We’re less than two months away from Star Wars Half Marathon – The Light Side and there’s still a chance to join the Rebellion!







Nice comparison between the CG footage from Rogue One and Star Wars: Battlefront:






A curious fact:






Deluxe Jyn Erso figure with Eadu and Jedha gear.






A very touching ad. For more info click here.






Actor Stephen Stanton, who voices Tarkin in Star Wars: Rebels, will give his voice to the Mon-Cal Admiral Raddus from Rogue One!






And now several photos and video from the Japanese press tour.














Last but not least, here’s a very cool bit that Gareth Edwards said during the Rogue One red carpet event in Japan:




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      He’s great in in the Netflix show Bloodline.

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