SW Daily Buzz: New RogueOne Chinese Poster and Release Date; The Cast is in Japan Promoting the Movie and More


Today on the Star Wars Daily Buzz: earlier we showed you the new Chinese trailer for Rogue One, which confirmed that the movie will be released on January 6 in China. Now a new poster has been released featuring Chinese actors Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen in front; the Rogue One cast arrived in Japan for their next promo event; new interview with Riz Ahmed; director Gareth Edwards wants an Obi-Wan movie and more.



While speaking to Fandango, Rogue One director Gareth Edwards revealed that he wouldn’t mind to see a stand-alone movie about Obi-Wan:

“To be honest, Rogue One is the period I love,” he said. “It’s connecting to the original New Hope. If someone made other films in that era – and I don’t necessarily think this is happening, I have no inside knowledge – but that desire to see Obi-Wan Kenobi. Tattooine, basically, I love. As a kid I remember wanting to grow up there; anything in that “Original Trilogy” era I am just besotted with, and it’s just like going back home to your childhood.”


Riz Ahmed talks about his connection with Felicity Jones in real life. They both studied at Oxford University. While in school, Ahmed was organizing concerts. He was known as rapper MC Riz.

“I had a lot of scenes with Felicity and we actually went to university together as well. I used to run club nights at University, like drum and bass and hip-hop nights. She used to be a regular at those nights.”

Though they didn’t know each other at the time, Ahmed, 34, said she’s the cast member he’d choose to grab a drink with after filming to “carry on that tradition.”




Felicity Jones is trying her best to make a Darth Vader impression.






Jones and Luna react to their action figures.






The preparations for the World Premiere has begun!






Yet another upcoming interview:






Here are some Rogue One offerings that you could get from Disney Parks:






The Death Troopers have been renamed to Advanced Weapons Research Troopers at Disneyland.





And the Death Star to Advanced Weapons Research Division Battle Station.






AT-ACT’s are too big for a Battlefront map!






The Rogue One cast has arrived in Japan for their next stop in the promo tour.








A Rogue One exhibition in China promotes the movie ahead of its release on January 6.






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    Why they get movies that late?

    • December 6, 2016 at 8:41 pm

      Censorship and also the fact that allegedly December is month of Chinese films in Chinese cinemas.

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    Ok. That’s so blasphemy they have to change the name of Death Star at Disney.

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