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Star Wars Rebels Review: The Wynkahthu Job + Rebels Recon. What Did You Think?


I think it’s safe to say that last week’s Rebels episode was probably one of the biggest “clunkers” for an episode of this series. I have to admit, I was quite intrigued as to how the show would bounce back on the next episode. Would it even? Do those little twerps from Iron Squadron make an appearance? Let’s find out!




Spoilers below!!!!!!!!!!!


What worked for me:


  • Hondo and Azmorigan as a team



This will cause a lot of people to raise their collective eyebrows and that’s fair to an extent. Azmorigan hasn’t exactly been in the “best” Rebels episodes and he’s obviously a device to add a lot of humor in the show. Same thing to an extent with Hondo, but Hondo has a lot more street cred due to his amazing episodes in The Clone Wars. These two ran into each other last season as enemies and now we see them as partners in this episode. The two of them just had me giggling throughout the episode at their interactions with each other, which made the episode really entertaining for me. Now, I think that a lot of fans will not be pleased by this very “slapstick” episode. It makes the point that it’s aimed at younger viewers apparent, but…that’s what it is supposed to be, right?



  • AP-5!!!!!



AP-5 returns! Those will remember this droid last season when Chopper “recruited” him (long story). AP-5’s dead pan English accent is hilarious and reminds me of the late Alan Rickman (RIP). I have no idea why AP-5 isn’t in MORE episodes! His reaction to Kanan had me laughing out loud and left me wanting even more! Personally I would take him over Chopper any day of the week! Here is hoping we get more him coming up and…AN ACTION FIGURE!!!! ARE YOU LISTENING, HASBRO??!?!?!?



  • Century Droids



If you are wondering if these droids look familiar, you would be correct. These droids come straight from the Dark Forces video game that came out in the mid 90’s. For those who aren’t familiar with that video game, Dark Forces was a first person shooter game. It’s interesting that after the Clone Wars, the Empire still used some form of Battle Droids. I love the callbacks that this season of Rebels continues to give us.



What didn’t work for me:


  • Ezra and his teenager woes



Ezra wasn’t given command of the mission the crew went on, and that pissed him off. Why they ever gave field leader status to a teenager in the first place is another issue all together. Zeb is given the field leader honor and Ezra continues to do his own thing and ignore Zeb…it annoyed the sh*t out of me. Zeb is a seasoned warrior for God sakes!!!!!!! UUUUUGGGGHHHH. A good friend of mine had a good point regarding Ezra in this episode and the fact we are an older audience watching this show: “If teenage angst and stupidity were our favorite parts, that’d be weird.” Well said.



Quick hitters:


  • I love Hondo’s paint job for his ship!



I enjoyed this episode A LOT more than last week’s “Iron Squadron”. I would agree that this is one of those “filler” episodes, but it was an entertaining and fun adventure, at least! I’ll take fun / slapstick over 80% of an episode taking place in a cockpit any day! Plus, anything with Hondo automatically gets a pass because I love that character. HA!


Something tells me that a lot of fans will be complaining about this episode though….We’ll see!




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